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Froch: David Haye is a fantasic fighter - he can win this


Carl Froch is backing his friend and countryman David Haye ahead of his WBA heavyweight title challenge against 'The beast from the east' Nickolai Valuev on Sky Sports box office in a couple of weeks time.

Speaking to Betfair, Froch said he admired Haye's abilities and disclosed that he used to spar the much bigger Haye when they were both amateurs.

David Haye

"David's a really fantastic, skilful fighter. I used to box him when I was an amateur. I used to spar with him. I couldn't lay a glove on him. He was taller and bigger than me but he's just so skilful and quick. You have to acknowledge those skills. Valuev is slow and cumbersome but he can punch like a mule can kick. David has to be careful, but he can do this." said Froch.

On Haye's trash talking:-

"If somebody winds me up, and I don't like somebody, I'll give them some back. I don't sit back and let somebody talk down to me. But like you've just said, it's trash talk, and it's called trash talk for a reason. It's rubbish. David Haye tries to get his opponents into the ring by doing that and it's fair enough. A Klitschko fight will be massive, it will make David Haye the heavyweight king of the world.

Sometimes these fighters have no bottle and need to be wound up the wrong way. If it works it's what you have to do. I read Frank Warren say David's got no chin, but then he has got agendas. He's had a pop at me too. Whoever's not with him he just writes off, but I'm doing the business, and David Haye is going to do the business."

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Amir Khan: Im a better champion than Froch

Khan destroyed by Prescott

Amir Khan let rip into Carl 'the cobra' Froch recently on British radio during an interview. Khan, who looks set to defend his WBA 140lb light welterweight title against the 'Fighting Jew' Dimitry Salita soon, took a swipe at the current WBC super middlweight champion from Nottingham.

"I know for a fact that Iím a better world champion than Froch. I always get dissed by Froch, thatís just jealousy I think." stated the Bolton born olympic medallist.

"He hasn't got the recognition I have got and the things I got. Where was he when he was 22? What I have done in this game, no 22-year-old has done"

Khan recently told a leading British newspaper that negativity from British boxing fans has left him contemplating moving to the States full time.

"I am really considering moving abroad. It doesnít bother me if people hate me. I am just doing what I love doing. Them people that hate me, lets see them go out and win a world title the way I did."

Whilst Khan may believe he is better than Froch, there is a large segment of the British boxing community that would fiercely disagree with him.

Froch, whom was an outstanding amateur himself, captured the first World Amateur medal whilst boxing at middleweight in Belfast several years ago.

He has also had no favours en route to his coveted WBC title, taking tough fights against all his domestic opposition and also knocking them all out.

Whilst Froch remains unbeaten, Khan was obliterated inside a few minutes by the unheralded Columbian Breidis Prescott.

Prescott has since been defeated by split decision by the relatively unknown Miguel Vazquez (24 wins 3 losses).


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David Haye on Paul O' Grady show: VIDEO


David Haye yesterday appeared on the popular Paul O'Grady show to promote his forthcoming WBA world title challenge against 7ft Nickolai Valuev.

Here's the nest bits for those who missed it:

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Mikkell Kessler vs Andre Ward: Viking Warrior heads Stateside


Mikkel training this week

WBA Super-Middleweight Champion Mikkel Kessler will be moving his fight camp to California at the end of this week to continue his preparation for his Super Six World Boxing Classic opener against Andre Ward. The November 21 clash will air live on SHOWTIME at 10 p.m. ET.

ďWith just 25 days between now and the fight, I wanted to give you a quick update on my preparation. As you know, I am very thankful for all your support. Please keep it up.

ďFor the last couple of weeks I have been sparring with a rather tough guy, Sergej, from Lithuania. He has given me a good idea about where I stand before the Ward fight on November 21.

ďLooking back at the Perdomo fight, I think it was my luck that the fight only lasted four rounds. That made the recovery period shorter, and that is something I benefit of now as I am preparing for the Ward fight. At same time I also benefit from the hard preparation ahead of the Perdomo fight. Physically, I was in great shape, and I am already close to reaching a good level for my Super Six opener.

ďAs a result of my physical condition I am now able to focus on the tactical dimensions and how to get one step ahead of my young American opponent. Fighting Ward, who has been called the next big American fighter, is a great challenge for me, no doubt about that. Having said that, I am used to tough challenges, which makes me confident thinking about the fight. At the end of the day I have fought more than twice the fights that Ward has.

ďA well-structured preparation is one of the most valuable elements for a win. Is the physical shape as it should be? The tactical understanding - do I know my opponentīs strength and weaknesses? My nutrition - do I eat the right things at the right time? And finally have I adapted to the surroundings in which the fight takes place? My career has taught me that the circadian rhythm is one of those elements that can break you during the fight. With that in mind, I have decided to leave for Sacramento, California at the end of this week. That gives me three weeks to adapt to the US environment and time zone. That should be more than enough to be ready on November 21.

ďDuring the last 3 weeks up to the fight I will update you guys in text and pictures on the website as well as on Facebook. Talking about Facebook, I am very grateful about the attention I get at the fan site. More than 100.000 have signed up after the Perdomo fight - which is amazing! My promise to you guys is to do whatever is in my power to win the Ward fight as a thank you for your support and interest in my career!Ē

Kessler sparring former EBU Super Middle champion Karo Murat:-

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Adamek enters the heavyweight division VIDEO


Former WBC light-heavyweight and IBF cruiserweight champion, 32-year old Tomasz Adamek entered himself on the heavyweight scene with a five-round demolition of 41-year old former contender Andrew Golota on Saturday night in front of 17,000 fans in Lodsz, Poland.

Weighing in at 214 on his first fight in the division, Adamek dropped Golota in the opening round and dominated the next three before the stoppage came in the fifth which saw Golota stopped by a left-right combination.

Perhaps a clash with David Haye beckons in the future for the two former cruiserweights? Although now a havyweight, Adamek has not ruled out a return to his former division should the right offer come along.

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Khan threatens to quit UK over Froch - Is anyone bothered


By Marcus Stanton

Firstly let me state that it would be a bad thing for British boxing if Khan left our isles. But it could be a huge turnaround for the Bolton boxer if he did so.

This article is another take on Amir Khan, whom has informed the Daily Mail that he is considering leaving the UK altogether due to the negative attitude from various members of the public and even fellow professionals.

Khan points the finger especially at current WBC world champion Carl 'The Cobra' Froch and current lightweight rival, British champion John Murray. For some reason Khan is upset by Murray's comments and does not realise that he is trying to get a fight with him.

Meanwhile Froch, when pressed to discuss Khan in the past he has been very open about his concerns over Khan's chin since his devastating loss to unheralded Breidis Prescott. It is a concerned shared with the whole of the boxing community.

When Froch was recently asked what he thought of Khan's recent title victory over Kotelenik he admitted that although he had not bothered to watch the fight, his close friends had advised him "not to bother anyway as it's very boring."

The fact remains, whether Froch had offered his opinion or not, is that the general public also agree with the Nottingham fighter known as 'The Cobra'.

Boxing forums around the world view Amir generally as someone who drives flash cars, earns ludicrous money and yet only fights hand-picked opponents.

Khan is viewed not as a bad person, but that of a symbol of whats wrong with British boxing in general by the virtue of Khan being oversold to the general public as some sort of demi-god.

Recently Amir's flashy Range Rover was involved in a collision with a cyclict, which follows 42 day ban for "Driving off the clock" according to police who's police car in pursuit was allegedly in excess of 155+ MPH.

Khan also told a jury he was driving too fast to avoid going through a red light before colliding with a pedestrian.

Allegedly, the then 20-year-old Khan admitted driving straight through the junction in the wrong lane before his BMW 6 Series convertible hit Geoffrey Hatton on a Pelican crossing, according to an article in the Daily Mirror.

The above driving offences hardly dissuade Joe Public from believing Khan to be anything but a flashy celebrity who can break the law when he pleases.

Whilst his step up to light-welter was a success, many boxing fans believe Andreas Kotelinik was a very weak champion and not on the level of Timothy Bradley.

Khan flattened by Prescott in moments

With regards the level of income enjoyed by Khan as opposed to the risks in the ring he has taken to earn it is seemingly confirmed by the fact that the opponent that sent Amir's glass chin into orbit, the Columbian Breidis Prescott, still languishes in his derelict Columbian abode whilst Khan lives in an apartment block with neighbours such as P Diddy and Snoop Doggy Dog.

Whilst earning good money is the perhaps the no1 reason why professional fighters don the gloves, it is usually accompanied by tremendous achievement inside the ropes and in his Khan's case, it does not.

"The difference in LA is that people appreciate what you achieve," said Khan.

"In England I donít really see that. I see a lot of bitterness. Itís a mixture of everything. Random people in the streets, everywhere, whereas in America I havenít come across any hate." said Khan.

"Iíve worked hard from day one to win in the amateurs then to go to the Olympics, turn professional, win the Commonwealth title and go on to bigger and better things.Itís taken a long time and a lot of hard work. People think itís easy. They donít see me waking up at 5am to go running, doing my steps, doing the work. They donít see the injuries, the aches and pains, the hard side of it.

They see the easy side of it, when you relax and chill. You buy a nice car, live in a nice house and have a LOT of money. Thatís the reason that in England thereís a lot of bitterness. Thatís the reason Froch doesnít like me. Iíve never spoken out or spoken bad about him. Murray, even though weíre in totally different weight categories, heís still saying this and that." said Khan.

John Murray declared that Amir Khan is not even the best fighter in Manchester, let alone in the UK. Murray has constantly called out Khan and declared that he "Is a joker".

But Khan turned his attention back to Froch during the interview:-

"At the end of a day Iím a fighter, and in British boxing thereís a lot of jealousy. Froch is a bitter person but I like to keep people happy." said Khan.

If Amir Khan likes to keep people happy, then it was surprise for this author when I witnessed first hand Khan's attitude to his fans at the 2008 'Homecoming' event at Manchester headlined by Ricky Hatton.

I was fortunate to meet and greet Kerry Kayes, Matthew Hatton and Carl Froch outside the arena. Froch in particular spent an eternity signing fan's T-shirts or having their photo taken with him. Billy Graham joined in with the photo opportunities too.

Then drew up a fleet of several BMW X5's with blacked out windows. Out stepped several burly gentleman before Amir Khan stepped out as if entering a movie premier and barely stopped to see any fans before heading inside on the red carpet. So it was surprising to hear Khan's final closing comments in his interview with the daily mail:-

"I always give time to my fans. I want them to feel comfortable around me and see me as a normal person."

When inside the Homecoming event, the TV cameras zoomed around the arena and focused in on Mike Tyson and there was a huge roar of cheers and applause. Then the camera zoomed onto Oscar De La Hoya and even more cheers. Then the camera zoomed in on Amir Khan... a small cheer mixed in with quite a few boo's.

Khan has realised that the media is a powerful force that when utilised can work hugely in your favour, or backfire spectacularly.

Whilst it would be a shame to see an Olympic medallist turn his back on the UK, the country which has arguably paid his wages, it could benefit him overall.

Released from the burden of 'celebrity' in America, he could get to doing what brought him all this praise and scorn in equal measure - Boxing.

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Steve Bunce: Froch completes best hat trick in British Boxing


Steve Bunce

Boxing pundit Steve Bunce claimed that Carl Froch's last 3 wins is "the best hat trick of wins by any British fighter" and only rivalled by Lloyd Honeyghan.

Speaking to WBC champion Carl Froch on his BBC radio show, Bunce asked Froch on his thoughts about the fight and what Jermain Taylor should do next.

Froch who watched Abraham KO Taylor whilst sat at home just before heading to the Trent FM arena to face Dirrell was surprised and worried by the nature of Jermain's defeat.

"I thought that would be the end of him and that Taylor's family have urged him to stop boxing now. His wife has been saying that she want's him to finish."

"And my gut instinct was that he would do, but saying that, he's got (Andre) Ward next, who's not a big puncher and it's a fight than can take place in America so he might just stick around for another fight but i'd rather him not to be honest."

"I'm not just saying it because it was me, but I think I took out of him what's left in our fight."

"He tried his best in that world title challenge me and the way finished it in rounds 10, 11 and 12 pretty much took the life out of him."

Froch on his Dirrell win:

"The people from America think that he won but that's their bias. But when I watched the fight back I had the TV on mute, because without being rude, I couldn't listen to John Rawlings commentary anymore and scored it to myself by 4 rounds."

"Saulerand (Kessler's promoter) reckons they can fill 50,000 fans into one of their stadiums and Kessler is fighting in America against Ward, so to be fair he is due a fight at home so I have no problem with going out there. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and I really don't mind going out there."

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