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Derry Matthews stops Jennings : Full fight report


By John Evans

fight Poster

Experience was the telling factor as Derry Mathews stopped local rival Stephen Jennings in front of a raucous crowd at a packed Greenbank Leisure Centre in Liverpool on Saturday night. In the process Mathews picked up the British Masters lightweight title and moves on to a potentially thrilling bout with European champion Gavin Rees on October 1st.

Jennings, 9st 8 1/2lbs, was taking part in just his seventh professional fight and can hold his head high after a brave performance. Sadly for him, Mathews, also 9st 8 ½ lbs, was able to weather an aggressive start and impose himself increasingly as the fight wore on.

Jennings came out aggressively as he sought to gain Mathews respect. “I had to concentrate in the first round” Mathews said in his dressing room after the fight. “I knew he’d come out all guns blazing”. Jennings looked to establish his left hook to both body and head but ‘Dirty’ Derry was able to maintain his composure and find the gaps to land a damaging straight right hand. Undeterred, Jennings continued to press forward.

Mathews began the second round by attempting to use his jab more and seemingly couldn’t miss with his right hand. Jennings began to look disorganised and he was crowding his attacks. Mathews had a slight smile on his face already, as if he knew he was in control.

The third was a slightly quieter round. Mathews appeared the more relaxed of the pair but was being denied the room to land his punches as Jennings continued to press forward. A Mathews uppercut and hook landed cleanly and bought blood from his rivals nose. Jennings was slowly unravelling but to his enormous credit he refused to fold.

Although not having everything his own way Mathews was clearly the boss and began the fourth round on the front foot. A perfectly timed one-two landed flush and forced Jennings onto the ropes. Instead of flailing away, Mathews feinted and probed with the jab attempting to draw Jennings lead so he could counter. The energy was draining from Jennings before our eyes and after a flurry against the ropes, he finally broke and dropped to the canvas. He was up to take referee Steye Grays count but seemed tired and hurt. The bell sounded at just the right time for ‘Jenko’ and he tottered back to his corner.

Jennings bravely rose from his stool for the fifth and continued to plough forward. Mathews picked his shots nicely as Jennings closed and after taking a left hook high on his head, Jennings sank to all fours for the second time. This time Mathews pounced, landing a succession of uppercuts and hooks. Jennings wisely tried to hold and buy time but seemed totally spent. He was granted a few seconds reprieve as Mathews picked up a warning for hitting his man on the back of the head. It was a brief respite though. As soon as the action recommenced, Mathews charged into his opponent and a left hook sent him down for the second time in the round. The bell came to Jennings rescue but what looked like a tough task beforehand now resembled one an almost impossible one.

To his eternal credit, Jennings came out for the sixth and took the fight to the more experienced man. He grimly gritted his teeth and attempted to make inroads with his left hook to the body. Mathews was in no mood to surrender his hold on the bout and after taking a nice uppercut from Jennings he unleashed a beautiful left, right, left combination, each of which rocked Jennings’ head back. He followed this with a series of beautifully picked right hands and as Jennings fell into the ropes, Mathews followed him and kept punching until referee Steve Grey decided enough was enough and stepped in to stop the bout at 2.50 of the sixth round. “I didn’t underestimate Stephen. I knew he’d give me a good fight. He was in just his seventh fight and taking on a future European champion” he said referring to the upcoming bout with Rees. “He tapped me a couple of times and caught me with a good body shot but I proved I’ve got a chin”.

“I was drained at 9stone but feel really strong at 9st 9lbs” continued Mathews, now 29-5 (15), “I’ve worked really hard and Oliver Harrison has turned my career around. He said “Well done, I’ll see you on Monday” and left straight after the fight! He’s gone straight home to study Rees. That’s how professional he is.”

“Gavin is very good, strong and I have a lot of respect for him but I don’t think he’ll be as strong as Stephen was tonight”.

The pick of the undercard saw Terry Needham and Sheffields Dale Hutchinson engage in a wild two round welterweight brawl that ended with Hutchinson detonating a huge right hook that knocked out the local favourite. There was no feeling out period and the pair traded from the start. Needham produced the cleaner work but every success was answered by “The Black Mamba”. Having had his nose bloodied by a huge right hook and a point deducted for a pretty blatant elbow in the second, Hutchinson drew Needham into a wild exchange on the ropes and was able to get his big shot home first. Referee Steve Gray rightly waved off the bout at 1.59 of the round. Hutchinson weighed in at 10st 8lb whilst Needham scaled 10st 2 1/2lb.

English Welterweight champion Adnan Amar walked through his return after an 18 month absence with a 40-36 points victory over Matt Seawright. Although it wasn’t the most thrilling spectacle, Amar will just be happy to be back.

Unbeaten Kevin Satchell moved to 6-0 with a straightforward points victory over journeyman Delroy Spencer. Satchell, who weighed in at 8 10 1/2lbs, was in control from the start, stayed very busy and showed some good variety to comfortably outscore Spencer 40-36 on referee Steve Grays card.

James ‘Jazza’ Dickens took a 40-36 decision victory over Chuck Jones, 9st 1 1/2lbs, in a super featherweight contest. Dickens, 9st 5lbs, displayed some excellent boxing ability in patches, especially the final round as he coasted to victory.

Joe Tonks earned a comfortable points victory in a lightweight clash with Robin Deakin. Tonks was never in trouble and seemed to grow in confidence as the fight wore on. A right uppercut forced Deakin to touch down in the third round and referee Mark Lysons 60-53 scorecard was a formality.


"Knuckle" gypsy boxing movie trailer


The hard hitting Gypsy bare-knuckle documentary trailer is out now, ahead of it's August release date.

The movie follows the true inside story on the travelling community's own version of prizefighting.

Not to be missed.


Pacquiao gives basketball arena to Santos City


Big hearted Manny Pacquiao opens up the JMP sports arena for the kids and general community in Santos City after a year in development.


Alex Ariza says Pacman eats seven times a day


By Alex Ariza,

Should we take supplements?

My answer is yes.

You can get most of the supplements your body requires through food. However, in order to get everything you really need you would have to eat more than you are eating right now, at scheduled times though out the day, and you would have to monitor everything you do down to the ounce. It would need to be a daily ritual, a science of sorts.

To put it bluntly you would have to be a professional eater just to make the attempt on getting enough supplements in your body for its daily grind.

Take Manny Pacquiao for instance. He has his own cooks. They prepare all his meals for him. He eats seven times a day. Manny Pacquiao is the healthiest eater I have ever met. Everyone of his meals contains all the necessary ingredients and supplements I would reccomend, but it is still not enough.

I introduced supplementation to Manny Pacquiao back in 2008. At first it was hard to get him to even take a multi-vitamin- now he takes a full pack of vitamins that have been designed specially for him.

Supplementation has been one of the biggest keys to his success over the last 3 years.

That being said, don’t be fooled that every company produces the same quality of supplement. For instance company number 1 could state they have a certain amount of B12 in their product. Company number 2 could state they have the same amount of B12 in their product, yet there is a substantial difference when you take the supplements. When you take company number 1’s supplements you feel the energy from the B12 while you are dieting. When you take company number 2’s product you feel nothing.

I have done my research over the years and I will tell you 90% of the companies out there are bogus. I have only found a couple of companies that really put the quality ingredients into their supplements. During the month of August I will break down exactly what is in the “Manny Pack”. I will tell you why I give him what I give him and what company I feel stands out above the rest.

Proof is in the pudding and the proof has been seen over the years.

Manny Pacquiao now trains harder during his daily workouts, has more energy, feels less pain in his body, moves around better, hits harder, and has greater speed. There are a lot of factors that determine why this has happened, but the proper supplementation is at the top of the list.

Stay tuned for my next article describing the exact vitamins that are in the “Manny Packs”

Visit the official Manny Pacquiao site for more

Degale vs Wilczewski set for September


By @livefight

Press Release

Degale still believes he beat Groves

James DeGale is desperate to get back into the ring and claim the European Super-Middleweight title in his comeback fight in September.

The former British Super-Middleweight Champion met face-to-face with the champion Piotr Wilczewski in London today and promised to take the title from him.

Promoter Frank Warren will confirm the date and venue of the fight on Monday.

This will be DeGale's first fight since his controversial loss to rival George Groves in May when many ringside observers thought he did enough to win.

DeGale said, "It's fantastic that I'm fighting for the European title on my first fight back and full credit to Frank Warren for doing a great job in getting me it,"

"I still think I won the fight against Groves, but that's in the past and I'm moving onwards and upwards in my career and the European title is a major title I want to win."

"Wilczewski is a tough and dangerous looking kid, he's got a good record, he carries a high world ranking and I reckon he is a much better fighter than Groves,"

"It's a tough test and I'm looking forward to it. I want to be the best and I've got to get through this guy to prove it,"

Wilczewski, who is ranked number two by the WBO, said, "DeGale is a good strong fighter and he proved his class winning the Olympic gold medal,"

"I'm not worried by coming to England to face him. I guarantee that there will be more fans cheering for me in the arena on the night than him because there are more Polish people in England than back in Poland!"

"He will be in a real fight against me. I will not let my title go without a fight and he'd better be prepared to go to war with me."

Further details will be announced on Monday of the date and venue.


Charges against Mayweather's bodyguard dropped


By @livefight

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has one less case hanging over his head after a Nevada judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by a nightclub bouncer against him.

The bouncer alleged the Mayweather and his heavily muscled team became violent after they were asked for ID at a Las Vegas nightclub called Drai.

The Doorman claimed one of Mayweather's henchmen choked Gerling after he asked them to produce identification.

Mayweather returns to action this September against new WBC welter champion Victor Ortiz following a year out of the sport.


Full HBO Face Off video: Mayweather vs Ortiz


By @livefight

Max Kellerman sits down WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz and boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather to discuss their thoughts on their September showdown.


Derry Matthews: Bring on Jennings then Rees


By John Evans

Derry in action

At the end of the year, boxing, like many other industries, hands out its annual awards. Fighter of the Year, Fighter Of The Year and Knockout Of The Year will all be keenly contested. If Liverpools Derry Mathews has his way though, the Comeback Of The Year award will be a one horse race.

Having beaten fighters of the calibre of Stephen Foster Jr and John Simpson during his reign as WBU featherweight champion, Mathews career went off the rails following the loss of his title to tough Mongolian Choi Tseveenpurev. A run of three successive defeats in 2008 and 2009 culminated in a TKO loss to Scott Lawton and forced Mathews into an eight month hiatus from the sport. “It was in my mind to quit for good” says Mathews. “I’d been a pro a long time and been boxing since the age of eight and had had enough. I got my own boxing academy going around the schools in Liverpool and one day I just decided I was gonna have another go. My mate Shaun Farmer, who’s an ex pro and lives in Hartlepool, advised me to go and see Oliver Harrisons gym. As soon as I went there and was warming up and the likes of Jamie Moore, Martin Murray and Craig Lyons were all walking through the door I knew I belonged here because I knew it was the home of champions. The banters brilliant as well, that’s part of what makes the gym. Nobody gets special treatment. We’re all treated in the same way”.

Since joining Harrisons gym Mathews has avenged the earlier defeats to Tseveenpurev (in a Prizefighter tournament) and Lawton and blown away Amir Unsworth and George Watson. Now campaigning at lightweight, Mathews thinks he has found his home. “Yeah, definetly. I moved up two weights from featherweight and jumped right into lightweight. I feel big and strong and I’m making the weight easily which is a big help. I’m not starving myself and I’ve been able to carb up before sessions”.

Livefight speaks regularly to Mathews’ gym mate Martin Murray. The British and Commonwealth middleweight champion raves about Harrisons ability to come up with winning gameplans. Mathews agrees.

“Oliver’s the tactician. He’s the main man and the boss. We’ll give the opponent to him or he’ll get the opponent before we even know about it. He’ll say whether it’s the right opponent and then we’ll start working on a gameplan” says the 27 year old. “We’ll have three gameplans or maybe even four. You never know. It all depends on what kind of fighter he is. Start with the first gameplan and if that isn’t working try another one and another one. He’s a master at it. I’ve never seen anybody read a fight like him”.

Harrisons skills will be tested once again this Saturday night. Mathews faces fellow Liverpudlian Stephen Jennings in defence of his English lightweight belt. Jennings, 5-0-1 (2), will be taking part in just his seventh professional fight but enjoyed a successful amateur career. Will the expectation of facing a local rival in front of a passionate crowd help him produce the best performance of his fledgling career or will the whole occasion prove too much? “I think that’s what’s gonna take over the fight. Will he be able to handle the pressure? It’s a big occasion for him” says Mathews. “I think he’s gonna come out all guns and try and upset me but I’ve got a gameplan that I’ m gonna stick to and feel very confident about”.

Mathews certainly wont be facing an unknown quantity when he clashes with Jennings. The pair clashed frequently as schoolboy amateurs with Mathews gaining the upper hand each time. “Yeah, I’ve beat him three times as an amateur. He had double the amateur fights I had but I turned over at 18. He’s got a good amateur record and he’s knocked a lot out”.

“We were only kids when we boxed. We were only 13 so it’s a long time ago. I know I won all three fights so that might play a big part in it but it might get him up for it and he might wanna turn one of those defeats around so I’ve gotta be on my game”.

Will Mathews rely on his previous knowledge or has he studied Jennings’ professional career to try and find some weaknesses he can exploit? “I’ve seen things” confirms Mathews. “He’s drawn with Jason Nesbitt and Nesbitt took him back. He’s meant to be a bit of a bully coming forward so whats he gonna be like going back? That’s what we’ve been working on, I’m not gonna take a backward step. I’m gonna give him a fight. If he thinks I’m gonna run away and box him for ten rounds……there’s no way. I’m not gonna move from the centre of the ring and what’s he gonna do then when he can’t move me?”

Mathews was initially set to challenge European lightweight champion Gavin Rees. A hand injury suffered by Rees forced the contest to be postponed and ‘Dirty Derry’ to seek out a new opponent. Whilst disappointed the fight fell through, Mathew has taken the positives from the situation. Added together, his past two fight have taken a grand total of 4 minutes and 2 seconds and a bit extra ring time certainly wont do any harm before a fight with the tough Welshman.

“I’m fighting Gavin Rees in October and that’s why I’ve took this fight, to get some rounds in. If it comes early though it comes early. I’m never out of the gym, I more or less live there but getting some rounds under my belt would be a big help”. Whilst obviously disappointed the fight fell through, Mathews is overjoyed that it has been salvaged and rescheduled. “Yeah, it’s confirmed and it’ll be announced this week. Eddie Hearn’s gonna announce the date but everything’s set, signed and sealed. The fights definitely happening. It’s a massive opportunity. I’m absolutely gutted it never happened in the first place but one fight at a time, I’ve gotta deal with Jennings and then we’ll move on”.

Moving on could entail some tough but thrilling bouts. British lightweights are currently riding the crest of a wave. Kevin Mitchell and John Murray recently produced a fight of the year candidate and British Champion Anthony Crolla has bagged a shot at legendary Mexican Erik Morales. Mathews is realistic about the challenges the division holds but is eager to test himself.

“It’s bouncing. Kevin Mitchell, John Murray, Anthony Crolla. It’s a good weight to be at and I’d say it’s the hardest weight out there. I wouldn’t mind a super six! I think it’d be an excellent tournament at lightweight. Maybe me, Rees, Crolla, Murray, Mitchell and Willie Limond. If us six entered a competition, I think it’d be excellent”.

All this optimism about the future could come crashing down if Mathews were to look beyond this Saturdays challenge. Listen to him speak though and you get the impression that isn’t going to be a problem for the straight talking scouser.

“Everything’s good. Camps gone brilliantly so no excuses, I’m ready to fight”.


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