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Huge Wages await Hatton

By Mark Staniforth, PA Sport


Ricky Hatton is preparing for a lucrative future of 10million dollar purses and pay-per-view super-fights after he clinically disposed of Mexican former lightweight world champion Jose Luis Castillo in Las Vegas.

By common consensus, the manner of his victory has lifted Hatton among that elite group of contemporary fighters who can virtually eschew the plethora of alphabet titles and sell out arenas on reputation alone.

Fortunately for Hatton, many of his fellow members of the pantheon also hover around the light-welterweight and welterweight limits, giving him no end of options as he prepares for the contests which will define his era.

Home Box Office vice-president Kery Davis said: "I think what his victory on Saturday did is set up a number of really big fights for Ricky Hatton.

"There is certainly Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather, the winner of the upcoming fight between Antonio Margarito and Paul Williams, and even a guy like Shane Mosley.

"There are a lot of fights in the light-welterweight and welterweight divisions that are exciting matches, and Ricky had to beat Castillo impressively in order to get there. He did that in pretty strong fashion."

Chief among Hatton's hopeful conquests is Floyd Mayweather, the widely regarded pound-for-pound world number one who is said to be ready to reverse his recent retirement decision in order to take on Hatton.

Mayweather, who announced his intention to quit after beating Oscar De La Hoya last month, said he is furious at Hatton's constant barbs over his supposedly negative fighting style.

Such a fight would be a major event back in Las Vegas, and would attract significantly more supporters than even the 10,000 who travelled halfway across the world to raucously cheer on Hatton last Saturday.

But with massive pay-per-view and purse revenues to take into account, the Mayweather fight would require a lengthy promotional build-up, possibly ruling it out as Hatton's next big-time contest.

Instead, itching for a homecoming which he believes could fill a stadium in either Manchester or London, Hatton can turn his attention to the likes of unbeaten WBA welterweight champion Miguel Cotto.

Cotto confirmed his own place among the elite when he beat Zab Judah in a thrilling fight at Madison Square Garden earlier this month, and is one of the few, along with Mayweather and De La Hoya, who could justify stadium billing.

The Puerto Rican impressed Home Box Office executives by pulling in 225,000 pay-per-view buys for his fight with Judah, and his all-action, hard-punching style makes him a natural for a tear-up with Hatton.

De La Hoya phoned Hatton in his dressing room to congratulate him on his win over Castillo, but it seems more likely any interest the 'Golden Boy' has in the Manchester fighter is purely promotional.

Having fought as high as middleweight during his glittering career, De La Hoya's weight is always likely to rule a Hatton match out, especially given Hatton's inability to shine at 147lbs against Luis Collazo last year.

Another interesting option, and an eminently makeable fight, is the new IBF light-welterweight champion Paulie Malignaggi, a Madison Square Garden favourite who recently took the crown from Lovemore N'Dou.

The brash and popular Malignaggi is a slippery stylist who also proved in his defeat to Miguel Cotto that he possesses a great heart. He has made no secret of his desire to take on Hatton.

Hatton's advisors have already made preliminary contact with Malignaggi, and have the extra incentive of hoping to fulfil one of Hatton's lifelong dreams of topping a bill at the widely regarded home of boxing.

There are plenty of other attractive second-level fights for Hatton should he be made to wait for the really big bucks. Either Margarito or Williams would pose a test.In Britain, many fans would love to see him matched against his long-time domestic rival Junior Witter, who significantly enhanced his own status by claiming the WBC version of the 140lbs title.

However, Hatton has always seethed over the way the Bradford man has repeatedly shown him scant respect throughout his career, and is said to be unwilling to grant Witter the biggest payday of his career.

Whichever way forward Hatton elects to pursue in the coming weeks, he is not short of attractive options. His emphatic victory over Castillo should prove to be worth its weight in gold.

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Paquiao V Barrera

Ronnie Nathanielsz
Sat, 30 Jun 2007

Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer has informed Viva Sports/Manila Standard Today that he had “just signed the settlement agreement with Top Rank and a press release will go out shortly.”

Schaefer said “we have come to terms and worked out a structure which works for all involved. The bottom line is that under this structure both Golden Boy and Top Rank will work together and bring the biggest and best fights to the public. The fact is that our two promotional companies are the leaders in the sport and when you have the two of us working together then it is a tremendous benefit for the sport of boxing, the fighters and all the fight fans around the world.“

Schaefer went on ”today is an important day for boxing! The first fight which we will do together will be (Manny) Pacquiao vs (Marco Antonio) Barrera on October 6th from the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino.”

The Golden Boy CEO concluded by saying “very busy now but as promised I wanted you to be the first to get thumbs up! God bless and kind regards.”

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Junior Witter V Vivian Harris Venue announced


WBC light-welterweight champion Junior Witter will defend his title against American challenger Vivian Harris at the St Georges Concert Hall in Bradford.

Warren & The Hattons to do business?

Frank Warren has settled his High Court libel action against Ray Hatton, the father of IBO light-welterweight champion Ricky Hatton.

As part of the agreement, Warren and the Hattons will sit down and discuss working together in the future.

The case was due to be heard by a jury in London with a 10-day trial starting today, and was related to comments made by Hatton snr in 2005.

Warren alleged Hatton snr libeled him on BBC Radio Manchester on September 1, 2005, and the BBC sports website on October 17, 2005.

But Mr Justice Eady told a jury that their services would no longer be required as Warren and Hatton snr had settled the case.

Outside court Warren welcomed the development.

An agreed statement read: "In respect of the action today between Frank Warren, Ray Hatton and the BBC, which was due to commence today, Frank Warren has agreed to cease his action against Ray Hatton on the basis that both Ray Hatton and Frank Warren have agreed to enter into discussions with respect to Ricky Hatton's future fights."

Warren's lawyers said a libel action against the BBC was on-going, although they were confident of settling that case as well.

Warren added: "I am glad that we are sitting down and the matters are behind us.

"Ray Hatton, Ricky Hatton and myself are going to meet. That tells you from my point of view we may be in a position where we do some future business."

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Ricky Hatton result - KO's Jose Luis Castillo in 4 rounds!

LAS VEGAS REPORT: Manchester's Ricky Hitman Hatton defeats Mexican Jose Luis Castillo by 4th round body shot in a punch that would make Duran or Chavez proud.

Pictures by Johnny Rooks

After the opening bell Hatton and Castillo got straight down to the nitty gritty and both fighters were winging in hurtful body blows and each raced to try and cut down the other in spectacular fashion.

In the first round neither would give the other an inch and in a typical 'fight in a phonebox' style fight, it was 'forehead on forehead' for th practically the whole round. At the first interval Billy Graham, Hatton's trainer pleaded with Ricky to calm down and to stop wasting energy.

Round 2 began at the same blistering pace with both fighters pushing and punching at every opportunity, with Ricky arguably having the faster, more successful combinations. But Hatton had the trickier combinations whilst Castillo began head hunting and throwing the jab.

Round 3 began at a frantic pace again, despite the words of caution from Billy Graham to slow down, Hatton jumped straight into the trenches with Castillo and at times they wrestled each other to get their shots off - with Castillo having his say in all the exchanges.

Round 4 began with Hatton putting distance between themselves slightly to get his faster combinations and hooks off and they started to slightly get into their boxing-game at last, but after the halfway mark both fighters got back in each other's faces and suddenly Castillo threw a low-blow which was deducted a point for. Hatton came back on strong and yet another borderline punch went in from Castillo - when suddenly in another exchange on the ropes Hatton landed a magnificent left hand and it dropped Castillo to his knee's, with his gum shield hanging out... the ref ran over and administered the count and Castillo was still too sickened to raise to his feet nor even attempt it and was stopped at 2m16 of the 4th round.

"I trained for 12 rounds of pain tonight, but i had great training camp for the Kostya Tyszu fight but this camp left that weel in it's tracks - and that has obviously shown tonight" said the Hitman after being asked if he took note of Billy Graham's advice to calm down- "I admit i was going a little over the top, but even in the very first round, i felt i could throw himaround like a rag doll, i felt that strong"

"I went into the ring tonight as a very frustrated man after my last two performances, have..been against two world champions at two different weight divisions - but they (the performances) have not been 'vintage Ricky' and i really wanted to go out and put a show on and sometimes when you try too hard it can land you in trouble and has done in the past and i'm sure it will do in the future!" Hatton joked.

Upon the Castillo low blows "He didn't snap me in two, but it's not entirely pleasant being hit on the old meat and two veg, sure the punches had a little icing on them!" said Ricky "I did it (complained to Ref) because he usually does it ALL the way through 12 rounds of the fight and i wanted the ref to cut it out straight away as it takes it's toll"

On the body shot that KO'd Castillo "I could see the elbows protecting the body so i threw a headshot and the elbow came out slightly and i tucked it right behind his rib - and it was as lively as your tie tonight son!" he jokingly said to Setanta Sports at ringside.

"I seem him wince with a bodyshot early and i seen him not liking it even in the first round - to come all the way over here with all my fans and to knock him out like that, compares to the Kostya fight and ranks right alongside it"

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Kessler WILL be my next opponent ! Joe Calzaghe

Joe with Mikkell

"IT NOW seems almost certain that my next opponent will be Mikkel Kessler, the WBA and WBC super middleweight champion.

The fight is one that excites me tremendously, Kessler has a faultless 39-0 record and I am unbeaten in 43 professional bouts, so something will have to give.

I understand from my promoter Frank Warren that negotiations are at an advanced stage to get the fight on, though when and where the fight will be are two questions I can't answer this week.

My preference would be to fight in September, but I understand Kessler's camp want the fight for November and if I have to wait, I will.

Looking on the positive side, the longer we wait until the fight, the better my hand will be after I broke it in April - more on this later.

The bigger issue is the venue for the fight.

I have read plenty of speculation on this and would like to set the record straight.

Many times in my career I have been referred to as a stay at home fighter, a champion unwilling to be the guy being booed in someone else's backyard.

This is complete and utter nonsense.

In the past I have beaten Richie Woodhall and Mario Veit in their hometowns with the crowd desperate to see me lose and it didn't bother me a jot.

If the fight is made for Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium, then of course that is great for me.

I would imagine even more people will attend than the 35,000 who saw me batter Peter Manfredo, this is a super fight on a grand scale and having partisan support would be one of the highlights of my career.

However, if I get a call from Frank Warren in the next couple of days telling me we are going to Denmark, I will tell him I am more than ready.

A lot of boxing is politics and money is a huge factor, I am not going to pretend it isn't.

If the money is right for me to go to Copenhagen or wherever else, I will happily do it.

Fighting in Cardiff with a home support would be a huge bonus, but equally I will feed off the boos and jeers if I go to Denmark.

Once you get in the ring it is just you and the guy you are fighting, nothing else matters.

This is a fight I am desperate for, it will be one of the biggest of the year, it is so rare two undefeated world champions face one another.

I really hoped to fight American Jermain Taylor a while ago, but when he started saying he wanted $10 million despite not impressing in his previous two fights, I knew he didn't want to face me.

Talk of that fight died a death despite Frank Warren and I going to America to try and get it on.

It's a shame, but I feel the fight with Kessler will be a better spectacle anyway as Taylor is a negative kind of fighter, albeit with a great record and reputation.

Good news is that my hand - broken on Peter Manfredo's head - has healed nicely and I am almost at 100%.

I am back in training as I don't enjoy sitting on my backside for too long and I have been able to do some light sparring with Enzo Maccarinelli.

The injury could've been a lot more serious and I am pleased it is no longer any sort of concern "

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Ricky Hatton V Oscar De La Hoya at Wembley


Oliver Holt In Las Vegas 23/06/2007

RICKY HATTON will be offered a £30million super-fight against Oscar De La Hoya at the new Wembley Stadium if he beats Jose Luis Castillo here tonight.

Oscar De La Hoya

De La Hoya, known as The Golden Boy, has told friends it is one of his last ambitions to fight Hatton at Wembley before he retires. And Hatton, who is being supported in Las Vegas by pal Wayne Rooney and a host of Premiership stars, is desperate to add another big name to his list of conquests.

Manchester City fan Hatton, who received a message of support from the club's potential new owner Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday, is quickly becoming one of boxing's most sought-after opponents.

Negotiations have not yet begun but it is thought that the fight would take place in September or October at welterweight, with Hatton moving up a division and De La Hoya moving down one.

Hatton's all-action style has already turned him into the leading boxing attraction in Britain and he is an outstanding ambassador for the sport.

But if he beats Castillo tonight and then inks a deal to face De La Hoya, it will turn him into one of the country's sporting superstars. Hatton is already one of the biggest draws in world boxing and nearly 10,000 British fight fans, including Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole and Wes Brown, have travelled to Las Vegas to see tonight's fight at the Thomas and Mack Center.

Rooney visited Hatton at his gym off the Las Vegas strip here on Wednesday and will carry Hatton's IBO world title belt into the ring.

"I'm really buzzing about it all because Ricky has become a great pal," said Rooney. "It's the first time in Vegas for me and Coleen and we are looking forward to the fight immensely.

"I'm incredibly proud of what Ricky has done and also to carry his belt into the ring. I know it will be one of the most fabulous experiences of my life."

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Hatton and Castillo both make the weight !

Both Ricky Hatton and Jose Luis Castillo made weight for their anticipated junior welterweight showdown on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Hatton weighed-in at 140-pounds, and Castillo also came in at 140-pounds. The fight will be televised live by HBO. Check your local listings for start times.

Hatton Corrales wife

In yesterday's press conference, Ricky handed Diego Corrales wife a bouquet of flowers and both him and Castillo both paid their tributes. Castillo said of the passing of Corrales, “it was a real tragedy. I was very, very sad when I heard the news.”

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