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Allan Green: Mayweather is NOT and A+ class fighter


Super Middleweight contender Allan Green (29-1)has spoken out over the high profile "will they / won't they" negotiations between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Green told The Enquirer, that whilst he believes that Mayweather would beat Pacquiao, that he's NOT what is considered an A+ class fighter on account of the names he swerved during his career and believes Pacquiao has beaten the better fighters of the two.

“I think Floyd would beat him but he’s not going to fight him. Just like he doesn’t want to fight Shane Mosley. I think Floyd Mayweather is a very talented fighter but the truth is the truth and he has never beaten an A+ class fighter no matter what he says. I would pick Mayweather to win that fight however it would be very interesting to see what would happen if Manny Pacquiao catches him with a straight left.” Said the Tulsa man.

“When he (Mayweather) fought De La Hoya he wasn’t at his best,”

“Ricky Hatton was never an A level fighter. Diego Corrales was maybe on that level and the same with Jose Luis Castillo but he hasn’t beaten anyone greater. If you want to be called the greatest you need to fight the greatest in your division.”

“Every person you have heard Mayweather talk about or make excuses about he hasn’t ended up fighting them. If you are the best you have to fight the best. What Manny Pacquiao has done, whether Floyd wants to believe it or not, is beat some outstanding fighters. He’s beaten Barrera, Marquez, Morales, Cotto and other outstanding fighters.”

Whilst Green actually believes that Mayweather will swerve the fillipino and will make excuses not to fight him, this author understands that negotiations are very advanced - but the fight will not take place until the very end of 2010, allowing both fighters to have another fight in the meantime.

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Lucian Bute vs Librado Andrade 2 Video


Lucian Bute defended his IBF super middlweight title in tremendous style by overcoming the rugged mexican, Librado Andrade in 4 rounds, dropping the challenger with a lead right and then stopping him later with a big body shot.

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VIDEO: Paul Williams HBO interview


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Stieglitz vs Miranda : Made Official


Current German WBO super middleweight champ Robert Stieglitz defends his title on January 9 at the Boerdeland Hall in Magdeburg, Germany against Edison Miranda.

Edison Miranda

Miranda (33-4) has dropped defeats to good competition in Arthur Abraham, Kelly Pavlik and Andre Ward - all of which were undefeated at the time and all are still world champions, with the exception of Abraham who vacated the middleweight IBF strap to step up to super middleweight to compete in the Super Six tournament.

Meanwhile Stieglitz (36-2) has lost by knockout to Librado Andrade and Alejandro Berrio and has arguably fought lesser opposition.

Having fought and lost in Germany once already, Miranda may finally realise his dreams of becoming world champion in January and would complete his (literally) rags to riches story.

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Dead Boxer donates organs


Francisco Paco Rodriguez

The relatives of the Chicago born boxer, Francisco "Paco" Rodriguez, who died after a match in Philadelphia has donated his kidney to an ailing relative and other organs to at least seven other people.

Paco were was know as "El Niño Azteka," in the ring, fainted Friday night following a bout versus Teon Kennedy for the USBA super bantamweight title. He later fell into a coma and died two days later.

Rodriguez had expressed his desire to donate organs if he were ever in an accident.

Alex Rodriguez, the boxer's brother, said the fighter's peak physical condition made him a natural decision to share his organs with those in need.

"One of Francisco's heartbeats is as strong as any person's three heartbeats. A doctor told me that," Rodriguez said. "Francisco will still walk the face of this earth in others."

The one recipient relative, a cousin of Rodriguez's mother, had been in declining health and was receiving dialysis treatment. In addition, Rodriguez's other organs were donated to at least seven other people, relatives said.

Rodriguez, 25, is survived by his wife, Sonia, and a 5-month-old daughter, Ginette.

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Froch vs Kessler: No longer a super unification fight


Following the dramatic loss by Mikkel Kessler last night in Oakland, USA to the Olympic gold medallist Andre Ward, many boxing fans are now disappointed that the proposed round two match-up with WBC champion Carl Froch has lost it's preciousness.

Kessler (42-2) was the bookies favourite to hand Andre Ward (21-0) his first defeat, but the Dane known as the Viking Warrior was befuddled by Ward's speed and switch-hitting offence.

Following a clash of heads earlier in the fight, a large tear opened up on Mikkel's eyelid which worsened, prompting the referee to let the ringside doctor examine the eye. Following inspection the doctor declared that the fight had to be stopped immediately and after the score cards were read out, Ward was declared the new WBA super middleweight champion with scores of 93-97 and 92-98 (twice).

Froch, who is currently in Cuba for his brother's wedding as best man, was hoping to take the valuable scalp of Kessler for himself with the added bonus of Kessler's title during the second round of the Super six tournament.

Joe Calzaghe has often declared how "Kessler is the best super middleweight in the world now i've retired".

Thus Froch was hoping to defeat a fully fit Kessler (the Dane had a broken hand for Calzaghe) in his back yard.

Several questions have now been raised about Kessler - such as will his wounds heal sufficiently enough to fight a puncher like Froch.

Also will the number of travelling British fans diminish as a result of Kessler now being viewed as a 'loser' by the fickle fight fan.

It would seem like a lose-lose situation for the Nottingham fighter in every sense of the word. For starters his dream of unification is on hold and if he does flatten the Dane it would be interpreted as Kessler being a spent force.

Likewise if Kessler vows to set the record straight in front of his loyal home fans and also sees his ticket back into the top tier of his division by capturing the WBC title up for grabs too, it could spell a difficult night for the travelling Froch.

The Super Six tournament really does afford the losers a second bite of the cherry, with Kessler going from an almost embarrassing defeat to having a WBC world champion gift-wrapped and delivered to his door step in his very next fight.

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Kessler v Ward: Weigh in VIDEO


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Kessler: I sparred just two weeks for Calzaghe


Kessler opponent: Andre Ward

Mikkel Kessler confirmed the hand problem he had during the Calzaghe fight, whilst at the press conference for the weekend's WBA title defence against Andre Ward.

The injured hand, which prevented Mikkel from having a full intense 12 week camp was rumoured at the time, but denied in the post-fight interview as not to discredit Calzaghe's win.

"I hurt my hand and had only two weeks to spar for Calzaghe" Said Kessler, who says that loss will only motivate him further on Saturday night.

"I have had only one defeat and that was to Joe Calzaghe and it still eats at me today. Even thinking about that fight makes me even more motivated. That’s why I am looking at this fight as a second chance to prove that I am the best.

But there will be no mistakes or excuses after this one. I may be 30 but I have a lot of fight left. Saturday night can’t come soon enough." said the Viking Warrior.

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