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Robbie Davies Jnr signs with Neil Marsh


By Gary Shaw

The amazing success boxing manager Neil Marsh has enjoyed in the past 18 months looks set to continue as he welcomes new signing Robbie Davies jnr this week.

In a scoop for Marsh, the unbeaten light welterweight joins his current stable of stars such as Kevin Satchell, the European flyweight champion, Jazza Dickens, the British super featherweight champion, and English bantamweight champion Ryan Farrag, who earlier this month was given a shot at the vacant European crown.

Davies jnr., son of exciting local light middleweight star of the 1970s, Robbie Davies, was formerly a top amateur with Knowsley Vale ABC and has amassed eight wins from eight professional contests (five by stoppage) in a little over two years, although he has yet to fight in 2015 due to a mixture of injury and inactivity.

Robbie said: "I'm made up I've signed with Neil. What he's done for his fighters in the last year and a half is fantastic and I want to be a part of it. We got on straightaway and I could see he was as committed to his boxers as everyone says he is. When we asked to talk to him about signing he dropped everything and came over that day. He spelled out what he thought we should do and it's perfect for me. I haven't fought for a while so have got a fight in Sheffield next month and then we can start to work towards titles."

A clearly thrilled Marsh said: "I'm absolutely delighted to have signed a contract with such a talented kid as Robbie. When I heard he was available I wanted to sign him 100%. I know I had lots of competition for his signature and I’m very grateful he has trusted me with guiding his career. I'm determined not to let him or his team down. I know he can really fight. He's one of he best prospects in the country for me. Now it's up to me to get him out as quickly as I can and then take him to the title fights where he belongs."

Davies will continue to be trained by the respected Dave Tonks in Speke. Marsh added: "I'd like to thank Ste Lathem, Paul Smith and Dave for the part they played in ensuring the signing of Robbie went so smoothly."

Davies will have a six rounder in Sheffield on 18 July.

Bellew, Smith, Fielding and Murray. Echo Arena review


By @John_Evans79

Since stepping up in class, Tony Bellew, now 24-2-1 (15), has been much more of a Stealth Bomber than the carpet bombing Avro Lancaster that blitzed its way to the British title.

During his final couple of years at light heavyweight, the Liverpudlian’s cautious approach was partly due to the rigours of boiling himself down to 175lbs and a fear of failure with a world title shot within reach. At cruiserweight, he seems perfectly aware that even the slightest mistake could prove critical when sharing the ring with a man weighing north of 200lbs and rations his risks accordingly. Bellew’s sensible approach to his fighting has more in common with the trainee accountant in him than the “I carry power!” lunatic that he transforms into on fight nights but the cruiserweight division is one of the most under rated but dangerous in the sport and - for a former light heavyweight mixing with some big men - boxing cautiously is far more likely to reap rewards than a gung ho approach. We’d all love to see the man who demolished Danny McIntosh and drew battle lines with Ovil McKenzie return but, as Bellew, 32, himself would put it, he’s the one doing the fighting and outside of his close circle the opinions of others “aren’t worth a carrot.”

Although he has yet to face an elite cruiserweight, Bellew has stopped three of his four opponents and caused enough damage to suggest that he is a stiff puncher at the weight. His fights with Valery Brudov, Julio Cesar Dos Santos and Ivica Bacurin and have resulted in a total of seven knockdowns. “What about Nathan Cleverly?!” I can hear you shouting at your screen. Well, I’m willing to put that whole event down as a bizarre anomaly and – funnily enough – the fight didn’t remain on my Sky+ box long enough for me to rewatch it.

Sometimes, however, a touch of urgency is needed and on Saturday a rise in tempo would have probably resulted in an earlier night. Bacurin was exactly the type of opponent that Bellew would take great pleasure in adding to his highlight reel and the fact that he was either unable or unwilling to put his foot down and put together the sustained period of pressure that would have almost certainly bought the fight to an end before the eventual tenth round conclusion lends credence to his post-fight comments about not wanting to take any chances following an injury and illness ravaged build up. Pressure will be key if Bellew gets a long discussed shot at IBF champion, Y-P Hernandez, later this year. The Cuban is extremely talented but shuts down during fights and can be outworked and hurt.

With Hernandez due to board a flight and defend his IBF belt against Victor Ramirez in Argentina in July, Bellew is likely to have a few months to perfect a gameplan and his conditioning before his expected title shot. He will need to fight on high alert but if he can up his punch output enough to ensure Hernandez has no time to rest yet also choose the right moments to attack with venom, Bellew may just cause more problems than many expect.

Callum Smith’s decision victory over Christopher Rebrasse was exactly the type of fight the promising 25 year needed. As Smith’s trainer, Joe Gallagher, said before the fight, Rebrasse was the first opponent Smith has faced who had prepared specifically for him. The former European super middleweight champion is a talented fighter who knows exactly when to counterpunch, when to cover up and how to apply forward pressure smartly. He lacks the weight of punch to be truly world class but had Smith allowed his concentration to slip during some close middle rounds, Rebrasse would have snatched his opportunity.

Smith maintained his composure after damaging his hand early in the fight and pulled away down the stretch with some nice straight punches and the left hook to the body which has become his trademark. The unanimous decision in his favour was fully deserved but the 120-107 card handed in by Tim Cheatham was extremely hard on Rebrasse. It was an excellent piece of matchmaking, a highly skilled fight and the best performance of Smith’s career.

17 fights into his professional career, all wins with twelve coming early, Smith’s style is now pretty much set. There will obviously be tweaks made to cater for different opponents but his use of range, body attack, excellent fundamentals and seemingly unflappable nature are an excellent set of qualities to fall back on. If I were to be picky, I’d like to see him look over some tapes of Larry Holmes and alternate the weight, speed and timing of his jab and add a touch more head movement but Smith looks likely to grace the world stage for years to come.

The last time an opponent tried getting to Rocky Fielding quickly, Luke Blackledge found himself on the canvas within a round of what was seen as Fielding’s toughest test to that point. Brian Vera tried the same trick on Saturday night. Vera may have spent his career operating on a different plane to Blackledge but the Texan only managed to last around two minutes longer than the man from Accrington. Fielding, 21-0 (12), continued his habit of saving his most devastating performances for his most important nights. The 27 year old has won every title fight he has been pitched into by stoppage and also stopped all three opponents in the Prizefighter tournament which first shot him to prominence over five years ago.

David Price’s description of Fielding’s “slashing” punches is perfect. His punches seem to have a whip like quality to them and come from wide angles and he uses his uppercut to great effect; a must for a rangy fighter whose opponents will seek to get close to him.

It is a rarefied time for British super middleweights. James DeGale holds the IBF title and a place amongst the very best in the division and George Groves gets a third chance to claim a world belt when he takes on WBC champion Badou Jack later this summer. Callum Smith is matching Fielding step for step and Frank Buglioni has a shot at Fedor Chudinov’s WBA belt in July. Carl Froch, meanwhile, is still deciding whether to continue his storied career or end having fought in front of two men and a dog on Clapham Common. Or something like that. Fielding may be benefitting from flying under the radar. There is very little pressure on him and every time he has been given a test, he passes it with flying colours.

“In an ideal world we’d be free to choose,” sang The Christians. Ideally we’d get Smith v Fielding for the vacant British super middleweight title in early September. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” sang The Rolling Stones.

It was good to see Martin Murray, 30-2-1 (13), get rid of Georgia’s George Beroshvili in the second round of his marking time fight this weekend. The bigger the fight, the better Murray, 32, performs and he is loathe to risk injury in fights that he knows he will win. The last thing he needed during his return to Sky Sports was a procession of the type we witnessed when he fought Karim Achour, Sergei Khomitsky or Max Bursak.
Lots of fighters claim that a move up in weight will help them become more powerful and more energetic but in Murray’s case, it seems entirely likely. He was a massive middleweight and, as he says, he won’t need to add muscle to move the 8lbs up to super middleweight, he will simply take 8lbs less off. If a diminished Murray gave the best 160lb fighters on the planet plenty to think about, it will be interesting to see how the top fighters at 168lbs deal with him at full bore.

Photos courtesy of Lawrence Lustig

Tommy Langford talks late sub Vikingo, sparring Callum Smith and Gavin departure


By Michael J Jones

NEXT SATURDAY in Dublin, middleweight hope Tommy Langford faces late sub’ Julio Cesar Avalos as he bids to make it thirteen victories unbeaten as well as pick up the vacant WBO InterContinental belt live on BoxNation. The 25 year old was due to face decent German Ronny Mittag before Mexican Avalos, 15-4 (7), got the call late last week.

On a show which also features top pros in Jamie Conlon, Patrick Hyland and Stephen Ormond in respective bouts, Langford is eager to put on a first class performance in his first title bout after being side-lined for a short period with injury.

His last contest (in which he suffered a small rupture to his left eardrum), was a highly impressive dismantling of experienced southpaw Wayne Reed. Busy, sharp and barely wasting a punch, the Devon-born Langford put on a brutal exhibition of body-punching to force the referee to stop the contest in the fifth round.

The victory, far more clinical than most had expected, raised the Birmingham-based prospect’s record to a perfect 12-0 (3) and he has made excellent progress since turning pro nearly three years ago.

Livefight spoke with Tommy last week to get his thoughts on his upcoming title bout vs “Vikingo” as well as his hopes for the year ahead.

LF) Your last contest was in February against Wayne Reed, you must have been very pleased with your performance that night?

TL) Yes it was a night where everything went to plan. Wayne Reed did me a favour though; he came straight at me and came to fight. That enabled me to be able to land often in combos’ and was a bit of a dream come true that it wasn’t awkward and let me put on a good performance.

LF) You suffered a rupture to your eardrum during the contest; do you remember the damaging shot landing in the fight with Reed?

TL) Yes I actually remember the moment it happened. He caught me with a glancing shot, it wasn’t even particularly hard, but straight away I could feel a ringing in my ears but I was lucky in a way as it didn’t affect my balance at all.

I had to take a small amount of time out on the doctor’s advice but it’s healed now and I’ve been able to spar hard in the build up to this fight so touch wood.

LF) You were originally due to face 23-1 German Ronny Mittag who is a very correct and neat boxer but now you face the much shorter brawling Mexican Julio Cesar Avalos with just a week to go; how have you had to alter your preparation with the late switch in opponents?

TL) Well we’ve completed all the hard training and sparring now so it won’t change anything; I’ll just have to remember to punch a bit lower! My camp has gone really well and I can’t wait for next Saturday now.

Mittag was, as you say, very tall and a correct, stand-up boxer. I watched some footage of him and, while he was obviously decent, I think it would have been a good win for me. With Avalos, he’s a lot shorter, solid and doesn’t seem to go anywhere (durable). He’s also quite strong but I also think he’s never mixed with anyone of a high class in his career.

With my amateur background and all the different styles I’ve fought I can pretty much get to grips with any style of opponent. In the amateurs (where Tommy won a brace of tournaments and also represented England) I got used to taking on opponents you knew nothing about and I nearly always got the job done and this will be no different.

Avalos has got a bit of an odd style from what I’ve seen; he doesn’t come straight out to “have it” but throws wild counters and is a bit unpredictable. I’ve had excellent sparring with Callum Smith and a top Russian though so I’ll be ready for anything.

If he came to me with aggression that would be perfect but we’ll see. After that first round I’ll know what to do.

LF) Your long-time gym-mate and recent world title challenger Frankie Gavin has recently departed company with your trainer Tom Chaney. Any comment regarding that?

TL) I don’t know the ins and the outs but I know they both parted on good terms and it was all done in the right manner. I think Frankie is going with Maxwell McCracken now and dropping down to light-welterweight so I wish him all the very best.

LF) You have sparred many rounds with Gavin dating back to the amateurs will you miss that quality sparring?

TL) To be honest, I’m now a big strong middleweight and, with him going down to 10st, it’s probably too big a (weight) gap to spar now. When you spar often with someone a lot smaller than you it’s easy to start making mistakes and I know Frankie felt the same as he’d sometimes over-commit to a shot because I was so much taller.

All through my career I’ve had great sparring away from camp so I’ll continue to do that like this time I’ve done many hard rounds with Callum Smith*.

*Writer’s note: the sparring must have done Callum Smith good too as he put on a career-best performance to trounce tough Frenchman Christopher Rebrasse last Friday to move to 17-0.

LF) Providing you get past Avalos how would you like the rest of the year to pan out?

TL) Well I’m focussing on this fight right now but afterwards, ideally, it would be good to get out soon after. Hopefully I can put on another good performance and there’ll be more chance of coming back maybe the end of September then with luck be out again before the end of the year.

There’s no set-in-stone path at the moment I just want to continue to stay busy, gradually progress through the rankings then next year start targeting the major titles.

I’d just like to thank everybody who has bought a ticket to come and watch me over in Dublin and for those that haven’t tune into BoxNation as it’ll be a great night of boxing.

Langford vs Avalos prediction

Julio Cesar Avalos has a lot to contend with on July 4th. Taking a fight on just over a week’s notice, he’ll be boxing outside of Mexico for the first time and also facing a much bigger opponent who is improving with each fight and who may well be leagues better than anyone he has ever faced in the ring.

Avalos at 15-4 (7) has a relaxed style which Tommy can’t take for granted. The Mexican can appear slow and drops his hands on a regular basis but can whip a wide left hook or clubbing right on the counter. The Mexican, 25 like his opponent, hasn’t beaten anyone of note but should be pretty durable having only been stopped once in his four defeats. Without a huge punch, approximately five or six inches in height and reach disadvantage and nowhere near the skill-set of Langford the signs don’t look good for Julio Cesar but he should prove game.

Expect a painful night for “Vikingo” as Langford systematically breaks him down for a TKO in seven or eight rounds.


Tommy would like his team and also his sponsors; MAN Commercial Protection, Strategy Plus Online Marketing, Action Graphics, Panel Wizards, Atlas Pain Relief, Ringside UK and TR Sports Marketing.

Langford’s ruthless display vs Reed last time out-

Callum Smith and Rocky Fielding continue on collision course


Courtesy of Matchroom Boxing

Rocky Fielding announced himself on the World Super Middleweight stage in stunning fashion, stopping Brian Vera in two rounds at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Friday night, live on Sky Sports.

Fielding swarmed all over Vera from the start and decked him with a brutal left upper cut in the first round and then finished the job in style in the second round, flooring the American, who appeared off-balance from stumbling over, with a huge left hand and then pouring on more relentless pressure to force referee Ian John Lewis to halt the contest after 1.39 of the second round.

Fielding is ranked in the top 15 in all four governing bodies after landing the vacant WBC International title with his win, and the ever-humble Liverpool man admits even he was surprised by how quickly he dismissed the experienced visitor.

“I was expecting a tough fight, I am not going to lie,” said Fielding. “I was expecting a hard 12 rounds in there.

“I knew I carried that bit of power so if I caught him clean I could do a bit of damage and that is what I did.

“In the changing rooms warming up we were trying to slip his jab with the left upper cut and it worked. I didn’t even know I threw it, I just threw it, caught him and he went down. I was buzzing with that

“I work hard with Oliver Harrison and got some good sparring with Martin Murray. That was the fight I needed to pick me up.

“[The second knockdown] As the referee was saying, if he is knocked down don’t hit him but until he hits the floor then if he is still in front of you he is still hitting you until he hits the floor. I caught him with some good shots and I knew once I caught him with a couple of good shots I knew I could get him out of there.

“I enjoyed it. I want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting me.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn added: “He is so underrated. Nobody does that to Brian Vera. He deserves lot of credit and I feel he doesn’t get it. He is working his way up the world govern bodies and he is doing things the right way.”

Fielding’s fellow World-rated Liverpool talent Callum Smith followed Fielding into the ring tonight in his own acid test against Christopher Rebrasse, and Fielding and Hearn had their say on a potential Merseyside showdown.

“I will support Callum,” said Fielding. “He is a Scouser and we are all out here supporting each other. I will sit back down with Eddie and Oliver and see what the next move is. I am up for it.”

“Rocky and Callum is a huge fight but as much as the British title is a wonderful belt I feel it deserves a little bit more,” said Hearn. “If it comes with a little bit more I don’t see the problem in making that fight. Rocky wants World title fights and so does Callum. Over the next 12 months they are both going to get them. If they meet each other it could be done of those classic final eliminators. That was a great performance tonight and he deserves a lot of credit.”

Callum Smith landed the WBC Silver Super Middleweight title with a wide points win over gutsy Frenchman Christopher Rebrasse at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Friday night, live on Sky Sports.

It was set to be a coming-of-age fight for the talented home fighters against the former European champion who had taken George Groves a tough 12 rounds for the same belt in September in London.

Smith controlled the pace from the off against the experienced and talented 29 year old who was right in the fight in the first half despite Smith being on top. The eighth round looked to be the turning point for Smith who hurt Rebrasse with his trademark body shots and begin to slow the relentless pressure from the game visitor.

Those body shots almost resulted in a first stoppage loss on Rebrasse’s record as he was put down from a lethal left to the solar plexus from Smith, but despite the 25 year old pouring on the pressure from that point, Rebrasse heard not only the bell for the tenth round but also the final bell, nothing less than the Hauts-de-Seine man deserved for his part in a great contest.

Smith was awarded the win by the judges with two cards of 118-110 and one of 120-107, and showed once more that he could go the distance and end a fight with plenty left in the tank. The Liverpool man said that tonight’s test was a perfect learning curve for him to prepare for a World title shot sooner rather than later.

“Rebrasse was very tough, I have to give him a lot of credit,” said Smith. “He kept coming but I knew that going in there and that is why I chose to box him. I would have looked stupid going in there trying to blow him out of there. I respect his durability, he has proved it at the highest level. I think I showed that I can box and if I do go past one round I can stick to a game plan and do it but I did the 12 comfortably enough and felt I could have given more but what I was doing was working.

“I enjoy the early knockouts but if I am going to progress and go on to become a World champion I need fights like this. I feel I am improving all of the time and the only thing I need is experience, and I am gaining that.

“The left hand is a bit sore but hopefully it is just a bit of bruising. It went in the fifth but I still had to throw it, I can’t sit around and moan I have to throw and if I didn’t he would have come back into the fight. That’s boxing; you get injuries and you have to deal with them.

Promoter Eddie Hearn added: “Callum debuted on a Kell Brook card two and a half years ago and now he is headlining in his home town. It is great to watch a great young fighter come through the amateur ranks from the England to headlining his hometown. It is all about developing the fighters the right way and I feel his development has been first class

“People thought Callum was automatically going to win tonight but we knew how tough that fight was. There has been a lot of fight around Callum but that was the prefect fight and luckily the hype is real. He is going to be number one in the WBC now.

“That is going to put him on fight for challenging for the world title. Groves fights Jack and we feel we are only one fight away from that. The Rocky Fielding fight is a great fight for Liverpool but Callum has his eyes on World titles and that was the perfect performance. They are the kind of fights that will develop him as a fighter and he will probably have learnt more tonight than throughout his whole career.

“That is going to stand him in good stead when he challenges for the World title. It is within 12 months.”

Smith’s trainer Joe Gallagher added: “Callum came back after round five and said his left hand had gone – it didn’t look like that in round ten when he dropped him with a body shot. What a rapid rise, he only turned professional two and a half years ago and here he is headlining the Echo Arena and has just won the WBC Silver belt. I am very pleased Liverpool came out tonight to support Callum Smith because they have a huge future World champion here.”

Martin Murray and Tonny Bellew notch routine wins


Courtesy of Matchroom Boxing

St Helens star grabs second round victory in Liverpool

Martin Murray enjoyed an explosive start to life at Super Middleweight, delivering a crunching body shot to claim a second round KO win over George Beroshvili at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Friday night, live on Sky Sports.

Murray was making his bow in the 168lbs division in his first fight under new promoter Eddie Hearn following his heroic efforts against Gennady Golovkin in February, and the three-time Middleweight World title challenger wasted little time in showing he will be a force to reckon with in the buzzing Super Middleweight scene.

The 32 year old hurt his Georgian opponent with left hooks to the body in the opening session, and it was that same shot that did for the visitor with 2.29 on the clock in the second session.

“I felt great in there, very strong and I think that Super Middleweight is going to be my good for me,” said Murray. “The Golovkin fight is in the past now, I learnt a lot from it and I’ve soaked that experience up but I’ve moved on from it and looking forward to making an impact at Super Middle.

“I will leave it to Eddie and Oliver Harrison to see where we go next but I can see myself in some big fights”

Hearn added: “Martin's had great fights with big names, he has a great following and he can get the big fights at Super Middleweight. I want to get him out ASAP so we'll sit down right away and plot the next fight, but it's a great start at Super Middleweight for him.”

Tony Bellew declared himself ready for a third World title shot after stopping Ivica Bacurin.

Bellew dropped the Croatian three times before the stoppage; in the second round with a left to the temple, in the fifth with a combination and then a right hand in the ninth, before referee Steve Gray called a halt to proceedings early in the tenth and final round with the visitor in trouble in the corner from another right hand.

The Liverpool star is hunting down a World title clash with IBF king Yoan Pablo Hernandez, who defends his crown for the fifth time in May, and the ‘Bomber’ revealed that he was struggling with the flu in the build-up.

“I got ill last week but there was no way I was missing this,” said Bellew, who sent his best wishes to Sky Sports pundit and former World champion Jim Watt, whose daughter tragically passed away today. “Dave Coldwell has improved me 25 per cent at least but you cannot stop picking up injuries in camp and getting sick – my kids are bringing home every flu and cold bug from school.

“It was great to be back in there and back where I belong. I am ready for a World title shot. Eddie Hearn has delivered on every word he has said from day one and I believe that he will bring me that shot.”

Hearn added: “We want the winner of the IBF title fight in July and we'll look to get him in there for that belt in October or November – it has to be a World title next for Tony.”

Roy Jones Jnr to fight in Liverpool


By @John_Evans79

British boxing fans have been given a rare opportunity to see one of the greatest fighters of the modern era in action after it was announced that four weight, multi time world champion, Roy Jones Jnr, will appear in Liverpool on September 12th.

Jones Jnr, who will look to further improve his 61-8 (44) record when he appears at Aintree Equestrian Centre in a cruiserweight contest, ruled the sport of boxing for almost a decade during his pomp and picked up world titles at middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and, memorably, heavyweight. Now 46, the Pensacola native is still campaigning for a shot at a cruiserweight belt and is unbeaten since a tenth round loss to current WBA title holder, Denis Lebedev, back in 2011.

The bout, which will be stage by Vaughan Promotions, will give boxing fans who may not have had the chance to see Jones Jnr perform in his heyday the chance to see a genuine superstar of the sport climb into a British ring for the first time in his illustrious career.

Although the sentimental part of many boxing followers would like to have seen Jones Jnr walk away from the sport and directly into the Hall of Fame years ago, if he is insistent about continuing to fight then maybe we should be glad that his decision gives British fans the opportunity to catch even a glimpse of the skills which made him the fighter of his generation.

Martin Murray wins 168 debut with KO


By @Livefight

Murray vs Beroshvili

Martin Murray enjoyed an explosive start to life at Super Middleweight, delivering a crunching body shot to claim a second round KO win over George Beroshvili at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Friday night, live on Sky Sports.

Murray was making his bow in the 168lbs division in his first fight under new promoter Eddie Hearn following his heroic efforts against Gennady Golovkin in February, and the three-time Middleweight World title challenger wasted little time in showing he will be a force to reckon with in the buzzing Super Middleweight scene.

The 32 year old hurt his Georgian opponent with left hooks to the body in the opening session, and it was that same shot that did for the visitor with 2.29 on the clock in the second session.

“I felt great in there, very strong and I think that Super Middleweight is going to be my good for me,” said Murray. “The Golovkin fight is in the past now, I learnt a lot from it and I’ve soaked that experience up but I’ve moved on from it and looking forward to making an impact at Super Middle.

“I will leave it to Eddie and Oliver Harrison to see where we go next but I can see myself in some big fights”

Hearn added: “Martin's had great fights with big names, he has a great following and he can get the big fights at Super Middleweight. I want to get him out ASAP so we'll sit down right away and plot the next fight, but it's a great start at Super Middleweight for him.”

Clev set for fight with Chavez Jr conqueror Fonfara


By @Livefight

Cleverly vs Fonfara

Nathan Cleverly is set to face Andrzej Fonfara in a huge Light Heavyweight showdown this autumn, live on Sky Sports.

Former WBO World champion Cleverly stepped back down to 175lbs in London in May after spending 2014 at Cruiserweight, and can take a major step in becoming a two-time Light Heavyweight ruler by beating the Chicago-based Pole in an explosive looking contest.

Fonfara produced fireworks in April by stopping Julio Cesar Chavez Jr inside nine rounds in California to land the WBC International title, and Cleverly’s promoter Eddie Hearn says the fight will be confirmed soon after the Welshman’s team chose to face Fonfara after being inundated with potential foes.

“We have had lots of big fight offers come in from Nathan over the past few months and we have taken our time to choose the right one,” said Hearn. “The Juergen Braehmer fight was one we were very close to taking but just felt that after his big win against Chavez, Fonfara was the perfect fight on the World stage. We are working with his team on the date expected to be in October and we will release news shortly.”

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