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Mikkel Kessler undergoes surgery


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Mikkel Kessler has started his rehabilitation after successfully undergoing finger surgery last week. The injury had forced the Viking Warrior (44-2, 33 KOs) to postpone his hotly-anticipated showdown with WBO Super-Middleweight Champion Robert Stieglitz (40-2, 23 KOs), which was originally scheduled to take place at PARKEN Stadium on November 5.

We will announce the new date in the next two weeks, promoter Kalle Sauerland said. The fight is still on and it will definitely be at PARKEN. Due to the global interest and the fact that so many parties and television networks are involved, it has been a challenge to find a new date. What we know is that it will happen in March or April.

Kessler once again apologised to his fans for the delay. I am very sorry that the fight could not take place on November 5, he said.

I would have loved to enter 2012 as world champion. The injury was a setback on my way back to the top but I have overcome other obstacles before. I was relieved that the surgery went very well. Now I will rest the hand for a couple of weeks. At the same time I will be working on my personal fitness so that I do not have to start from scratch once I can return to full boxing practice. I will be ready to face Stieglitz at PARKEN in early 2012. I can promise my loyal Viking fans that I will make up for the delay in style and become world champion again. 2012 will be a big year for me.


Lucian Bute: I would love to fight Carl Froch


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Bute faces Johnson next

With a shot at the biggest fight in Super Middleweight history on the line, undefeated superstar and International Boxing Federation (IBF) Super Middleweight Champion Lucian Bute will make the ninth defense of his 168-pound title against ageless former light heavyweight champion Glen The Road Warrior Johnson on Saturday, Nov. 5, live on SHOWTIME (9 p.m. ET/PT, delayed on the West Coast).

The largest box office draw in Canadian boxing, the undefeated, Romanian-born Bute will enter the ring at Pepsi Coliseum in Quebec with an unblemished record of 29-0 with 24 KOs. Bute has registered knockouts in seven of his eight title defenses and has only gone the distance five times in his professional career.

Johnson (51-15-2, 35 KOs), a legend for his bouts against Roy Jones Jr., Bernard Hopkins and Antonio Tarver, will make his 10th appearance in a world title fight. The 42-year-old Jamaican-born Johnson has fought out of Miami for almost two decades. The former world champ, who earned the nickname The Road Warrior for never shying away from challenging an opponent in his home turf, will once again travel to enemy territory for a shot at a championship.

The winner of Bute-Johnson could likely meet the winner of the Super Six World Boxing Classic, which concludes on Saturday, Dec. 17, on SHOWTIME. World champions Andre Ward (World Boxing Association) and Carl Froch (World Boxing Council) will clash in the Super Six Final in a showdown that will determine the worlds best 168-pound fighter.

What the fighters had to say on Tuesdays call:

LUCIAN BUTE: Were getting ready for a big fight. The fight will take place in Quebec City. As you know, Ive been in camp for seven weeks with one week left to go this week. I have a good feeling its like Im getting involved in the Super Six. I feel that kind of feelings right now getting involved in a fight with Glen Johnson, who has so much credibility that Im kind of finally part of the Super Six. Glen Johnson has seen everything in boxing. He has tremendous experience and I know him as a friend. But I am also getting ready for my fight. Im very confident, Ive been working hard as usual and Im confident on Nov. 5 Ill give a great performance.

GLEN JOHNSON: Its going to be a tremendous fight Im looking forward to it. Its going to be very exciting.

Lucian, what are your feelings that Mikkel Kessler and Kelly Pavlik declined to fight you?

BUTE: As you know, we made several offers. I dont know why they turned it down. Its hard for me to say why. What I know is I have no control on their decision. Unfortunately, they would have been great fights, but at the end of the day Im very happy that we ended up with Glen Johnson. I believe that he will make things very interesting.

Bute and Johnson previously sparring

Lucian, what was it like to spar with Glen Johnson?

BUTE: It was two years ago that both of us were preparing for our respective fights. He was getting ready for Chad Dawson; I was getting ready for Librado Andrade. We know that sparring is always different than a real fight. Hes been training hard the last few years and Ive been doing the same on my side.

I think from the two of us I gained the most in that sparring. I came there and built my confidence. It was hard sparring, we wanted to win every day. It was competitive, it was great and I think I improved and proved my confidence after sparring with Glen Johnson.

Glen, what were your thoughts on sparring with Lucian Bute?

JOHNSON: I dont know how many rounds we sparred, but I think it was around 96.

It was great work. Both of us accomplished our goal. We were doing hard work and I believe both of us got better. Obviously, I was fighting a better guy than Lucian was fighting. I came out on the losing side and he came out on the winning side. It is what it is, and we move forward from there.

Can you each compare the step-up that each of you offers each other? Lucian, how does Glen compare to your opponents?

BUTE: Glen Johnson has seen almost everything in boxing. Hes always there and hes always in great condition. Hes faced all the great boxers Jones, Tarver, Dawson twice, he even fought Hopkins in the beginning and he looked good even if he lost it. I can say by far that he is the best opponent with the best credibility. His resume speaks for itself, so for me its a major step up.

Glen, how does he compare to your opponents?

JOHNSON: Hes a great fighter. He has a lot of talents, a lot of skills. He shows a lot of guts in his fights. He has fast hands, hes strong. He ranks amongst the best guys, but this is not sparring, this is fighting. Its a whole different level of fighting.

Will you have any problem fighting a friend like Lucian after all of the time youve spent with him?

JOHNSON: I have a lot of respect for Lucian, but youre fighting for your career, youre fighting for everything here. Im going to go out there and give it my all and resume our friendship later. But Ive got to go out there and do what I need to do to win the fight.

BUTE: Exactly like Glen just said. Weve got mutual respect for each other, also our team respects his team. I really cheered for him when he fought Allan Green and also when he fought Carl Froch. But with this my career is on the line. It has nothing to do with respect or the friendship. If I have to fight Im going to give it my all. There are no friends in the ring; were going to be friends after the bout. They cant take away what Ive been working for.

Lucian, did you do anything different for Glen Johnson as compared to your other fights?

BUTE: Every camp is a camp to become a better fighter. I work very hard and I know whats on the table. I know Glen is working very hard. I know he has a strategy and well have a great fight on Nov. 5.

How would you describe Glen Johnson?

BUTE: With Glen Johnson, what you have in front of you is what you get. Hes an aggressive fighter, he sets everything up with a nice jab, hes got a really dangerous right hand and he likes to put on the pressure. He wears his opponent down and if he puts that pressure on me all night its going to be a long night. If I pick my moments here and there with the angles I think I can have a great evening.

Glen, what is your philosophy on retirement and what do you expect out of yourself in this fight?

JOHNSON: I have plans on going on and moving forward. I feel great. I look to putting on a tremendous performance. I expect to come out of the fight victorious. For me, it doesnt have anything to do with age. I feel great and Im just looking forward to putting on a great fight.

Do you have any trouble making 168 pounds?

JOHNSON: I have no problems making the weight. The weight is not an issue. Weve made the weight the same way when we came to this class. Weve made it fairly easy and its getting easier each time so weight is not an issue.

Lucian, obviously your opponent has quite the record. What would it mean to you to stop Glen Johnson or are you just looking to go 12 rounds and get the win?

BUTE: As a fighter Im going to bring it to the ring and I want to win as many rounds as possible to get the win and to keep my belt. If there is an opportunity, like any fight Im going to jump on it. Id be happy and privileged to stop Glen Johnson, but I dont think about that approaching the fight. Im just going to go there and do what I always do and do it the best way I can to give a great performance.

Lucian, what does Glen Johnson bring to the table?

BUTE: Hes got credibility. Hes been with all the best guys in the world so nobody can say anything about Glen Johnson. Nobody can blame him about being an opponent hes been with the best guys and hes been beating almost everybody. Thats what he represents for me.

Do you believe beating Glen Johnson would finally make you considered one of the best fighters in the world?

BUTE: Ive been looking to fight everybody. I want to fight anybody. I was always looking to fight the best fighters in the world. If theyre not available then this is not my problem.

Glen, how will you fight Lucian?

JOHNSON: I got my game plan and I just have to be smart about what Im doing. If you watch on Nov. 5 on SHOWTIME youll see exactly what I need to do.

Are you concerned about his uppercut?

JOHNSON: When you go in the ring youve got to be concerned about anything your opponent does well. Ive got to prepare for that particular style and take care of business.

If you win, how long do you expect to stay at super middleweight?

BUTE: There are lots of fights available to me at 168 and Ive got some good business in that category.

How do each of you view the Andre Ward-Carl Froch Super Six Final?

JOHNSON: Its a close fight. I will have to go with the American because the fight is in America and I would assume that he would get the benefit of the doubt.

BUTE: I think its going to be a nice, spectacular fight. I think its going to be a close fight. The question is how Andre Ward will cope with the strength and the power of Carl Froch. If hes able to handle it, I think hes got the ability and the boxing movement and Id go with him. But, lets see first how he will react when he gets hit by Carl Froch.

Glen, how you access your performance against Froch?

JOHNSON: Poorly. I was very disappointed in what I was doing. It was a close fight and it was an exciting fight and I know I have plenty more in me than what I showed him.

Lucian, how would you describe fighting in your homeland in Romania and your adopted home of Canada?

BUTE: Everybody knows I call my home Montreal and Quebec City. I feel comfortable fighting here. It was a privilege for me to fight in Romania. I took it as a privilege a great experience.

Lucian, do you feel any pressure to put on a better performance against Johnson than Froch?

BUTE: I dont feel any pressure trying to do better than Carl Froch. I have my own style and he has his style. That was their fight and this is my fight. Im going to fight it the way Im going to fight it and I dont give myself any additional pressure to do better than him.

How do you respond to some people saying this is the toughest opponent you ever faced while at the same time saying its a potential mismatch?

BUTE: We sparred together but I know one thing this fight is going to be hard. Its not a mismatch at all. Its going to be a hard, tough fight.

Lucian, do you think you match up better with Andre Ward or Carl Froch?

BUTE: I think I could challenge both fighters, but if you ask me about my style I would love to face Carl Froch.

Glen, in the past few years youve been in with the top 168 and 175 pound fighters in the world. Do you want to go in there and really compete with Lucian or really beat him?

JOHNSON: Were in it to win it. Were not about just competing. Were in it to win it.

Do you see any weaknesses in Bute?

JOHNSON: Bute has some weaknesses, we recognize them and we have our game plan and strategy to deal with those things. Im not going to say any of those things, but if you watch Nov. 5 on SHOWTIME youll see for yourself.

Who do you think you match up better with Andre Ward or Carl Froch?

Froch beating Johnson

JOHNSON: I would prefer to fight Froch because I want to avenge my loss. But I think theyre both great fighters and being in the super middleweight division for me is fighting the best fighters.

The world title fight is promoted by Interbox, DiBella Entertainment and Warriors Boxing.

Steve Albert will call the action with Al Bernstein and Tarver providing color commentary and Jim Gray serving as ringside reporter. David Dinkins Jr. is the executive producer of SHOWTIME Sports with Ray Smaltz producing and Bob Dunphy directing.

For information on SHOWTIME Sports Programming, exclusive behind-the-scenes video and photo galleries, complete telecast information and more, please go to the SHOWTIME Sports website at


Katsidis: I want to live in England soon


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Katsidis: I want to live in England soon

MICHAEL KATSIDIS 28-4 (23 KO's) believes that Ricky Burns 32-2 (9) is the most dangerous opponent he could have faced when he meets the Scot in two weeks time at Wembley Arena for the interim WBO lightweight title.
Katsidis who has been named the 'Brit Basher' by some has already defeated Graham Earl and Kevin Mitchell on British soil and will be aiming to add a third scalp to the list.

Burns has moved up to lightweight for the bout having relinquished his WBO World Super-Featherweight title, the belt he won last summer against Roman Martinez.

Katsidis, who will be making his second appearance at London's Wembley Arena on November 5 LIVE on BoxNation (Sky Platform Ch. 456), is wary of the threat his Glaswegian rival poses, "He is very dangerous, the most dangerous opponent I could have faced."

The 31-year-old defeated Mitchell last May at Upton Park via a third round knockout and the Australian feels that Burns will provide a harder test, "Burns has better boxing ability than both Kevin Mitchell and Graham Earl. Earl has the biggest heart out of them while Mitchell is a little inconsistent. Burns will be the best I have faced in the UK.

Burns is powerful and is a very consistent fighter. He has showed it in the past. It will be tough like I said he is more consistent that Mitchell and he is a better boxer than Earl, if we are to compare him with the English lads."

Katsidis knows what it is like to move from different weight divisions as he recently returned to lightweight and feels that the change will have no affect on his Scottish counterpart, "I don't think Burns will be at a disadvantage moving up a weight. I think it's a move he should have made a long time ago. Some underestimate his power but not me."

'The Great' believes there is no favourite going into the world title clash in a fortnight and feels that he and Burns are on par that will make for an interesting fight, "I do not feel I am the favourite for this fight or that I have the edge. I feel we are on par. I may be experienced at the top level but Burns has an awful a lot of experience too. He showed that last year when he won his title."

Katsidis last fought back August when he defeated Michael Lozada inside three rounds. The fight was the perfect comeback after the Queensland-born boxer had lost out to Robert Guerrero on a points decision in April, a fight he revealed he was not mentally prepared for, "I was in great condition physically for that fight but mentally I wasn't there. I only took the fight because I was relying on knocking him out. It obviously didn't come off that way. He was lucky to get away with it. It is all in the past now."

Before the match-up was confirmed with Burns, Katsidis had been linked with a potential rematch with Mitchell. The Londoner made a victorious comeback in July against Manchester-fighter John Murray and Katsidis revealed he would relish the opportunity, "Anything is possible. I'd love to because I love fighting in England. I wouldn't say no to the opportunity. At this moment in time I am not looking past this fight though."

Katsidis was received well by the east London fans after that win last May and the Aussie has spoken of his desire to live in England one day, "I love England. I want to live there. It is a fantastic place and some where I always want to fight. Hopefully I can be based there soon. The West Ham fans when I faced Mitchell showed why the country is so great. They appreciated me, they appreciate warriors."

Adrien Broner to fight for Ricky Burn's vacant WBO title


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Cincinnati, Ohio (October 25) - Boxing fans will be giving thanks for an explosive night of boxing on Thanksgiving weekend this year when Adrien "The Problem" Broner battles Argentina's Vicente Rodriguez for the vacant WBO Junior Lightweight World Title on Saturday, November 26 at U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio in a fight that will be televised on HBO Boxing After Dark. For Broner, it will be the young undefeated hometown hero's first shot at a world title, and where better to have it take place than in his backyard with family, friends and hometown fans supporting him. For Rodriguez, it's the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of countrymen Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez and Marcos "Chino" Maidana and burst onto the world boxing stage by capturing his first world title under the bright HBO lights in his United States debut.

"I'm ready to put on a good performance for my city," said Broner. "I'm treating this like it's just another day in the ring. I'm not going to let the world title affect me. Vicente has a tremendous record, but once I get in the ring, I'm going to do what I got to do to get the job done. It's time to put it on for my city...hook, right, good night!"

"Broner is a talented boxer with good speed and power," said Rodriguez. "But I have the experience and determination to beat him and I can't wait to bring the title home to Argentina."

"We are very excited to bring this special night of boxing to Cincinnati on Thanksgiving weekend," said Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. "We know Broner has the talent and determination to reach his goal of winning a world championship and will not let his fans down on November 26. While he faces a tough customer in Rodriguez, I believe he will become a world champion that will reign over the junior lightweight division for many years to come."

"We're excited to have Golden Boy Promotions and HBO come to Cincinnati for this great boxing event," said Andrew Williams, CEO of R&R Promotions. "We look forward to Adrien winning his first world title at home on November 26."

"Home for the Holidays: Broner vs. Rodriguez" is a 12-round bout for the vacant WBO Junior Lightweight World Title which will take place Saturday, November 26 at U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio. The evening of boxing is presented by Golden Boy Promotions and R&R Promotions in association with Canelo Promotions and is sponsored by Cerveza Tecate and AT&T. The HBO Boxing After Dark telecast will air at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Tickets, priced at $128, $78, $53 and $28, go on sale Tuesday, October 25 at 10:00 a.m. ET and may be purchased at the U.S. Bank Arena Box Office, by calling Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000 or online at

Nicknamed "The Problem," Cincinnati's Adrien Broner (21-0, 17 KO's) has proven to be an impossible puzzle for opponents to figure out. The former amateur standout racked up numerous accolades before turning professional in 2008, including winning the prestigious Silver Gloves tournament in 2002 and 2003 and competing in the semifinals of the 2005 Junior Olympics. 22-year-old Broner is the owner of 10 first-round professional knockouts coming as a result of his mix of blazing speed and thudding power. In 2011, he has taken his career to the next level with a decision win over former World Champion Daniel Ponce De Leon in March and a first round stoppage over the always-tough Jason Litzau in June in a pair of HBO televised fights. Now it's time for the #1 rated WBO junior lightweight contender to attempt to cap off the year by winning his first world championship.

The WBO's #6 rated junior light weight contender, Vicente Martin Rodriguez (34-2-1, 18 KO's) of La Salada, Argentina has the power and durability to knock off any opponent who steps in the ring with him. A professional since 2005, the 26-year-old captured the WBO Latino Junior Lightweight belt with a win over Gaston Sellan in May of 2007. He successfully defended his title in December of 2007 against Diego Mora before losing the belt via a 10-round decision loss against unbeaten William Kickett in 2008. Since then, he is unbeaten in 14 fights, going 13-0-1 with nine knockouts. He now sets his sights on making a name for himself in the United States by capturing his first world title at the expense of hometown favorite Broner.

One of boxing's most revered fight towns, Cincinnati is the home of boxing Hall of Famers such as Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor and Ezzard "The Cincinnati Cobra" Charles as well as former world champions Tony "TNT" Tubbs and Tim "Cincinnati Kid" Austin. The city that was home to the first gloved boxing match in the United States may be best known for its robust amateur scene, one that has produced nine Olympians, including 2000 Silver Medalist Ricardo Williams Jr., 1992 Bronze Medalist Tim Austin and Raushee Warren, a current member of the 2012 United States Olympic squad who made history by also representing his country in the 2004 and 2008 Games. Adrien Broner will now look to add his name to the distinguished list of Queen City natives who have worn a world championship belt on his November 26 which marks Cincinnati's first world title fight since Tim Austin beat Steve Dotse on June 16, 2001.


Mayweather, Tyson and 50 Cent in Energy Drink Advert


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Mike Tyson stars in the latest energy drink commercial alongside fellow boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather and rapper 50 Cent. The advert for "Street King" energy drink is obviously a parody of the hit movie 'The Hangover'

Check it out:-


Martin Murray: I'm coming to do the business against Sturm


By Michael J Jones

Martin Murray

I recently caught up with British and Commonwealth middleweight champion Martin Murray ahead of his December showdown with Felix Sturm. The German WBA Super champion, 36-2-1 (15), is coming off a split twelve-round decision victory over another UK fighter in Matthew Macklin and is the firm favourite to retain. The long-reigning champion hasnt lost in years and is a tough challenge in his homeland of Germany.

St Helens Murray, 23-0 (10) isnt fazed before his biggest test and firmly believes he can go one better than his British rival Macklin. Twenty-nine year-old Martin is training like a demon for by far his biggest ever test as a pro and is confident he can succeed where the Birminghams Macklin couldnt.

Martin, also a former Prizefighter champion and coming off a British-title victory over Nick Blackwell, had this to say.

1) Hey Martin, how is training going for the big fight?

MM) Its going great, Ive been in full training for six or seven weeks now and theres still six weeks to go. I know Im the underdog but Im coming to win definitely.

2) Do you feel any resentment to Sturm for being a champion that refuses to travel and defend his title on the road?

MM) No, not at all, you have to go to the champions backyard and thats fine with me. Hes got a good set-up in Germany where hes adored and earns an absolute fortune so its obvious hes not going to get out of his comfort zone.

3) Felix Sturm is a fighter, like yourself, who always seems to come to every fight in immaculate shape; is there a part of you that hopes this is the fight where he slips up a little and underestimates you?

MM) Yeah definitely, I hope he really does underestimate me; its probably the reason I got the fight. He probably saw me in a few of my recent fights and thought I struggled and under-performed but thats good, let him think that. I know what I can do and Ive been crying out for a fight like this for a couple of years.
At the end of the day hes 32-years-old, had a long career and probably isnt as hungry as a few years ago. Im better than the fights Ive laboured in; I know what kind of performance Im capable of.

4) Did you watch the fight between Sturm and Macklin and what do you feel you can do differently to Matthew?

Felix Sturm

MM) Yeah I saw it. I had Sturm winning the fight and, when I watched it again the next day; I had him even more clearly winning it. Macklins problem was he had no method in his pressure; he was just throwing punches like he was working the bag in the gym. Ill be picking my shots better and being a bit smarter. Macklin burnt himself out in that fight and was out-on-his-feet by the last, he was lucky he didnt get knocked out. If the fight had gone a round longer I think he would have been. I know the shape Ill be in I will stay strong down the stretch.

5) Have you spoken to Matthew to get any advice?

MM) No, we dont really get on. Hes got a big issue with me and hes bitter which I think is pathetic. Its only because Ive done everything he has, but in half the time. We were meant to fight once and I accepted, but it was him who knocked me back and thats because he knows Ill beat him.

6) Could be a good British showdown between the two of you next year in your first defence?

MM) Yeah, hes always said Im not important to him and not in his class, but I bet Id be important to him with a world title around my waist!

7) If you boss the fight and dont get the decision where will that leave you?

MM) Well Ive thought of that as its in Germany but, you know what, if the absolute worst does happen (and I get robbed) we have a rematch clause so I know Ill get another chance. I know Ill be in tip-top shape and I know Im hitting harder than ever so hopefully we wont need any judges!

8) Are you concerned at all about the dead-pan atmosphere of the German crowds?

MM) They are a bit quiet arent they (laughs)? No Im not worried as Ive got a couple of hundred fans coming to cheer me on and theyll make more noise than all of those German fans put together. You watch on the night the atmosphere they create itll just be like at home for me.

9) Its been many years since we had so many top-class fighters in the middleweight division, apart from you and Macklin theres also Darren Barker. There could be some good domestic battles between the three of you in the next year or so?

MM) Oh definitely, it could be like in the days of Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank. Id absolutely love those fights down the line. Barker and Macklin were close to fighting at one stage before it fell through and I assumed Id get a fight with one of them before now but its just not happened yet for whatever reason. Barker lost to Sergio Martinez and Macklin lost to Sturm but now its my chance at fighting for a world championship and I really believe Ill succeed where they couldnt.

10) Many thanks for your time Martin and good luck for December 3rd?

MM) No problem thanks.



Ricky Hatton: Quigg will be a world champion


By @livefight

Scott Quigg (photo by Mark Robinson)

Ricky 'the Hitman' Hatton has expressed his opinion that Scott Quigg will one day reign as a world champion.

"Hes brilliant - a total all-rounder. My opinion of him hasnt changed. I think hell be a world champion one day." said Hatton.

"Critics will say Jason has seen better days, but people like that, whove been at world level know how to look after themselves. In the end Jason looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

"Scotts a nice kid, a local kid who is close to his family. Hes a little bit like me - hes down to earth is dedicated.

He's a big ticket seller, hes got the right attitude and with all that youd like to think he can go a long way."

Booth with Quigg (photo by Mark Robinson)

23-year old Quigg, who ripped the British Super Bantamweight title from veteran holder Jason Booth on Saturday night, looked big and strong for the weight class.

Standing at 5'8 the disparity in size between the young gun and Booth was just too much for the Nottingham man to handle, resulting in a retirement ahead of the 7th round.

"This kid's going to go far. He's really amazing to say how many fights he's had, he was faultless really." said 34-year old Booth afterwards, whose record slips to 36-8 (15ko).

The current WBC Super Bantamweight Toshiaki Nishioka is the consensus number one in the division. With unbeaten Rico Ramos and amateur legend Guillermo Rigondeaux also lurking around the ratings of a packed division.

Whilst Quigg has plenty to learn still, Saturday night showed he is definitely on the right path so far.


Kell Brook gets Froch undercard gig


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Kell Brook: fighting on Froch vs Ward card

Unbeaten British Welterweight star Kell Brook will make his debut on American soil on December 17 as part of the undercard of Carl Frochs Super Six final against Andre Ward at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

Brook took his unbeaten record to 25 fights two weeks ago with a punch-perfect sixth round stoppage of tough Pole Rafal Jackiewicz in front of a sold-out hometown crowd at the Ponds Forge International Arena in Sheffield.

Now the 25 year-old will take his considerable talent to the East Coast of America to showcase his talents ahead of what promises to be a year of stellar fights for The Special One in 2012.

Its the best Christmas present I could have, said Brook. Ive been dreaming of fighting on a massive show in America and I plan to put on a great performance. The pressure will be on to dazzle the American fans and thats exactly what I plan to do.

This is a big night in the career of Kell Brook, said Hearn. He has taken steps into the World Class level recently and on December 17 it will be another important milestone as we unleash him on the American public. Television executives in the States are delighted that they will get to see Kell in the flesh and he knows he needs to deliver something special to announce himself on the biggest stage.

This will be the final test for Kell before a major marquee fight in the spring, added Hearn, who said that the opponent for Brooks US bow will be named soon.

Ticket details: Official Ticket, hotel and flight packages for Froch vs. Ward plus Brooks American debut are available through Winged Boots by calling 0808 1684599.

Fans looking for tickets only should contact Matchroom Sport on 01277 359900, with tickets priced between $50-$300.


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