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Vassell impresses Hatton



RICKY HATTON has revealed that Commonwealth welterweight champion Denton Vassell is helping him fall back in love with boxing.

‘The Hitman’s’ promotional outfit, Hatton Promotions stage a high quality dinner show at Manchester’s Palace Hotel on Saturday 4th December, with Vassell back in action.

Vassell, 29, keeps busy with an eight rounder against Brazilian Welson Alves de Oiveira (Jack Welson) and Hatton expects the unbeaten Mancunian to continue impressing when he bids for his 16th professional win.

Ricky who has compared Vassell to a mini Mike Tyson said: “I like Denton a lot and I am convinced he is going to become an elite fighter over the next 18 months.

“He was won a Commonwealth title in the time it took me to become Central Area champion. He has made massive progress and is 100 per-cent dedicated.

“He is always in the gym and works on the body belt like I did. He uses little moves that used to work for me.

“Denton is built like I am and I can identify with him, so to be promoting and helping with his career means the world.

“It means a lot to me when someone like Denton looks up to me and takes my advice seriously.

"I urge fans to get tickets to see this fighter in the early stages of his career before he hits the very top."

Hatton, 32, regularly watches Vassell train under Bob Shannon at Hatton Health and Fitness, and added: “Once my boxing career finished and I didn’t have any goals that is why I crumbled and had my problems

“Now I have got my head on my goals are to get in the gym and work with lads like Denton and hopefully give them as good a life as I got out of boxing.

“If I can make a champion out of somebody by showing them a move here and there and I’ll be a happy man.”

Vassell won an ABA title in 2006, and lifted the Commonwealth back in April outpointing Lee Purdy on one of the most exciting contests so far in 2010.

Welson, 29, is a former Brazilian light-middleweight champion and won 14 of his 17 professional bouts

Also boxing on the card is Ryan Rhodes who has an eight rounder before possible world light-middleweight title fight and debutant Adam Little.

Although it is a dinner show, Hatton Promotions will not forget fans who just want to watch the boxing. There will be 200 tickets available to them on a first come, first served basis.

For those attending the black tie event there will be a reception at 6pm, followed by dinner and the boxing bill.

Dinner Ticket prices - Table of 10, £750.00. VIP Table of 10, £1000.00 and V-VIP Table of 10, £1250.00

General admission tickets are priced at £50.00, but there will be a strict dress code enforced. No Jeans, No Trainers, No Sportswear.

To book your tickets for this special not to be missed occasion call 0161 775 7500, 0844 847 2500 e-mail

Warrior Marquez gets off floor to stop brave Katsidis


By Lee Skavydis

Marquez stops Kat in 9 rounds

It was Juan Manuel Marquez's night at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas on Saturday as he defeated challenger, Michael Katsidis in the 9th round in defense of his WBA Super Lightweight and WBO Lightweight titles.

Katsidis entered the arena looking his usual imposing self, sporting his famous black medieval helmet, while Marquez looked relaxed and confident.

In the opening round, Marquez found openings of Katsidis with alarming ease as he landed eye catching shots to the head and body and the Australian did not seem too confident of answering back and throwing his own punches.

In round 2 Katsidis stalked Marquez, forcing him to fight on the backfoot which did not affect the Mexican in the slightest as he continued to land hard shots, most notably to the body.

Luck changed hands in the third round as Katsidis found a big left hook to floor Marquez and send him on heavily down on his back, his head bumping the canvas as soon as his body made contact with it. He rose to beat the count and came back well by the end of the round to start countering the heavy punches from his opponent.

The fight settled into a pattern of Marquez fighting on the backfoot, ocassionally finding himself against the ropes and having huge punches landing to his head but Marquez effectively countering back, with both fighters taking part in some furious exchanges near the end of rounds 5 and 6.

By the 8th round Katsidis face was marked up around both of his eyes, his skin reddened from the heavy punishment he took in the previous rounds.

Marquez upped the tempo in the 9th to end the fight as he landed a numerous amount of punches down on Katsidis, the uppercut being the punch that stood out the most.

The heavy banger from Australia began to find himself back peddling from Marquez's attacks but he was not going to be let off the hook as more punches continued to land and referee, Kenny Bayless stepped in to stop the action.

With the third loss in his career to an established world class fighter, tonight may have proven once and for all that Michael Katsidis cannot quite cut it at international level, much less the elite.
The one thing that he does not lack is a fighting heart, and he gave the Mexican legend plenty to think about, but he has always seemed to be quite obvious to counter and lacks variety in his skills.

For Marquez, a rematch with Manny Pacquiao may loom on the horizon, although it is difficult to see how he could be a worthy challenger at this point in his career, especially because he will most likely have to move up in weight again.

Of course, age is not on his side, either, and if the Pacquiao match did take place, it would most likely not happen until around May, a time in which Marquez will only be a few months shy of turning 38.

Katsidis can now go home and fully mourn the tragic loss of his brother, and I am sure he will now rightfully take a reasonable amount of time away from the ring.

As for Marquez, well, he is full of surprises!

Superb Froch dominates Abraham


Carl 'the Cobra' Froch stormed Arthur Abraham last night in snowy Helsinki over 12 rounds to the capture the WBC super middleweight title and catapult himself up the Showtime super six leader board.

Starting behind a snappy and thudding jab, the Nottingham man immediately asserted his size and range on the bull strong Abraham who's promises of throwing punches earlier, were left in the starting blocks.

Froch's punch selection spanned the boxing text book, throwing uppercuts in range and out of range, complimented with clubbing, looping hooks around and through the German's tight guard.

Whenever Abraham tried to move in for the attack, Froch read it perfectly with a beautifully timed ramrod jab, before deftly slipping anti-clockwise away from Abraham's big right hand.

As the rounds ticked by, Abraham's face looked red and lumpy from eating the Froch jab as he began to lurch forward with left hooks and straight right hands. But Froch slipped under and away from anything Abraham could muster before countering him with heavier, sapping shots to head and body.

Apart from a few naughty rabbit punches and intentional use of the elbows which the excellent referee spotted, Abraham could land nothing of note and his usually impregnable defence was pierced by Froch's rakish shots for every moment of every round.

During the final rounds it almost looked as if the proud German based Armenian would be stopped or withdrawn from the fight. But he came out and tried to swing at Froch during the final twelfth round with heavy blows, but was immediately greeted with a meaty response from Froch.

Scores were 120-108, 120-108 and 120-109 in favour of Froch who is now the WBC champion for the second time.

During the post fight celebrations, the Showtime team asked Froch if he thought he would be as dominant as he was.

"Yes definitely, I'm not being big headed or taking anything away from Arthur Abraham but, I sat behind my jam and I used my range and boxing ability - but there were so many times I wanted to step in and start unloading shots, but I had my trainer Rob (McCracken)screaming in my ear for me to stand back and let him come." said Froch.

"There was a few times the old me would have steamed and gotten into a brawl with him, which would have been silly as Abraham's a big puncher and a very strong man who knows what he's doing.

"But I have said from the start I've got too much ability and too much range and amateur pedigree. I've been working on boxing skills and moving for the last few months and I think I've shown a few people what I can do. But I've been telling everyone since the build up starting I would do a number on him and I believe I have.

Froch was then asked if Abraham hit him with anything significant and Froch said that apart from a couple of stiff jabs, Abraham couldn't get him with anything he tried. The Froch was informed that he would be facing Glen Johnson next, on account of the points seeding and was gracious and almost apologetic about his trash talking - and offered Glen plenty of respect.

"You know I watched what Johnson did to Roy Jones and he is old school and has been around the block. He is definitely an old, wise fox who you've got to give respect to because he still knows what he's doing - I mean he put Jones junior out cold, so he can punch a bit which makes him dangerous. I was wondering what he would do at Super middleweight, but he did a very good job against another very good fighter in Allan Green - a better job on Green actually than what Ward did.

"I won't be taking Glen Johnson lightly at all but, he is a gentleman as am I.

"You know I like to be cheeky and say a few things to entertain everyone and sometimes that gets taken the wrong way - but if Glen Johnson is watching, I give him big respect and look forward to that fight, definitely." concluded Froch.

Then the team then asked a morose looking Abraham exactly why he was so ineffective in the ring against Froch, who replied via an interpreter "I'm not sure, it didn't work today."

Then was asked again, why they didn't make any changes to their approach to which Abraham abruptly answered that "It didn't work and tonight the better man won. Everything that I planned to do didn't work." and seemed unwilling to talk at all.

But Abraham promised to win his next fight against Andre Ward, before quickly leaving the ring.

Froch improves to 27-1 (20ko) and Abraham slips to 31-2 (25ko).

Matt Hatton defends title in style


Matthew Hatton revealed his work in the gym was put to good practice
as he knocked out unbeaten Swiss challenger Roberto Belge in the third
round to retain his European welterweight title.

The 29-year-old had been working hard with trainer Bob Shannon on his
body punching before the fight, and it proved worth it as he
dispatched of Belge with a stunning left hook to the body.

"It is something I've been working on, I've neglected my body punches
in the past but Bob Shannon puts a big emphasis on body punching,"
explained the European champion.

"I clipped him round the head and saw the opening. I noticed when I
watched him on DVD that he cupped his hands up close around his ears
so it's obviously something we worked on."

Belge proved an awkward customer in the opening two rounds, but Hatton
never believed he was a danger as he felt in control from the first

"When we came in close, I knew I was so much stronger. I knew it was
only a matter of time but I knew he was a good fighter as he came with
an unbeaten record of 26 fights and he came to win.
"However, I was a level above him and I was really pleased with the
left hook that finished him."

With a second defence behind him, Matthew is now primed for a world
title shot and older brother Ricky revealed it would be an 'honour'
for him to get his younger sibling a shot.

He said: "I think we can give him a world title in 2011. I would like
to think he will be in the top four of the world now. With
performances like that, it makes our job to get him a world title
fight easier.

"In my role was a promoter now it would be an honour if I could get my
brother a world title shot. There's nobody else in the world that
could hope to make progress like Matthew is doing at the moment."

Elsewhere on the Hatton Promotions talent-stacked show, Martin Murray
added the WBA International middleweight title to his Commonwealth
crown with an impressive second-round stoppage of Brazilian Carlos

Super bantamweight Scott Quigg defended his WBA International title
with a points win over Daniel Kodjo Sassou, and Bejiing Olympian Joe
Murray continued his fast rise through the featherweight ranks with
another impressive win, this time a second-round stoppage of David

Here are the results from the other exciting match-ups on the night.

Featherweight: Kid Galahad beat John Riley KO1
Cruiserweight: Matty Askin beat Mitchell Balker TKO3
Super middleweight: Dean Halsall beat Jamie Norkett PTS
Light middleweight: Adam Etches beat Ian Jackson TKO1
Bantamweight: Tasif Khan beat Pavels Senkovs PTS

David Haye to travel to Helsinki


WBA heavyweight champion looks set to fly into Helsinki to cheer on his friend Carl Froch tommorrow evening as he takes on big punching Arthur Abraham for the WBC supermiddleweight title.

"Just booked flights to see my mate Carl Froch beat Abraham for WBC Title Sat night. Dont miss!! PrimetimeTV Sky channel 480&Virgin on demand." tweeted Haye earlier.


Froch 167lb and Abraham 168lb


Hennessy Sports have text through the weights from Helsinki as follows:-

Arthur Abraham 76kg / 168 pound
Carl Froch 75.8kg / 167.1 pound

Both men looked in deadly shape and the contest promises to be a cracker tomorrow night in Helskini.

Pictures to follow.


VIDEO: Sakio Bika talks about Ward


Sakio Bika talks frankly about going to Oakland to challenge for Andre Ward's WBA title.


VIDEO: Andre Ward talks about Bika


WBA champion Andre Ward talks from the final press conference ahead of his fight with Sakio Bika.


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