Mayweather speaks to Zoo Magazine


Floyd – it will be good to see you back in a boxing ring. Were you getting bored of just making WWE appearances?
No, it’s not that. I was always in the gym, boxing and keeping fit, and everywhere I went people were asking me, “When are you coming back?” It was like I was more famous retired than when I was actually boxing! That’s why I decided the sport needs the cash cow back, so why not come back and steal some more money?

Now that you call yourself Floyd “Money” Mayweather, how much cash do you carry around?
It depends. If I’ve got my duffle bag, then it’s light money – about $60,000. But if I bring out my hockey bag, I can get $1m in that. That’s not all: I wear a $1.2m Audemars watch and drive a Lamborghini, while the Mercedes Maybach, Mercedes SLR, Rolls Royce Phantom and Phantom Drophead Coupé sit at home in the garage.

Would it be safe to say you’re just in it for the cash now?
What else am I going to fight for? I certainly don’t have to fight for bragging rights. You have to prove yourself to become the No1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world – and I’ve long since proven myself already.

You might have forgotten, but you’re not actually the No1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world any more…
I haven’t forgotten anything. I’m the best fighter in the sport of boxing. No one has dethroned me, so you tell me how I’m not the No1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

Er… well, the official Ring Magazine list has it down as Manny Pacquiao…
Why? Because Manny Pacquiao beat two fighters that I laid the blueprint to beating? They put him in the ring with Oscar de la Hoya and Ricky Hatton after I had already beaten them up mentally and physically. He basically got my leftovers.

A lot of people expected Manny Pacquiao to be your comeback fight…
Everybody knows all roads lead to Floyd Mayweather. I’m the face of boxing. I don’t go chasing boxers – they come looking for me. Ask yourself where Manny Pacquiao was when I was dominating the sport from the late ’90s onwards. He was getting knocked out, twice. Juan Manuel Marquez is a warrior and the No1 fighter from Mexico. What’s more, he won more rounds in his two fights against Pacquiao. I’ve watched both bouts and for me Marquez actually beat Pacquiao both times, even if the judges didn’t think so.

You’ve delayed the fight with Marquez once because of injury. Is your body ready to get back into the ring?
I’m in great shape. I think the lay-off was really good for me because I hadn’t taken a break from boxing since I started as an amateur in November 1987. People say I’m a defensive fighter but you have to have a good defence to survive in this business. That’s why I’m not damaged goods.

Do you think you deserve to be ranked as one of the greatest boxers of all time?
It was written from the day I was born that I would be the best in the sport of boxing. Just look at my stats: I was only a professional for one year before I became world champion and then I was champion for 10 years. I’m a six-time world champion in five different weight classes, and that was with the official belt in each of those weight classes as well, not no paper belts. These are the facts.

You’re definitely one of the most flamboyant…
If I wasn’t flashy or a trash talker then I wouldn’t be the biggest guy in the sport. That’s what sets me apart from other fighters. I’m a professional shit talker. I get the most money and I hold the record for having the most haters.

Do you feel the UK fans warmed to you after you beat Ricky Hatton?
I was sitting in the back after the fight and I could hear them singing, “There’s only one Mayweather, one Mayweather, he talks the talk, he walks the walk, walking in a Money wonderland.” I love my UK fans. I get the credit I deserve out in the UK because you understand boxing. One word you guys say which I really like is “wicked”. Floyd Mayweather’s fight game is real “wicked”.

So when can we see you fight over here?
I’m looking to buy a house in the UK and get Mayweather Promotions popping over here, with some British fighters. I want to go to a soccer game and hang out.

Floyd Mayweather vs Juan Manuel Marquez is on Sky Sports 1 in the early hours of Sunday 20 September.


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