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Margarito Documentary Video: The journey to Pacman


A Top Rank production video has been released, charting the intrepid journey of Antonio Margarito and his hard route to the Pacquiao fight, through tough tests and the hand wrap scandal which lead to him being banned.

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Team Dirrell threaten Lawyers when probed over withdrawal


Showtime's latest Fight Camp ask's more questions of Dirrell's injury than it sets out to answer. The excellent program covers the twists and turns behind each participants preparations before the next round of fights begin.

Abraham was blamed for Dirrells medical problems

In revealing footage shot by the Fight Camp producers before Dirrell withdrew, shows some alarming comments being made by one of Dirrell's camp - his cousin Leon Lawson junior who the son of Andre's trainer.

"It's not a guarantee that we face Ward next." claimed Leon Lawson jr, almost uncannily during the opening minutes of the latest fight camp 360 episode.

"This is a business." he states candidly.

"we're 'Prize' fighters... not 'Pride' fighters.

"If they wanna dance then get that MONEY right." concluded Lawson.

The comments come out of the blue as all the participating fighters in the Showtime Super Six are contracted with agreed purses up front for their involvement. From a neutral perspective it would appear that they were under the belief that their fighter was now worth more than they originally signed up for.

Later in the show, the team visit Andre Dirrell's home to get his side of events, but when asked which doctor allegedly advised he withdraw from the event, Andre was seemingly lost for words and his family stuttered before dropping names.

Then immeadiately after the question was posed, Lawson senior declared that he wanted "Lawyers present" if they continued to ask such questions of his fighter.

The Showtime team then stated that this was an opportunity for Andre to tell the story of his withdrawal to answer suspicious critics who feel that his injury is not legit.

It a bold move, the team then asked Team Dirrell if "He was scared".

This provoked Lawson junior to again intervene and declare that whilst Andre isn't fighting, him and his team are not making money.

"I love making money." he boldy declared before quickly adding that he'd happily push forward the boxer to fight in the quest for dollar bills, but that Andre was 'family'.

Elsewhere footage of a forlorn Ken Hershman, the creator of the tournament looks dissapointed that the show has been rocked with withdrawals but valiantly declares the show will continue until it's conclusion.

Andre Ward is featured in the segment and genuinely seemed happy to lace up and fight Dirrell, adding that his withdrawal was surprising.


Yassine El Maachi: Judgement day looms

Press Release

December 4th is fast approaching now, and with only just over a month until Yassine El Maachi and Jimmy Colas come face-to-face at York Hall on the Goodwin Promotions bill, 'Judgement Day', I managed to catch up with the Moroccan-born future Light-Middleweight World Champion.

Yassine is off to Scotland on Saturday to start a month long training camp, and I was keen to find out how 'Yass' felt about 'the biggest fight of his career'. However to my surprise Yassine doesn't feel the fight is the biggest of his life.

He told me "I don't think this is the biggest fight of my life, me and Steve Goodwin we are planning for a big fight in 2011.'

Steve Goodwin is a new promoter in the boxing world who has caused many stirs already, he is a man with big ambitions. Steve has picked up Yassine and is hoping to give the 31-year-old his big chance. Yassine explained to me how grateful he was for Steve's guidance

"I have been a professional since the start of 2000 and I never had any help from any promoter except him (Steve). I have struggled to get to the stage where I am now, but Steve Goodwin he's the one who believes in me."

In order to be in top shape for December 4th Yassine is off to Scotland to train with the challenger for the Heavyweight World Title Derek Chisora as well as Don Charles and Kevin Maree.

The question however on everybody's lips is how Yassine is planning to box Europe's Number 4 ranked Light-Middleweight Jimmy Colas. Colas describes himself as a 'Pitbull who is not a knockout puncher but I will wear you down'. In true 'Showman' style 'Yass' told me exactly how he plans to go about his business.

"The game plan is to stop Colas before the 6th round." It was as simple as that nothing else to it. This confident Moroccan/British southpaw really is a man brimming with confidence and ambition.

I asked Yassine what his plan was if he lost the fight, but with his cheeky charm Yassine respectfully ignored the question and was only going to talk to me about the outcome when he wins.

"If I win the plan is already there" Nothing else was said about the plan but it seems Yassine and Steve Goodwin are both people hoping to go places in this sport.

The last question I put to Yassine was whether or not we will see Colas knocked out?

"That's the plan, I am going to stop him or knock him out, and we will see on Judgement Day."

Yassine 'The Showman' El Maachi has a point to prove and being the cheeky, cocky chap that he is, His charisma may well give him the chance to make it onto the big stage.

Junior Witter: Matthew Hatton is an easy stepping stone


Junior Witter aiming for Hatton or Vassell at Welterweight

Former WBC light-welterweight WBC champion Junior 'The Hitter' Witter (37-2, 22ko) has revealed the agonising last year as he rehabilitated himself from a devastating cruciate ligament injury.

The Bradford born fighter says that he spent many months housebound and even had to learn to walk again following the knee injury sustained whilst playing a casual game of football with friends.

"I've been in a world of torment." Said Junior.

"I had a game of football and snapped my cruciate ligament. It's been really annoying. I had my operation in January and spent months iced up in the house. But I've slowly got back into my training, working myself up. But now I'm fit and ready and raring to go."

Witter's lost 2 of his last 3 fights - but all in WBC title situations against hungry, young unbeaten fighters in Devon Alexander and Timothy Bradley.

Witter was troubled by his father being diagnosed with cancer ahead of the Bradley fight, with hospital trips featuring prominently amongst his training camp. A subsequent lacklustre performance handed his title to Timothy Bradley in a split decision defeat.

A subsequent tune-up fight against Victor Castro went to plan by knockout, then Witter sat in the sidelines until his promoter Mick Hennessy arranged for a showdown with young gun Devon Alexander for his old WBC title, which was vacated by Bradley following a disagreement.

Junior's bad luck continued as an elbow injury was sustained mid-contest, forcing Witter to retire in the 8th round.

"I think I did OK in that fight given the elbow. But it killed me to make the weight.

"But from now on I'm going to fight at full welterweight. I've been looking at the domestic welterweights and I think there could be some good fights with Craig Watson and Denton Vassell." Said Witter.

Matthew Hatton, the current EBU champion is enjoying a career best run of victories and titles is also a fight that interests Witter.

"The Hatton fight is one I'd definitely take and one I'd expect to do in just a few rounds" stated Witter. "I see Denton Vassell as a really easy stepping stone and I also see Hatton as a really easy stepping stone."

But he ruled out a fight with stablemate Kell Brook stating "We're training partners and mates. So I wouldn't fight Kell, it just wouldn't happen."

In closing the fighter revealed that he hoped to make his Welteright debut in December, adding that his promoter Mick Hennessy was currently at the WBC conference and was hoping to have a name and a date organised for him shortly.

If Junior can regain his form at 10.5 stone and put the last couple of year's worth of misfortune behind him, then the British division will certainly benefit from him fighting on.


Naseem Hamed set to return as fighter manager


Naz with old foe Barrera

Former Super Bantamweight and Featherweight world champion, 'Prince' Naseem Hamed has been linked to Frank Warren in the last couple of days, as rumours circulate that he is set to make a dramatic return to the fight scene - but this time as a manager.

The flamboyant showman racked up a startling run of wins in emphatic fashion, before running into a prime Marco Antonio Barrera back in 2001.

Naz suffered his first defeat over 12 rounds at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and his subsequent comeback fight against Manuel Calvo was a flop, prompting the popular Sheffield man to retire.

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George Groves fight is OFF


Popular Commonwealth champion George Groves' impending showdown with James Obede Toney has been cancelled after the challenger failed the routine medical checks ahead of the fight.

The medical revealed a bad cateract problem with Toney's eye, which deemed him in no state to fight Groves.

The Hayemaker promotion was due to be aired on Sky this weekend from the York Hall in Bethnall Green to a sell-out crowd.

"We had put a lot of mileage into this, a lot of hard work and effort. I've been training hard for 10 weeks and this night had been a long time coming. It was sold out and was going to be fantastic.

"We looked around tried to get someone in, but it wasn't to be." said Groves (10-0, 8ko)

The good news is the unbeaten Super middleweight will be added to the Haye vs Harrison fight in November against another opponent to be named.

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David Haye open workout video



Bruno tells Haye to stop trash talking


Frank Bruno

Former WBC world champion Frank Bruno has taken a swipe at current WBA champion David Haye's 'trash talk' and says that he does not like it one bit.

The big man also went on to say that he thinks the challenger could be a live opponent and has the natural size and tools to possibly beat Haye on November 13th.

"Some people underestimate him. He's a southpaw and he's a natural heavyweight. With that left hand...he can connect."

"The way he's jumping around, saying certain things. I'd like him to cool it down a little bit because it gives boxing a bad name. But he's a good fighter."

The retired fighter goes on the predict that he thinks Audley will win.


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