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Author Topic: The interview of luxury sparring partner David Haye:  (Read 1411 times)
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« on: July 18, 2009, 05:21:52 PM »

All photos in this interview:

1 - First of all how do you document after this broke, when your victory points to C. Takam face?
Ca va, always present and in shape if I can I say .... 3 weeks is nothing glander is hard and it feels good ....
If not always happy with my progress.

2 - After having been the first French (and the only so far) to have 3 weeks to go next to David Haye in preparation for his fight with Wladimir face, you know what doors this champion of emergency?
C'est du lourd, du tres lourd. A humble and generous guy. I think and I'm sure that David can make a difference. For those who know boxing (and not asleep or gossip know that make the negative or dissatisfied that never done nothing or made) David could easily KO Wladimir Vitaly that because this one is harder Vitaly touch that has seen its fears and its withdrawals Vitaly go bust ... a war and take up his 2 anvils hit ...

3 - Will you again in Cyprus in preparation for its August?
Yes I'll be there, it is with great pleasure that I re-and it is with great pleasure that I return ...

4 - Have you a French boxer who is not even de France champion can cover Europe?
In the chronology of things ... NO, but worry more for him who has the opportunity to do so without going through the previous steps, tournament, championship etc ...

5 - Some boxers refused to French t'affronter, sometimes even twice. Now that you are the locomotive of P.lourds in France, as if by magic, everyone wants you boxer. What do you think of this sudden craze?
(laughs) Well it was an opportunity that has failed to take (too bad for him and France) and another or the title was vacant. So for my part I now take a path, I continue without worry of anything. From time to time there may be some minor detours to take, and if I have to take what is not for nothing. So if the currency is worth it then, NO PROBLEM

6 - As you can become aware of the French first boxer to become world champion P.lourds in the next five years?
YES I hope I would finally do it all for. This is my dream and I would like to happen. I was world champion in other boxes, so why not here?? Before I take my belt in thai or kick, I heard that I would never. We know more ...

7 - Are you ready to give contrast to Francois Botha in English (knowing that you fought in the feet fists)?
OUIIII he had spoken, but now remains to find financing, because even if he is world champion of a federation not recognized, premium taxes and they are expensive ....

8 - What is the quality most important according to you to become a professional boxer?
STOP being a weeping finding each time excuses when you lose. If you lose you lose and if you win and you win. There are judges in this and numerous times I was flying. And it is not the last round that will change anything but if you put KO ... And support the good or bad, because you win for us, our family and our loved ones especially for our detractors, who continually reduce their expenses so that they have never done anything themselves.

9 - I know you are one of the only French boxers ready to make a financial sacrifice to challenge the best. In France there is a boxer that you would like to meet?
Τόνο I have often made this sacrifice because I love challenges and now I can beat a C. ....... The best non french naturalized I fought and I am proud . I did and I do my work ... Now that my TAKAM seconds pass and we will see, because TAKAM was before I beat a formidable opponent, according to some, and now that I have beaten, according to some, it would not be so terrible. STOP is just a very good truck and I managed to find the keys to the touch and win.
This is the result which is marked. The provision is another ...

10 - What is your schedule until the end of the year?
Normally I would be the program of the Winter Circus on 10 September for my preparation was a big event October 24 in Nancy. And a return to foot fist in December for a world title in Thai.

11 - Lorraine Boxeras you the same program as our world champion ASM?
YES YES its will on 24 October

12 - How are you classes in Europe (EU and EBU)?
For the moment I am 18th EU

13 - What are the boxers you wanted foreigners face in the next two years?
Before it stopped I dream of my HOLIFIELD who always liked and those in the top 5 would be very nice ca. And the one with whom I cross the gloves would be Roy Jones Jr. because that is my favorite boxer ...

14 - Do you still room for improvement possible in your condition, your punch?
Contains OUIIIIIII I am to have good assets that I could still operate, but a force to work with the best people I could do great things .... It should be noted that where I am, I arrived alone and without assistance and ESPECIALLY or plunger, on the contrary .... I make my rounds bag only, only my footing, my everything I do it alone. I have 1 or 2 friends or as xavier LAFAYE Didier LEBORGNE who give me a hand, and from time to time that I have a little budget I go 1 or 2 weeks to work with specific or Daniel CORDIER renι COLIN

15 - Do you know that the French public of the noble art is too versatile?
In France in all sports the public is very good, except that a criticism easy. Seek not the why of how the Athlete of the crashes, it is dropped and lynched. Or before that it was supported or even encouraged revered .... In other countries I have seen athletes lose return home with honor. As the case MORMECK is a champion that everyone should support because it has done great things and unfortunately left unprepared .... When my turn? I hope as late as possible (laughs)

16 - Have you a final word to add to conclude this interview?
I do and I will give the best of myself, for fun and now for the money as it is with all this that I could build my future. And you will see that I am still full of resources, despite the contention.
Thank you to all my friends and enemies


« on: July 18, 2009, 05:21:52 PM »

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