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Hopkins v Jones: History of their rivalry VIDEO


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Hopkins and Jones open workout quotes


Bernard Hopkins :-

"Every fight I have the same mentality. It is either my life or my opponent's life. For that reason alone, I don't know why a fight wouldn't be personal. Our rivalry is just a little bit spicier.

"I have accomplished so many things and I think that losing to Roy Jones Jr. made me a better fighter later on in my career.

"This is not it for me. Why should it be? The ring retires fighters. Fighters don't retire from the ring. The ring doesn't talk in a literal sense, but it speaks to me.

"I've not the prettiest fighter, but I am going on 50 plus fights without a cut.

"Roy Jones Jr. knew in 1993 that I was going to be a problem, but I was green. I am not green anymore.

"There are holes in Roy Jones Jr.'s legacy. It isn't about whether or not he belongs in the Hall of Fame, it is about the quality of his opposition. I stopped a lot of guys from being world champions.

"I have the heart to win and the determination to win. I want to punish and destroy Roy Jones Jr. for good.

"At the end of the day, come Saturday, I am going to show the world why Roy Jones Jr. avoided 'The Executioner' for 17 years."

Roy Jones Junior :-

"Bernard Hopkins has been waiting a long time for this fight. This fight is going to have the same result that it had the first time.

"Bernard is not going to feel happy with himself on Sunday morning. He is going to be in a lot of pain on Saturday night.

"I know how he fights. He is going to try to rough me up. I will be ready for anything he tries to do.

"He has no idea what I am going to do or how I am going to fight. I know what he does. You can't teach an old dog new tricks. And he is old. He looks like he is 52.

"I think I am going to stop him. I don't know when, but I will be really surprised if it goes 12 rounds."

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Roy Jones urges Calzaghe to return to the ring


"I think he should come out of retirement. He showed that he can't handle being retired. He needs boxing, and I think boxing needs him right now."

Roy Jones has spoken out and urged that Joe Calzaghe needs to get the gloves back on and start fighting again.

"He's using cocaine now that he's not fighting anymore. We (fighters) need something to do. We need to box." Said Roy.

Jones, who has been criticised for boxing on himself past his prime, has an impending rematch with another old-timer in Bernard Hopkins, a man he beat almost 15 years ago for the IBF title. He believes that Joe has still got what it takes and will be happy to fight him again if the Welshman wanted it.

"I think (a rematch with Calzaghe) would be a great opportunity and a great fight. I'd like to see what would happen with my dad in my corner and his dad in his corner matching against each other."

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Dirrell vs Abraham controversy still rages hard


Since Saturday night at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, boxing internet land has been alive with arguments over Andre Dirrell's 'knockout' at the illegal hands of Arthur Abraham.

The second round of the Super Six tournament saw a true clash of styles in a pick 'em fight between the unbeaten Armenian-born German and the Flint, Michigan native.

Coming into the fight unbeaten, Abraham (now 31-1, 25ko) was leading the Showtime scoreboards with 3 points after a chilling knockout over Arkansas's Jermain Taylor. Whilst Andre Dirrell (19-1, 13ko) was at the bottom of the table, following a split decision loss to Nottingham's WBC champion Carl Froch.

Abraham was the only man to emerge from the first round of the tournament without controversy. Froch vs Dirrell was a huge debate with many feeling the decision was wrong, but that paled into significance over the terrible headbutts and poor refereeing suffered by Denmark's Mikkel Kessler against American Andre Ward.

But Abraham was to be the subject of the most controversial event yet to emerge from the clouded Super Six tournament so far.

The fight panned out as analysts expected, but with an ending straight out of a comic book.

Starting brightly, Dirrell stood in the centre of the ring, peppering Abraham with fast combinations and speedy footwork. Abraham made his usual notorious relaxed start, comfortably pressuring Dirrell behind a tight defence.

Round 4 changed the fight dramatically, as Dirrell floored an off-balance Abraham during an exchange at the end of the round. Abraham raged to his corner, unhappy with the first knockdown of his career and began the fifth round with intent.

As Abraham finally began to up the tempo, during round 7 a bad cut emerged over his right eye caused by Dirrell accidentally clashing heads, whilst pushing off Abraham. A steady trickle of blood began to run down his face from that point onwards.

Then American referee Laurence Cole's bias then began to emerge, only adding to Arthur Abraham's plight. In a situation all too similar to Kessler vs Ward, Saulerland must have felt that this was perhaps going to be another ground hog day.

Dirrell's low blows seemed to be frequently protested by Abraham. Many were borderline, but one landed flush and prompted a moments rest for the German. As the fight wore on the protests were completely ignored by the referee. At one point Abraham dropped his gloves in protest to the referee, who stood statue-like which allowed Dirrell to take the initiative and launch an attack.

Then later, Abraham was pinning Dirrell to the ropes, unleashing a barrage of heavy shots when the referee seemingly leapt into the action to drag Abraham to the doctor to have his eye examined. It was a bad cut, but not a terrible one and fortunately the blood had settled after some intervention by the doctor. The round renewed and Dirrell's stamina seemed replenished by the minutes rest and he finished strong.

Dirrell continued his good work throughout the latter rounds, frustrating Abraham with his fast, rangy punches and stuck to his gameplan. The future looked bright for him wheras the present was looking dimmer and dimmer for the visiting Abraham.

The cherry on the mouldy cake for Abraham came during the 10th round when a peach of a shot tagged Dirrell, sending him down to the canvas. In what should have been a 10-8 round for the visitor, referee Laurence Cole stood motionless before declaring it 'a slip' by Dirrell. Anger and protestation could be heard by Abraham's team.

Dirrell was buzzed by the shot and Abraham chased the fleet footed fighter around the ring, landing heavy crushing shots on Dirrell's arms and body. Pinning Dirrell in the corners, Abraham sprung alive and Andre's composure vanished.

During the interval Showtime's American analysts including Antonio Tarver, waxed lyrical over the knock down, but agreed that a punch had floored Dirrell and it was not a trip or slip. Meanwhile Dirrell's corner sensed a storm was coming and implored their man to stay off the ropes.

Round 11 began and Abraham had a head of steam, walking Dirrell down who tried to stay busy switching stances and moving around the ring. With barely over a minute of the round over, Dirrell was worked into the corner where his right leg extended and slipped on to the canvas whilst simultaneously Abraham threw a stiff jab and then a momentary late cuffing right hand as Dirrell's head just about sunk to waist height.

A moment lapsed before Dirrell then held the opposite side of his face to where the shot had landed, muttered something and then laid in the opposite direction to the blow.

Abraham raised his glove as a 'sorry' gesture and went to his corner, expecting Dirrell to raise from what seemed a grazing shot. However Dirrell by now began rattling on the floor, blinking and twitching as Abraham's team looked on with disgust.

All hell began to break loose as Dirrell's team and the audience all began to jeer and shout at Abraham and his corner.

The doctors emerged and checked out Dirrell's condition who was then helped up to his feet. Someone at ringside then shouted 'You cheating bastard' to which Dirrell then began to weep and cry at.

Showtime then began to replay the illegal blow from several angles. In slow motion it looked worse for Abraham with regards the intent. But from watching it unfold live it was not thrown with as much malice as the show alluded to. Secondly from a rear angle, it is plainly obvious that no knuckle of the glove lands. A cuffing thumb perhaps which turned his face - but not a full blooded hook.

Websites and boxing radio stations have seen an outrage pour out against both men. With many Europeans declaring that Dirrell is a lying cheat, whilst the American public have poured scorn on Abraham's intentional foul.

Allan Green, a participant of the Super Six tournament told boxingscene's Rick Reeno that "I saw the little punch. I did think he put on a bit of an act."

"And I like Dirrell. I think he could have continued the fight or he could have taken five minutes."

Meanwhile Abraham declared post fight that Dirrell 'Was a very good actor' and whilst acknowledging his blow was late, he definitely felt Dirrell had made a meal of it.

Showtime's interview asked Abraham "Were you surprised that Dirrell was beating you seemingly the ease that he did?" and obviously was gunning for Abraham before then asking him to review the tape. Abraham looked angry and disgusted with Dirrell, declaring that he "was a very good actor". Abraham felt that his blows were felling the opponent and not that he'd slipped and continued to throw until he was down.

Dirrell was well ahead on the scorecards. Italy's Guido Cavalleri scored it 97-92, Michigan's Frank Garza 98-91 and Thailand's Hanek Hongtonhkam had it 97-92.

But there was no doubt that Abraham was definitely in the driving seat from the 9th round onwards. Saulerland now plans to officially lobby the decision, feeling their man was robbed of his best chances by the 'acting' they accused Dirrell of.

Dirrell's uncle and trainer, Leon Lawson Sr said afterwards that "He executed a perfect game plan and I'm proud of him and I just want to hug him and kiss him," but added "But it was blemished."

The boxing world felt that the super six tournament would separate who was the best in the world, but if anything, it has so far created more question marks than answers as to the true pecking order.

Next up is Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler and we can only pray that the fight is settled without illegal punches or acting. Their fight takes place on April 24th at the MCH centre in Herning.

Amir Khan talks to Boxing Truth Radio


The Boxing Truth Radio welcomed potential boxing mega-star Amir Khan to the show as the young British prepares for his United States and HBO debut against Paulie Malignaggi on May 15, 2010 at New York's Madison Square Garden.

Though Khan still needs to prove his stardom inside the ring, his personality and ability to engage the media, as displayed on The Boxing Truth Radio, could assist in making him a boxing icon.

From a future bout with Marcos Maidana, the unfounded questioning of fellow gym mate Manny Pacquiao's performance enhancing drug use, and how Twitter brought the Malignaggi bout into being, Khan was not short on words.

Also visiting the show were bantamweight Abner Mares and super flyweight Raul Martinez. Mares looks forward to a May 22 fight with Yonnhy Perez on Showtime and Martinez returns to action this Friday night on Fox Sports against an un-named opponent.

And of course, during the course of the transmission, boxing fans from across the country chimed in heavily on Andre Dirrell's victory over Arthur Abraham. The opinions varied, but in general, The Boxing Truth's listeners felt Abraham was correctly disqualified for a late punch that knocked Dirrell silly and there is NO WAY Dirrell was acting to get a victory.

All this, plus more, on the latest episode of The Boxing Truth Radio.

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Guzmans Manager furious: Blames electric suit failure


Jose Nunez has spoken to Malcom Marley at the Examiner and aired his frustrations surrounding the 9 pound weight disaster ahead of Guzman's fight with Ali Funeka tonight at the Hard Rock cafe in Las Vegas.

His manager has stated that he is extremely disappointed with the duo of trainer Lee Beard and nutritional expert, Kerry Kayes. Nunez believes that Guzman weighed just a single pound less than his arrival weight of 145 last week.

In another disapointing chapter for the Dominican fighter's career, it would seem his manager is quick to point the finger of blame at the English partnership of Beard and Kayes.

"Kerry told me and Guzman that it was 100 percent he would make the weight here. Guzman, if he keeps fighting, will now go to 140 pounds. Guzman had his confidence back. He did whatever they told him to do in England and over here as well."

"Kerry, he told me he was sorry, so sorry, but I told him I don't want to hear it."

"It was a stupid decision for me to hire these guys,” Nunez told Marley.

"Just stupid. They had him training in England and told me not to worry about weight. They told Joan the same thing. He trained hard. Joan told me he trained better because he was focused on training and not on the weight."

"If he can't fight this fight, he can hang it up. These guys, especially Kayes, had him drinking water all the time, even just before the weigh in. He was drinking eight bottles of water but they said don't worry about it.

"Kayes has something he calls a sauna suit and they said they could take 15-20 pounds off, that they did it with Ricky Hatton all the time, in one day. They said it was water weight and it would roll off.

"Kayes brought the sauna suit over here and then told us he couldn't make it work because of the different voltage here. So they put Guzman in the hotel sauna bath, something he isn't used to. So Guzman stays in the sauna for an hour and a half but that's all he can take of that."

Nunez's outburst could be that of frustration. If Kerry's being blamed for this incident, then surely the question must be asked immediately - how come it worked for Hatton all those previous times. Afterall the 'Hitman' fought in Vegas five times in the last two years under Kerry's guidance. Could it be a different suit?

Guzman weighed 160+ pounds when arriving in Manchester and had a big task to shift such a large volume of mass with less than a full camp to prepare for what many regard as an extremely quickly organised rematch.

Guzman's time with Beard will prove crucial tonight and the proof will be in the pudding. If Guzman's skills are as improved as we are lead to be believed then perhaps the relationship between Beard and Guzman shall be retained.

Malcom's article in full HERE

Abraham vs Dirrell weigh in VIDEO

Guzman overweight - but fight still ON


Joan Guzman failed to make the weight class of 135lb by an astonishing 9 pounds earlier this evening in Las Vegas.

However the fight will still proceed, except for two points - Guzman cannot win the IBF world title (but Funeka can) and that the Dominican fighter cannot weight more that 150lb tomorrow morning.

Funeka must feel that Guzman has not trained properly for this fight and will attempt to scalp the unbeaten two weight former world champion.

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