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VIDEO: Froch and Degale duel on TV show


by @livefight

Carl Froch and James Degale went head-to-head, all in fun for ITV's television gameshow "Red or Black" tonight as competitors aimed to win the top prize of £1m prize money.

The two super middleweights had to use their punching power to charge through large opaque banners and then ring the bell.

Who wins? find out below:-


Kubrat Pulev stops Alexander Ustinov


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Kubrat Pulev

Kubrat Pulev handed Alexander Ustinov his first defeat as he sailed up the world rankings tonight to the number one spot, in his first defence of the EBU heavyweight title in Hamburg.

Starting aggressively, the former amateur star took command of the bigger man, until a glancing blow landed in the 11th round which saw Ustinov take a knee and he stayed there until he was counted out.

Pulev moves to 17-0 (9ko) whilst the 6'8 tall Ustinov sinks to 27-1.


Amir Khan to face unheralded lightweight next


By @livefight

Khan is back

Exactly one year ago Amir Khan was declaring that "a true champion travels with his title" before he embarked to Washington DC to take on the crude but tough Lamont Peterson in a defence of his WBA and IBF titles.

The main talk from Khan and his team was Floyd Mayweather and not of his challenger - how they wanted to challenge the 147lb king pin and become the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

One year later and Khan is picking up the pieces from a withering war with Peterson, which saw him lose his belts and his self-respect as he went on a crusade against the judges, the referee and even a man at ringside wearing a hat - without confessing to the shortcomings of his own approach to the fight.

He made the old fashioned mistake of overlooking the task at hand and was exposed yet again.

Testosterone talk surrounding Peterson gave Khan new excuses and a renewed confidence - and it was that 'confidence' which dragged Khan into another bruising loss just a few months later when afforded a chance of redemption - by taking on Danny Garcia for the WBC and WBA titles - Khan was crushed inside four rounds.

"Back to the drawing board" muttered Khan, "Come back stronger".

Now if your Amir's coach and you hear the immortal 'drawing board' mentioned you will know your going to get the sack - as Oliver Harrison, Jorge Rubio and now Freddie Roach, will all testify.

Khan today revealed he has now recruited Virgil Hunter, the flavour of the month thanks to his body of work with unbeaten super-middleweight Andre Ward.

The self-proclaimed "most offensive fighter in the world" also unveiled his next opponent - the unheralded 5'6" lightweight Carlos Molina (certainly not to be confused with 154lb Carlos Molina who drew with Erislandy Lara and gave James Kirkland hell).

Khan had earlier rubbished Joan Guzman as not at his level.

26-year old Molina, has never fought 12 rounds - infact he has only fought 10-round bout three times in his 17-0 career. He has managed to secure himself 7 stoppage wins but they have all dried up in his last 8 bouts since he stepped up beyond 4-round fights.

The bout is expected to happen on the undercard of Miguel Cotto vs Austin Trout fight on the 1st December at Madison Square Garden.

"Molina is a good fighter, who has yet to taste defeat, so I know that he will be very dangerous" declared Khan.

A small man who hasn't stopped anyone in three years does not sound remotely dangerous - and nor will he test Amir Khan's defence under his new trainer Virgil Hunter, so many will question the choice of Molina.

Boxing fans needs exciting fighters like Amir Khan in the ring and will be glad of his return. But many feel that he is 'fools gold' and not the 'King' he likes to call himself on Twitter. The fans will also be disappointed in the opponent.

Only time will tell if Hunter can examine the fighter and unearth what Khan himself keeps assuring us - that's he one of the best in the world.

One things for sure, there are no more visits left to go back to the 'drawing board' for the Bolton fighter. At least not at world level - so the pressure is most definitely on for all concerned in the new relationship.

The final chapter in Khan's career is about to be written. Let's hope it delivers what the author promised.

Former amateur star Liam Hanrahan on his pro debut and sparring the UK's best fighters


Livefight prospect watch: Liam Hanrahan

By Michael J Jones

Liam flanked by mentor Lawton

Former amateur star Liam Hanrahan is raring to go ahead of his pro debut on October 12. The Macclesfield fighter boxes an opponent to be named at the Bowlers exhibition centre, Manchester. Training under former lightweight contender Scott Lawton, the promising 22-year-old has already accumulated vast experience via an unpaid career that saw him win Northwest titles as well as competing in the ABAís. Liam even boxed in Cuba, stopping the home fighter impressively in three rounds.
Also managed by mentor Lawton, the all-action featherweight has also benefited from sparring dozens of rounds with established pro fighters such as Anthony Crolla, Scott Quigg and Stephen Smith. The thriving Lawton camp also has three other prospects all making their debuts in the coming season. Stokeís Lawton has a wealth of experience to pass-on; ten year pro, 36 bouts, winning English and Midlands Area titles as well as fighting a young Amir Khan.
Away from boxing, Liam works full-time for the NHS providing general maintenance and is engaged to his partner Zoe. Each week the dedicated young pro runs at 6:30am before working his day shift. On return from work he gets the train from Macclesfield to Stoke to complete his fight training in the evening.
Tipped by many to flourish in the paid-code, hereís what Liam had to say-

LF) You make your debut on October 12, have you an opponent lined up yet?

LH) No, not yet, weíll probably only find out the week before. The fight will be over 4 x 3 minute rounds and be at featherweight. I walk around at about nine stone so thatís the weight Iím comfortable with but ultimately, I think Iíll be a super-bantamweight.

LF) How have you found the training from when you were an amateur?

LH) Itís totally different, so much harder. I still get up early to run but otherwise itís completely different to before (as an amateur). Iím now working on sitting down on my punches to hit harder and, obviously, Iím training for longer periods but Iím loving it. Iíve been in camp for eight weeks already getting ready.

LF) You had a prolific amateur career; were frustrations in the unpaid code the reason youíve turned pro at this time?

LH) Yes and no. A lot of people were saying for a long time I had a pro style and Iíd be more suited there. What I really wanted as an amateur was to box for England and I never got the call. I fought and beat many lads who wore the England vest so when I never got that opportunity it was frustrating. It just felt the right time to go pro now.

LF) I believe you boxed the current Olympic gold medallist in the amateurs?

LH) Yeah me and Luke Campbell met in the ABAís a couple of years ago. I think he edged it by 9-6. I have to give him credit he was a good opponent, very tricky.
I also boxed in Cuba as an amateur. I went over there with a team from Stockport and we trained in the Olympic teamís camp and all got to fight there. I stopped my opponent in the third with a body-shot.

LF) Youíve also sparred a lot of good pro fighters already such as Anthony Crolla?

LH) Yeah Iíve sparred many rounds with Anthony, I sparred a lot with him before he fought Andy Morris and also before the John Watson fight. Iíve also sparred Steven Bell before he fought John Simpson, Scott Quigg before (his contest) with Jason Booth and Stephen Smith up at the Gallagherís gym. I held my own with all of them.

LF) How would you describe your style of boxing for those that arenít familiar with you yet?

LH) Iím a come-forward pressure fighter.

LF) Who are some of your favourite fighters that you like to watch?

LH) I like Miguel Cotto, heís a great fighter. Iím also a big fan of Ricky Hatton. Weíre trying to get on the MEN bill on November 24th. We have to see how my first fight goes but obviously thatíd be a great honour to box on the same bill as Ricky Hatton.

LF) Who are you managed by and how active would you like to be in the next twelve months?

LH) Iím managed by my trainer Scott Lawton. Iíd like to have as many fights as possible but we are in no rush. Iím only 22 so weíll take it steady because Iím here (in the pros) to win stuff.

LF) Have you ever sparred your trainer who was a very good lightweight until his retirement last year?

LH) Yeah, weíve moved around a bit but I sparred him a couple of years ago before his fight with Derry Matthews and also before Prizefighter.

LF) How do you find training around a full-time job?

LH) Itís fine really, my job is quite relaxed so Iím not too tired for my training in the evening.

LF) Thank you Liam and good luck with your debut.

LH) Ok thanks a lot.

Curtis Woodhouse takes English 10 stone title


By @John_Evans79

ďArenít you that footballer?Ē laughed show promoter Dave Coldwell as Curtis Woodhouse sat in his dressing room proudly wearing the English light welterweight belt last night. Just moments earlier the 32 year old from Driffield had scored a ten round majority decision victory (96-94, 95-94, 95:95) over Derbyís Dave Ryan to earn his first professional title and complete the transition from footballer to fighter.

Having been seen as something of a novelty act at the start of his career, the hard nosed battler has steadily earned respect throughout the game and once again lived up to his reputation as one of the most entertaining fighters on the circuit with a hard fought victory over Ryan.

Curtis Woodhouse

ďIt doesnít seem real that Iím champion of England,Ē Woodhouse, now 17-4 (11), said after the bout. ďNobody thought Iíd ever do this and, if Iím perfectly honest, I never thought I would. Since I started off, and to be honest I was shit, Iíve had to work hard and graft.Ē

In many ways the fight with Ryan, 13-7 (3), mirrored Woodhouseís whole career. He survived a rocky opening as Ryan, 9st 13lb 4oz, appeared to be too big and strong for him but, having been shaken up in the second round, recovered to drop his man with a perfectly timed left hook in the third and steadily improved from that point onwards. He seemed to be hurting Ryan with a hard left hook to the body and fought more intelligently than in recent outings. Woodhouse picked his spots to work rather than constantly ploughing forward no matter what. It was a hard fought, and at times messy, encounter and Ryan threw everything at him in a tense final round but Woodhouse, 9st 13lb 6oz, had been that one step ahead throughout the fight and took a deserved decision.

ďI felt Iíd done enough to win the fight but I knew I wasnít a walk in the park,Ē said Woodhouse. ďIt was a tough fight and heís a tough kid. I put him down in the third round but was hurt myself in the second. I felt like I was on the waltzers for 45 seconds or so. When I dropped him the champagne was on ice because I didnít think he was getting up but he did get up and he showed the heart of a warrior. It was a great fight.Ē

ďI was fine because I didnít know where I was or what was happening,Ē Woodhouse said of that difficult second round. ďBy the time I came around, then I was worried because I was wondering where the last minute and a half had gone! I was hurt Iím not gonna lie. He caught me on the back of my temple and I knew where I was but the room was spinning. I held on, my head cleared and I got back to it.

ďThe plan was to draw his jab and fire my right hand over the top of it and I caught him with it a few times. Every time I thought I got him hurt he bit his gumshield and came back and forced the pace. He really made me work in there. It wasnít my best boxing display by a long way but sometimes youíve got to grit your teeth and get the W.Ē

The victory has added satisfaction for Woodhouse considering the amount of criticism he has received since setting his sights on becoming a professional boxer. The English title isnít only a significant achievement and valuable bargaining tool, it is a massive Ďand what?í to those who have continually doubted him. ďThat drives me on. Not so much when youíre in the gym because your minds occupied but when youíre out on your early morning runs Iíve really wanted to stick two fingers up to people and say, ĎIíve done it. Iím champion of England.í

ďI get plenty of stick on twitter and facebook with people ridiculing me and saying Iím a shit footballer, shit boxer and now a shit football manager [Woodhouse looks after local team Sheffield FC] . Iím champion of England so if Iím shit then there are a lot shitter than me out there.

ďI came into the game wanting to be British champion. I kept my end of the bargain tonight and Dave [Coldwell] has told me that heíll be working as hard as he can to get me that British title shot. I know my limitations. I know Iím not brilliant but every time I fight I show up and give all Iíve got. Iím not gonna be world champion Ė Iíll never get anywhere near that Ė but if I can get a British title fight, thatíd be my world title fight.Ē

For Woodhouseís promoter Coldwell, the night was the highlight of what has been a long bumpy road. ďEverybody always said ĎHeís a joke, whatís he gonna do? Heís a novelty actí. Heís now the English champion. Heís a proper domestic champion. My ambition for Curtis has always been a British title and heís stood right in front of that goal now.

ďIím so proud of him. For everything weíve come through. Heís got a proper hear and he fights as though heís a boxing fan. His English title is the equivalent of winning a European title. Itís fantastic.Ē


Light Welterweight
Maxi Hughes bt Ibrar Riaz PTS 6 (60-54)

Karl Bell bt Zahid Kahut RSF 3

Light Heavyweight
Jamie Hughes bt Joe Jones KO1

Joe Rodgers bt Sid Razak PTS 4 (40-36)

Leigh Wood bt Chuck Jones RTD 2

Jason Cunningham bt Delroy Spencer PTS 4 (40-37)

David Price: "Itís gonna be a bit of a blockbuster"


By @John_Evans79

David Price and Audley Harrison may be at opposite ends of their careers and be burdened Ė for better or worse - with totally different expectations but the pair will be fighting for more than the British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles when they meet at Liverpoolís Echo Arena on October 13th. Champion Price will be aiming to live up to the hype and cement his reputation as the most promising heavyweight in the sport whilst Harrison has one final opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of a sceptical British public.

Speaking on a recent conference call, the much maligned Harrison insisted that whatever the outcome of the fight the paying public will see the best ĎA Forceí possible.

ďI havenít just taken the fight for a payday. Iíve talked about redemption so obviously I wanna do myself justice,Ē says the 28-5 (21) Harrison. ďWin, lose or draw Iím gonna do myself justice; I already know that. David Price is one of the best heavyweight prospects in the world Ė I put him ahead of Tyson Fury Ė and hasnít put a foot wrong but this is his first real test. My aim is to cause an upset. Iím not going in there to lose.

ďYouíve seen me through my career. Youíve seen the good, the bad and the ugly and the ugly is ugly! Obviously, if the ugly turns up, heís in for an easy night but if the good turns up, heís in for a very tough night.

ďIím training here at home in sunny California. Iíve got Kelvin Travis here and he was in my corner in the Olympic final. Since turning professional, whether Iíve taken on a Thell Torance or a Buddy McGirt or a Shadeed Suluki, Kelvin has always been there. Things have been going really well. Camp has been tough because as you get older it doesnít get easier but Iíve kept soldiering on and got better as Iíve gone along.Ē

Price, 13-0 (11), is adamant that the pressure of being the consensus choice as Britainís next great heavyweight doesnít weigh too heavily on his broad shoulders. The unbeaten scouser is widely expected to have his way with Harrison but is confident that the expectation of being an overwhelming favourite against the most high profile opponent of his career wonít prevent him from emerging with a crucial victory.

ďI do believe that if you put somebody really good in front of me then itíll bring the best out in me. Iíve only had 13 professional fights but Iíve been all over the world sparring world ranked fighters and the better you put in front of me the better I perform. I welcome the pressure because it obviously means Iím doing something right,Ē says the 29 year old.

ďI agree that Audleyís the best fighter Iíve faced so far but on paper John McDermott and Sam Sexton were supposed to be tests and turned out not to be. You canít really say if itís a test or not until after the fight. Itís a great opportunity for me to get in the ring and put a performance on against a former Olympic gold medallist and household name who everybody knows. If I can do a job on the night itíll do my reputation no harm whatsoever.

ďThe majority of people do have something bad to say about Audley unfortunately but people donít realise how good a fighter he is. Weíve watched him and in subtle little ways heís an experienced, clever fighter and thatís what weíre prepared for. Iíve been grafting in training and getting used to that southpaw style that I seem to have perfected at this stage of the game and everything is going to plan and Iíve got no intentions of giving my belts up on the night.Ē

Price and Harrison may be at differing ends of the heavyweight spectrum but they do share one trait; the love of retaining their home comforts whilst preparing for battle. For Price this has been a long term tactic but for Harrison, it is a more recent realisation.

ďWhen I was young, free and single I went to training camp and locked myself away. As a single man it was all about me, myself and I. Iíve realised as Iíve got older that my strength is my family. Iím a family man now with a beautiful wife and beautiful daughter,Ē says Harrison.

ďTraining at home is a smart move as long as youíre willing to pay the price. Iíve been at home and been able to focus. Kelvin has been able to live with me. Itís been perfect. Iíve still gotta play a role as a father and a husband. Itís all part of growing up and being responsible and I definitely havenít cut corners.Ē

Price also prefers to remain close to home and put in the hard work at his Liverpool training base. He too is keen to stress that preparing where he feels comfortable doesnít mean that he loses a crucial edge.

ďI train at home unless Iím forced to travel for sparring,Ē he says. ďA lot of people believe in going away to camp and itís something I did throughout my amateur career and I prefer my home comforts. I prefer to be in familiar surroundings and with familiar faces around me. Thatís where I seem to produce my best.

ďYou can still take yourself out of the comfort zone when you go to the gym but then go home to your home comforts. Itís a better place to be. For this fight Iíve had sparring partners flown over from Europe so havenít had to travel for quality sparring so Iíve been lucky. Ē

Harrison acknowledges that he will face an unfamiliar set of problems when he squares off against the 6ft 8in tall Price. The former Olympic and European champion does, however, expect their styles to mesh and produce fireworks.

ďI havenít fought many guys that are bigger than me. Fortunately, because of my extensive amateur career, I have fought a couple,Ē says the 6ft 5in tall Harrison. ďBigger guys have been my achilles heel and when I turned professional it was something I wanted to work on. This fight has given me a re-examination of going through the big guys. When I was in charge of my career I kind of avoided the big guys because stylistically it forces me to change; Iím a counter puncher and like to sit back on my foot so itís caused me some challenges in camp. He has strengths and weaknesses. My job on the night is to minimise his strengths and capitalise on his weaknesses.

ďI donít believe that - with what we have on the line - that this fight will be a snoozefest. I might have to get knocked down in this fight. Whatever it takes. Iím gonna have to go through fire, heís gonna have to go through fire and for the fans watching itíll make for a fight. Thereís too much on the line for it not to be a barnstormer.Ē

Price admits that he will happily accommodate Harrison should he choose to engage him in a wild shootout but also seems prepared for the more circumspect version of Harrison who has reared his head so often

ďI donít know what Audleyís going to come out like. Iíve got my own gameplan for the night but boxingís an unpredictable sport. Iíll be prepared to go twelve rounds but Iíll be prepared to win in any way possible. Even if itís a twelve round fight which bores everybody to sleep, I donít care as long as I win the fight,Ē reveals Price. ďThe fact is that thereís a lot on the line. Itís Audleyís last chance so Iím assuming itís gonna be a bit of a blockbuster and that weíre gonna go to war. Itíll be a case of whoís the last man standing.Ē

Frank Maloney Promotions presents ďBattle Of The OlympiansĒ on Saturday October 13 at the Echo Arena in Liverpool.

The event will be broadcast by BoxNation and will be available via subscription on Sky channel 437 and Virgin channel 546. You can find more information at

Clev: Bernard Hopkins whispered he would fight in January


By @livefight

Cleverly has a maths degree and hopes to school Hopkins

WBO light heavyweight champion made a couple of interesting remarks during an open workout at the Cardiff city stadium this week. A piece by Andrew Penman for the South Argus in Wales indicated that Bernard Hopkins was in the mix potentially for 2013:

"There are a lot of guys on my radar - Bernard Hopkins has whispered heíd like to fight in January and that would be a big fight and also (WBA champ) Beibut Shumenov wants to fight me.

ďHe knows if he came over here heíd get beat so he wants home advantage and if thatís the case Iíd be prepared to go to Las Vegas.Ē

Cleverly is set to take on Vyacheslav Uzelkov on the 27th October at the Cardiff Motorpoint arena, live on Boxnation.


WBO issue statement on Ricky Burns vs Scott Harrison


By @livefight

Ricky Burns

The WBO's Paco Valcarcel has took to his blog on the official WBO website to dispute rumours that Ricky Burns will be facing Scott Harrison next, stating that the Scotsman shall "Be facing his mandatory" next.

The rumour was that Burn's promoter Frank Warren was toying with giving the winner of past Saturday's WBO lightweight fight between Burns and Kevin Mitchell, to the troubled Scotsman Harrison next.

Adrien Broner currently resides in the #1 slot on the WBO rankings for September. Broner has been hitting twitter of late to discredit Burns, who originally vacated his Super Featherweight version of the WBO strap - citing problems making the 130lb weight class safely as his reason - rather than face Broner, whom was instated as #1 mandatory to that title too.

It would appear that if Burns is retain his WBO belt, then he must face Broner next.

View WBO statement HERE

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