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Frampton vs Cruz final quotes


By @Livefight

Cruz vs Frampton

BROOKLYN (July 28, 2016) - Undefeated three-division world champion Leo Santa Cruz and undefeated former unified 122-pound world champion Carl Frampton went face-to-face Thursday at the final press conference before their featherweight world title clash that headlines a SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXINGtripleheader this Saturday, July 30 live from Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Televised coverage begins on SHOWTIMEat 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and features undefeated former world champion Mikey Garcia taking on former world champion Elio Rojas in the co-main event,plus once-beaten contenders Tony Harrison and Sergey Rabchenko in a junior middleweight title eliminator.

Two-time world champion Paulie Malignaggi meets fellow Brooklynite Gabriel Bracero in the SHOWTIME EXTREME main event. Coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET/PT with a lightweight battle between Ivan Redkach and Tevin Farmer.

Tickets for the live event, which is presented by Premier Boxing Champions and promoted by DiBella Entertainment in association with Cyclone Promotions, start at $38 and can be purchased online by visiting, or by calling 1-800-745-3000. Tickets are also available at the American Express Box Office at Barclays Center. Group discounts are available by calling 844-BKLYN-GP.

The fighters spoke to media Thursday at the Dream Hotel Downtown in Manhattan. Here is what the participants had to say:


"I'm glad that my whole family is here and I'm thankful to my whole team that got me ready for this opportunity.

"I'm so happy to have my dad here. We thought about not taking this fight when he got the [cancer] diagnosis. He's always been there with me since the beginning of my career. Since I was very small. When the doctors told me that he would be in my corner, I was even more ready for this fight.

"I know that this is going to be an interesting fight. We're both undefeated and we're going to make it a war. Neither of us wants that first loss. We're going to leave it all in the ring. This won't be an easy fight. It's a 50-50 fight. The fighter who wants it the most will win the night.

"I want boxing fans from every background - Latino people from everywhere - Mexicans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans - to come out and support me and come watch a great fight on Saturday night."


"I've worked very hard in the gym and I feel strong at 126 pounds. This new weight suits me and you will see the result in the ring.

"Nothing can compare to this opportunity. People know me in Belfast, but Leo Santa Cruz is a three-weight world champion who gives me the opportunity to become more well known.

"This fight sells itself. I respect all my opponents until I'm disrespected myself. I respect Leo because of his actions and because of the great fighter that he is.

"I'm a different animal now at 126 pounds. I was only performing at 70 or 80 percent of what my capabilities were. I'm feeling strong and I'm a different fighter. This will be my best performance.

"I'm honored to be on a bill with so many great fighters. There are four fights that could probably top a bill in their own right. I'm honored to be here and I'm going to get the victory on Saturday night."


"It's been a while since I've done this but I'm very excited to be back. I want to thank everyone who helped put this fight together.

"Everybody has said it all. We're ready. We're prepared and we've had a great training camp. Rojas has the boxing skills to make this complicated.

"I have better skills than any fighter put in front of me. This will be the beginning of the next stage of my career. The most memorable part of my career."


"I'm very thankful for this opportunity. I'm really happy about being on this show. In this fight. I know I'm being brought in as an opponent, but I'm going to let the fans know that I'm not just an opponent.

"I know who Mikey Garcia is. I have all the abilities to win on July 30. I've always been a boxer who was never protected. I always prepare to win the fight and this will be no exception."


"I'm just excited to be back on a platform like this. I'm ready put in work. I know my opponent doesn't speak much English, but I bet he speaks hands.

"No disrespect to Ricky Hatton, because what he's done for his country and for Rabchenko is amazing, but I don't care about it at all. Seeing Ricky over there fuels me even more to get the win.

"I just had a son, he's three months old. He's my new motivation. We've pushed it to the max in training camp. I'm ready to swim with the sharks. I've transitioned from a sprinter to a marathon runner. I'm ready to go into the later rounds.

"I'm ready to put Detroit back on the map. One thing you know about Detroit, we're about that action. On Saturday, we're coming for it."


"This is a very nice country and a great city for boxing. It's my first time here and it's very exciting. I'm going to give the fans a really good fight.

"I know my opponent is a young, strong kid fighter and he will be ready. I want him to be ready so that we can give the fans a great show."


"I hear young guys like Tony Harrison and Tevin Farmer come up here and talk, it reminds me of my young days. The gym I train in down in Miami is full of young guys hungry to break through. That's the feeling we all used to have in the gym. It starts to rub off on you when you hang around motivated people.

"I need to have great motivation and that fire to return to the top level. I took a couple steps back after the Garcia fight and gradually stepped up. I think Gabe is another step up. He's a hungry and motivated guy.

"I know Gabriel Bracero, not only as a fighter, but I know his spirit. We came up together in the same generation of New York fighters.

"It's all love and respect. But this Brooklyn Belt, it looks pretty nice. This is staying here in Bensonhurst."


"I want to thank Tommy Gallagher, my trainer. He always stood by my side and always believed in me. No matter what the critics said. It's because of him that I'm standing here now.

"I've made mistakes in life. I was away from this sport for a while. Boxing was always my dream though. I stayed focused so that I can come out and do what I'm doing now. Not too many people can bounce back from a situation like that.

"Saturday is a big fight and I'm looking forward to it. I'm really thankful that Paulie gave me this opportunity. I always followed his career and his successes. It was a dream of mine to come out here and have the same success he had. I looked up to him.

"To be here right now and to be able to fight Paulie is incredible. He's giving me the opportunity to reach his level of success.

"I encourage everyone to come out Saturday night. I'm going to leave my heart in the ring. That Brooklyn Belt is beautiful and I can't wait to have it around my waist. This is business, not personal. You should get ready to see fireworks."


"I'm very thankful to be part of such a great event. I changed a lot about my training heading into this fight. I've trained with the great champion Leo Santa Cruz and it has me ready.

"I want to show everyone in the ring what I can do, not up on the stage with my words."


"I want to thank my training staff for preparing me for battle Saturday night. I'm thankful for this opportunity.

"This is another chance to show the world who I am. I have about three years with no losses. I started boxing as a hobby. But when I realized how much talent I had, I started training right.

"Since I started taking this sport seriously, I've been taking guys out easily. Ivan Redkach will get this work. It's going to be easy.

"I'm not about talk. A lot of people don't know who I am, but everyone will know on Saturday night."


"To be here with these great fighters is an amazing opportunity. I'm very honored. I'm ready to fight and successfully defend my title.

"I'm going to show all the critics and non-believers that female fighters have the talent and courage of the male fighters, and we're here to stay. Come out on Saturday night for a great show."

BARRY MCGUIGAN, Frampton's Manager, Former World Champion & Hall of Famer

"We're delighted to be here in Manhattan for this potential Fight of the Year. The whole team that made this fight happen has been fantastic.

"I just wanted to say that we're thrilled that Jose Santa Cruz is back on his feet, every one of our families is affected by cancer.

"This is a clash of styles that could make it a fight of the year. We have the utmost respect for Leo Santa Cruz, but we're here to win and we will win."

LOU DIBELLA, President of DiBella Entertainment

"I think that this is the best card that I've ever been able to promote. This is the deepest boxing card from top to bottom that I've seen.

"Barclays Center has become one of the homes for great boxing. It is the premier venue right now for boxing in this country. The Brooklyn Boxing program is something that Barclays Center is truly committed to.

"If you're from Brooklyn, then you want that Brooklyn Belt. It's about carrying the mantle of being that guy from Brooklyn. That's what both Paulie and Gabe are going to try to do.

"The main event is one of the elite fights that can be made in the sport. These are two amazing fighters. The winner won't just be a featherweight champion; the winner will have an argument for the pound-for-pound list."

STEPHEN ESPINOZA, Executive Vice President & General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports

"SHOWTIME has been bringing its viewers the best, most competitive fights of the year, and Saturday will be no exception.

"The 154-pound division is the deepest and hottest in the sport. Tony Harrison and Rabchenko are looking to make their mark and get up to the next level of the division.

"Having Mikey Garcia back is a treat. It's a big positive for the sports of boxing. Elio Rojas is not just an opponent though. He is tough, he is hungry and I expect this to be an amazing fight as well.

"The main event is again the best versus the best. Two of the most aggressive fighters in any division. There's nothing else to say about this fight other than that it will be all action. I think this fight could be better than Thurman vs. Porter.

"We're proudest of all to have the best versus the best. This is what boxing should be. You should be there if you can on Saturday night and if not, watch on SHOWTIME, you will not be disappointed."

BRETT YORMARK, CEO of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

"This is arguably the strongest card from top to bottom that we've had in Brooklyn since we've hosted fight cards. This will be a great follow-up to the incredible Thurman vs. Porter fight last fight. We expect another headlining fight that could be a leading contender for Fight of the Year. We are honored to welcome these two great competitors to Brooklyn. They are two of the most exciting fighters in the sport and we wish both of you the best on Saturday.

"Saturday's card certainly has a Brooklyn flavor to it. It begins with Bensonhurst's Paulie Malignaggi taking on Gabriel Bracero from Sunset Park with the Brooklyn's World Championship on the line.

"Amanda Serrano, another Brooklynite, will be the first women ever to defend her title at Barclays Center. We look forward to seeing you in the ring on Saturday night."

Tevin Farmer out to steal the show in Brooklyn


By @John_Evans79

Tevin Farmer has long campaigned for a name opponent or a big showcase on which to display his talent. This Saturday he gets his opportunity. Farmer will take on Ivan Redkach on the undercard of the fantastic featherweight title fight between Leo Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton at The Barclays Centre in Brooklyn. And he can’t wait.

“Whoah, man. I’m ready. I’m ready, I’m counting the days,” an excited Farmer, 21-4-1 (5 KO’s), told Livefight. “This is a great opportunity. I’ve been working hard for the longest time and this fight right here is gonna put me on another level. Hopefully it’ll line me up for a world title.”

Farmer has never performed in an arena as big as the Barclays Centre and he has never featured on a card as high profile as this weekends. Having got to know Farmer over the past few months, it is apparent that the occasion holds no fear for the 25 year old. In fact, it is impossible to imagine a fighter more suited to the big stage.

“Absolutely! To me, even when I wasn’t taking the sport too serious, I was always going out there putting on shows. Now that I’m at a different level in my career, this feels normal for me. Even in the other sports I played - football and basketball - I always played on the big stage. This is a chance for me to go out on a big stage and showcase my talent. I can let the world know that I’m coming for the top spot.

“I’ve always been the top guy on my team, wherever I’ve played so I always performed. I’ve never played anywhere as big as the Barclays Centre but, like I said, I’m built for this. It doesn’t phase me. I’ll go out there in front of one million people and I’ll fight the same way as I would in front of one person.”

Farmer isn’t your usual 1-2-3 boxer. Mostly regularly compared to ‘Sweet Pea’ himself, Pernell Whittaker, Farmer’s style has evolved as his confidence has grown. Recent fights have seen him stay in the pocket for longer, utilising his excellent head movement and reflexes to draw leads and capitalise with hard counter punches.

“Fundamentals are the key. If you don’t have the fundamentals you don’t have nothing,” he says. “I’m gonna shock him. He thinks he’s gonna walk me down? Naw, he’s gonna feel my power. It’s gonna be nothing like the way he’s thinking. He’s not going to walk me down. I’m not having that. It’s going to be a great fight and I’m gonna put it on for the fans. I want them to see a great fight. I’m not here to run all night, I’ m coming to fight.”

Redkach may be Farmer’s ideal dance partner. The man who calls himself ‘The Mexican Ukrainian’ applies pressure from the opening bell and if you’re unable to keep him off or match him punch for punch, he will simply overrun you. Farmer is stepping up to lightweight from super featherweight but, given his aggressive style and willingness to open himself up, Redkach could also be exactly the type of opponent to make him look spectacular.

Should he find his groove, fans tuning in for the excellent Santa Cruz - Frampton match up may instead spend the following days talking about the Philadelphian. If there’s one thing that get’s Farmer into his groove outside the ring, it is talking about his style. Give him an opportunity and he’ll fire off the quotes as quickly as his punches.

“They think that because I’m moving up in weight it’ll make a big difference, but I’ve fought up to 135lbs before. I’ve fought at 140lbs once. It’s not a big deal to me. I’m a very strong guy, physically and mentally.

“I made a promise to stop at least three of my next five opponents. I knocked one out [Daulis Prescott in August 2015] and [Gamaliel] Diaz survived so Redkach has gotta go!

“He’s gonna come to fight. He’s not gonna back down. I’m gonna worry about me and show him how far I’ve come and that there are levels to boxing.

“My style is already fan friendly. I can just do me and the fans are gonna love it. I don’t try extra hard to do things. I just do it and people are like, ‘Dayum, you look good!’ and I’m like, ‘I look good?’ and they’re like’ ‘Yeah you look good!” and I’m like, ‘Oh snap, I just be me.”

“I just let everything flow. When you try too hard you over do things. I’m gonna give the fans something they haven’t seen before.”

Boxing can be the most unpredictable of all sports but last month, Farmer was given the chance to pour over a blueprint of his fight.

The talented, slick Jamel Herring stepped up in class and on to the national stage when he took on the hard charging Russian, Denis Shafikov. The former Marine fought with pride but Shafikov effortlessly dragged him into his fight and Herring struggled to compete on the inside. Herring has far too much ability to simply fade away but, having racked up 15 straight victories, he just couldn’t respond when the fight began to slip away from him.

Farmer has been battle hardened on foreign fields, accepting tough fights in unknown places like Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He lost four of his first twelve fights but - crucially - got used to fighting against the odds and learned how to react when Plan ‘A’ isn’t working. He rides a 14 fight win streak into his fight with Redkach and is planning on extending it in spectacular fashion.

“The difference between me and Jamel is that although he is a great fighter, everything is a learning experience. The difference is that I’ve already had my learning experiences. I got mine at the start of my career whereas he got his in the middle of his.

“I actually think I’m Redkach’s biggest test. Redkach isn’t my biggest test. I’ve been through the rough and rugged. This right here is a get back for me. This is a chance for people to watch and say, ‘Damn, this isn’t the same Tevin Farmer no more. How did he get so good?’

“This is my chance to show the world that what people saw of me before wasn’t even half. Now they’re gonna see the difference.

“Respect to all the fighters on the card but I’m coming to steal the show. I feel like this is my show and my time and I will shine that night. July 30th is my birthday too. Redkach is gonna have to take some birthday hits for me.”

"Flanagan is the man Mikey wants." Robert Garcia tells Livefight


By @John_Evans79

For so long the most unheralded and unfashionable of the world lightweight champions, WBO king Terry Flanagan is suddenly becoming the most in demand man at 135lbs.

Last night in Cardiff, 27 year old Flanagan, 31-0 (12 KO’s), defended his title for the third time with a routine but frustrating decision victory over South African challenger Mzonke Fana. An autumn unification clash with Dejan Zlaticanin, the WBC champion, has been strongly rumoured and this week, Felix Verdejo’s trainer and manager Ricky Marquez intimated that his man will be ready for a mandatory title shot at Flanagan after the Puerto Rican starlets next fight.

Another lucrative option is suddenly looming into view for the man from Ancoats. Last week, three time Ring Magazine Trainer of the Year, Robert Garcia, told Livefight that should Flanagan win this weekend, he would become the major target for his brother, the comebacking former featherweight and super featherweight champion of the world, Mikey Garcia, 34-0 (28 KO’s).

“That’s a fight that Mikey wants,” Robert Garcia said when asked about a potential fight with Flanagan, who would also be very open to the fight. “Mikey has been a two division WBO champion and he wants a shot at the WBO lightweight title.

“There are other great champions. The WBA champion [Manchester's Anthony Crolla] is a great champion and Jorge Linares was a great champion. Mikey wants to fight for the WBO title though and the champion is Flanagan. That would be the fight that Mikey looks for.

“We hope he [Flanagan] comes out of this weekend well and with no injuries. Hopefully Mikey does the same two weeks later [when he fight Elio Rojas in his first action for over two years] and then hopefully we can set something up for the fall. We’re willing to fly overseas for the fight.”

An undoubted talent, Garcia has been out of action since January 2014 due to promotional difficulties but will return to action in New York on July 30th on the undercard of the highly anticipated fight between Leo Santa Cruz and Belfast’s Carl Frampton. Now that he has a concrete date for his return to action, he and his brother have been paying close attention to the men vying for supremacy at lightweight.

“Mikey thinks he [Flanagan] is the best lightweight right now,” Garcia said. “A lot of people underestimate him but he’s been able to do it. He’s had a couple of challengers from the United States and he’s been able to beat them. He’s not only beaten them but he’s knocked them out, like he did with Diego Magdeleno.

“He’s hell of a fighter and Mikey wants those challenges. Mikey wants to fight the best. I’m telling you, the second half of Mikey’s career is probably going to be the most exciting because he’s looking forward to fighting the best champions in the divisions.”

Buy Brook vs GGG tickets this week


By @Livefight


Pre-sale for blockbuster clash begins Wednesday, Fight Pass Thursday, General sale Friday

Tickets for the blockbuster showdown between Gennady Golovkin and Kell Brook go on sale tomorrow (Wednesday July 13)

Pound-for-pound star Golovkin fights in the UK for the first time in his career and puts his IBF, WBA, WBC and IBO Middleweight titles on the line against the unbeaten IBF World Welterweight king Brook, with the duo sharing a combined record of 71-0 with 57 wins by KO.

Promoter Eddie Hearn announced the first additions to the undercard yesterday with former Team GB star Charlie Edwards challenging Johnriel Casimero for the IBF World Flyweight title and unbeaten teen sensation Conor Benn tasting his fourth fight in the paid ranks.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday July 13 at midday to O2 Priority members at

Tickets go on sale on Thursday July 14 at midday to Matchroom Fight Pass members from the Fight Pass area at and the venue and AXS pre-sale before tickets go on general sale at

Tickets go on general sale on Friday July 15 at midday from

Tickets are priced between £40 to £500 will be available from and on 0844 856 0202. VIP tickets are £1,000 and available exclusively from Matchroom Boxing

Face value tickets for September 10 will also be available from from midday on Friday July 15. StubHub is the official ticket partner and marketplace of Matchroom Boxing and Anthony Joshua.

Boxing world SHOCKED: Kell Brook takes on GGG


By @Livefight

Matchroom Boxing and K2 Promotions are delighted to announce that Gennady Golovkin will defend his IBF, WBA, WBC and IBO Middleweight World titles against IBF Welterweight champion Kell Brook at The O2 in London on September 10, live on Sky Sports Box Office and HBO World Championship Boxing.

The two unbeaten stars collide in London with the US-based Kazakh KO king Golovkin stepping into the ring as a defending champion for the 16th time and looking to keep up his incredible knockout percentage – with 32 of his previous 35 fights ending early, including all of his World title outings, and the 34 year old is ready to add to that run in his first fight in the UK.

“I’m very excited to be fighting in front of the great British boxing fans and promise another ‘Big Drama Show’ against Kell Brook,” said Golovkin.

Most recently Golovkin has sold out famed venues in the United States, Madison Square Garden in New York City and The Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles.

On October 17, 2015 Golovkin knocked out IBF Middleweight World Champion David Lemieux at Madison Square Garden in front of 20,548. Most recently, Golovkin stopped undefeated mandatory challenger Dominic Wade on April 23, 2016 in the second round at the sold-out Fabulous Forum before a crowd of 16,353.

‘GGG’ has beaten two British fighters already in his career in Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray, but Brook will be out to take his mantel as the World’s most feared fighter. ‘The Special One’ moves up from Welterweight where he holds the IBF title that he ripped from Shawn Porter in August 2014, defending it three times since then with KO wins in all to take his own impressive unbeaten record to 36-0 with 25 wins inside the distance.

Brook – who will retain his status as IBF Welterweight champion – has been hunting a major fight since landing the World title, and the 30 year old believes he has the tools to defeat Golovkin and become boxing’s biggest star.

“This is the fight and the moment I have been waiting for for some time,” said Brook. “We've tried and tried to lure the best to come and fight me and now we've got the best of the best – the number one pound for pound fighter in the world is coming to the UK.

“When this fight got offered to me I accepted within minutes and I can't wait. Everyone knows I'm a huge welterweight and I know I will carry my speed and accuracy and even more power through the weights. This is the ultimate fight, one of the biggest international fights the country has seen in many years - you have seen some huge names run from GGG but I'm running to him. I'm a Special fighter and I will show the World on September 10.”

“We’re very excited to have Gennady fight for the first time in the UK,” said Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loffler. “We have a great deal of respect for Kell Brook for stepping up and facing Gennady when so many have been reluctant to do so.

“We look forward to working with Eddie and the Matchroom Boxing team on this huge international fight on September 10.”

“I cannot tell you how excited I am for this mega fight,” said Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn. “I've worked hard with Tom over the years to bring GGG to the UK and now we do it as the number one pound-for-pound fighter in the world. Right here you have the number one Welterweight in the world against the number one Middleweight in the world – 36-0 vs. 35-0, two of the best on the planet, it's what big time boxing is all about.

“I couldn't be happier for Kell. We have pushed for that big name for a long time with many reluctant to step into the ring with him and now this is the ultimate challenge, the biggest fight of 2016 and I can't tell you how happy I am to bring it to the UK. September 10 is going to be an incredible night at The O2 – it's a special night for British sport and we will provide a packed show with multiple World title fights and some of the biggest names in British boxing.”

Adam Smith Head of Boxing at Sky Sports said: “What a massive announcement! It’s the kind of an astonishing twist that can only happen in our sport. Britain’s longest reigning unbeaten fighter and world welterweight champion Kell Brook moves up to challenge Gennady Golovkin who brings his world middleweight titles to our shores. With 71 wins between them, 57 by knockout and no defeats, it’s a wonderful clash and a huge opportunity for Sheffield’s ‘Special One’. It promises to be another great night on Sky Sports Box Office!”

Information on ticket on-sale dates and prices will be released early next week.


Matty Ryan, Zelfa Barrett and Sutcliffe Jnr get stoppage wins


By @John_Evans79

Matthew Ryan topped last nights joint promotion between VIP and Black Flash Promotions at the new Oldham Leisure Centre and delighted his fans with a one sided stoppage of Zoltan Turai.

Ryan quickly realised that the deck was stacked heavily in his favour and was far more aggressive than usual against the short, squat Turai. After picking up an extremely harsh warning from referee, Darren Sarginson, for not being aggressive enough during an ordeal of an opening round, Turai attempted to fire back in the second but succeeded only in giving Ryan more openings. Turai took four or five shots too many before being rescued with just seconds left in round two.

Ryan, 11-1 (2 KO’s), looked strong and confident. The new season should prove exciting for the 25 year old.

Zelfa Barrett, 11-0 (5 KO’s), got his fourth early finish in his last five fights after stopping Damian Lawncizak in the fourth of a scheduled six. Barrett, 22, was taken the distance by Lawniczak back in March but admitted to not feeling at his best having fought just seven days earlier. Barrett set out to make a statement last night. He kept the fight at range and utilised his speed and variety, hurting Lawniczak to the body time and time again. The pole was creased in half by a vicious body shot as the third round ended but somehow dragged himself back up. A left hook to the body completed the job just seconds into the fourth.

Barrett’s star continues to rise and he must surely be thinking about claiming his first professional title - either at lightweight or super featherweight - before the year is out.

Phil Sutcliffe Jnr’s appearance on the card attracted plenty of attention from Irish fight fans but those tuning in to watch the live stream of the action on saw less than three minutes of action from the light welterweight. Sutcliffe, 10-1 (7 KO’s) and from Dublin, was levels above Geiboord Omier and landed as and when he wanted. Sutcliffe’s team threw down the gauntlet to highly rated Jack Catterall after the fight and Sutcliffe will be keen to capitalise on the momentum he picked up last night and get back in the ring as quickly as possible.

Darryl Sharp, 3-7, took his second unbeaten scalp within the space of six weeks as he upset Chris ‘Fat Boy’ Monaghan over four rounds at middleweight. Sharp clearly fancied the job last night and flew at Monaghan from the opening bell. Clearly stung by Sharp’s early assault, Monaghan decided to stand and trade rather than utilising his boxing skills and movement. The tactics played directly into Sharp’s hands and he claimed a deserved 39-37 decision. Sharp is a decent practitioner when he sets his mind to it, while Monaghan can expect to have Pat Barrett’s ‘hit and don’t be hit’ philosophy drilled into him when he returns to the Collyhurst and Moston gym.

Ancoats super middleweight, Dale Coyne, recorded a solid four round decision over Manchester based Portuguese trier, Yailton Neves. Coyne, 21, has looked sharp in sparring recently and dominated the action from the beginning. He refused to let Neves negate him when fighting at close quarters and manoeuvred the southpaw around the ring when they boxed at range. Coyle got his third win in just four months and moves to 6-0 (1 KO).

Mindaugas Baublys got his professional career underway with a four round decision over Matthew Ashmore at light middleweight. The Manchester based Lithuanian was nervous beforehand but looked totally at ease as MC, Michael Pass, introduced him. He proceeded to box well and thoroughly deserve the victory. Ashmore ended up cut around his left eye.

Lyndon Newman returned from a three year lay off to outpoint Lewis van Poetsch over four rounds at super middleweight. Newman is working with Pat Barrett and Paulie Da Silva at the Collyhurst and Moston gym and cut a much calmer figure than he did in the first part of his career. When van Poetsch did catch Newman, he calmly reset himself and got back to work rather than going to war. Newman is now 6-3-1 (1 KO).

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