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David Price: Flintoff is disrespecting boxing


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Price knocks out Audley Harrison in the first round

Big punching Olympian David Price has echoed what many in the game are thinking - that cricketer Freddie Flintoff's foray into boxing could not only end in tears, but bring criticism to the sport in general.

"What he is doing is disrespectful to boxing, especially if it turns out to be a farce on the night." said rising unbeaten heavyweight, who has knocked out 12 of his 14 victims to date.

"That would be a dreadful advert for the sport. I am sure he is taking it seriously – and he needs to. At least he seems to be in shape.

"I remember my first amateur fight, I thought I was fit and about 20 seconds into the bout I realised I wasn't. I just hope he doesn't get badly hurt. When that first punch lands on his chin is when he'll know this isn't cricket.

"I wish him well but I can’t see him making a career out of it. I think this is a one-off, a sideshow."

Price in action:


Flintoff Weigh in video


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British cricketer Freddie Flintoff hits the scales ahead of his heavyweight debut tonight against American Richard Dawson at the MEN arena in Manchester. Training under the eye of Barry McGuighan, many believe he has bitten off more than he can chew in the toughest of sports.

That view is shared by his American opponent.

"We ain’t here to play cricket,’ said 2-0 Dawson

"I looked at some tapes and it don’t mean nothing to me. It looks like a female sport, you know, sissy stuff.

"I grew up in a real rough neighbourhood close to Tulsa, fighting my whole life. There was drug dealings and shootings happening the whole time. My best friend got shot and killed by drug dealers.

"I did the driving and I got shot in the back four times. When I was lying in the hospital I was sure I was going to die. I only stopped fighting on the streets when I went to the gym and learned to box." said Dawson.

Eubank Jr takes on Bradley Pryce


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Eubank Jr Pryce

Belfast (29 Nov) CHRIS Eubank jnr will have the hardest test of his career when he battles with former Commonwealth champion Bradley Pryce at Belfast's Odyssey Arena on Saturday night on the undercard of Tyson Fury's WBC World heavyweight title eliminator with American Kevin Johnson.

Promoter Mick Hennessy is delighted that Welshman Pryce has stepped in at short notice after original opponent Matt Hainey pulled out.

Pryce, who had been in training for a fight December 15, has a wealth of experience and in his last fight went the distance in a Commonwealth middleweight title fight with Billy Joe Saunders

Promoter Hennessy said: “Bradley Pryce has shown that he is a true fighting man by taking this fight. He had been in training but he deserves a lot of credit for stepping up at this stage to fight a hot prospect like Chris Eubank jnr.

“Pryce is a former Commonwealth light-middleweight champion, he went the distance with Billy Joe Saunders in his last fight and he's going to give Eubank jnr a real test of his credentials.

“Eubank jnr has done everything that has been asked of him so far and he's a rising star and this is another big stage for him to shine. I think the Belfast public and those watching on Channel 5 are in for a treat.”

Eubank jnr is following in the large footsteps of his famous father, former World champion Chris snr but says that is not an issue for him.

“It brings a pressure because of who my dad is but I have to say that having the name and the expectation around me and knowing that people are watching me gives me a great buzz,” says Eubank jnr.

“I get a real kick out of it and it just motivates me even more because people expect me to perform and it makes me fight harder. I use it to my advantage, it gives me that extra push.”

Eubank Jr vs Pryce is live on Channel 5 this Saturday from 9pm.


Coldwell Promotions launches Web TV venture


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Dave Coldwell

Coldwell Promotions logo

“As everyone is well aware, we here at Coldwell Boxing have spent an uncountable amount of time trying desperately to pursue a television deal for ourselves and our boxers so that we can give supporters of boxing the opportunity to see some of the very best sporting action that is currently available.

We have always prided ourselves on delivering high quality and well-matched contests and the reaction we have had recently has been nothing short of phenomenal. Whether it’s at a show, on Twitter, or on many of the boxing forums I visit, fans of boxing are consistently approaching me asking when they can see Coldwell Boxing on their television screens. Despite the efforts of myself, my team and all our boxers, it doesn’t look like that broadcasting deal is likely to come and rather than sitting around and waiting even longer then we have, Coldwell Boxing have taken the initiative.

Coldwell Boxing are delighted to announce a groundbreaking deal which has seen us join forces with technology giant, ROK Global, in a partnership that will enable us to bring fight fans the very best action from all Coldwell Boxing shows. Coldwell Television will be available via a downloadable app and all our shows will be available to watch for a ridiculously affordable price.

Coldwell Boxing felt this was the correct move to make due to the strained relationship between boxing and television in this country at the moment. Online entertainment is a rapidly-growing trend and we are absolutely delighted to be taking this bold and exciting step.

As well as live shows, Coldwell Television will also be offering viewers plenty more exciting experiences including live talk shows, fight build-ups, and exclusive training footage of all our boxers. As well as screening all Coldwell Boxing shows live through a quality stream, I will also be approaching all non-television promoters in an attempt to bring their action to a wider audience and giving our viewers the ultimate satisfaction.

Coldwell Boxing would not be where it is today without the continued loyalty of all our supporters. Their dedication has enabled us to take massive steps in the sport of boxing and now we can reward them by giving them full access to the Coldwell Boxing experience.”

Spencer Fearn: Coldwell Boxing Director

“This is a fantastic deal, not only for Coldwell Boxing, but for all boxing fans. By using this high class technology, we will be able to transmit all our shows to a worldwide audience for extremely affordable prices.

To have ROK as our partners in this exciting project shows a real statement of intent from Coldwell Boxing and we look forward to providing boxing fans with many memorable nights of entertainment.

Jonathan Kendrick: Chairman of ROK

“We are delighted to have teamed up with Coldwell Boxing to produce and stream a series of live events. Our aim here is to offer the real boxing fan the best of local and national boxing events at an affordable price.”

ROK Global PLC was co-founded by US billionaire, John Paul DeJoria, and UK entrepreneur, Jonathan Kendrick. ROK has pioneered many new technologies, products, and services in the rapidly-evolving mobile, web, and industrial technologies space to include high-quality mass market Mobile TV, which it licences to mobile operators.

VIDEO Hatton discusses Senchenko loss


By @livefight

Ricky Hatton discusses his loss to Senchenko, to regional news.


VIDEO Tyson Fury and Kingpin trade barbs


Video of Tyson Fury's press conference, with Kevin 'Kingpin' Johnson.

Lee Quinn on why he doesn’t give a Foot about his opposition


The “Welsh Micky Ward” on his upcoming bout with Glen Foot and sparring Ricky Hatton

By Michael J Jones

Lee with Ricky

North Wales prospect Lee “The Mighty” Quinn is relishing being made the underdog again ahead of Friday’s showdown with unbeaten Glen Foot. The bout goes ahead on the Aintree bill featuring David Price’s British and Commonwealth heavyweight defence against Matt Skelton but the undercard looks set to overshadow the lame top-of-the bill.

Despite an ordinary-looking 2-1-1 (1) record, Old Colwyn’s Quinn has been matched extremely tough in his first year in the pro ranks. The Shane Thomas-trained welterweight knocked out Russell Pearce in his pro debut but was then thrown in with 15-1-1 Rob Hunt in his very next fight. Lee rose to the occasion to hold the more experienced man to a commendable draw but was then matched with 7-1-1 Mitch Price just a week later going down on a close six-round decision. Despite suffering an agonising back injury, Quinn still dropped Prince heavily in the last.

Last time out, Lee was matched with 4-0 Sammy Hill back in Glasgow and this time scored a close four-round points decision. The 24-year-old’s last three opponents have had a combined 26-2-2 record with two of the bouts coming away from home.

Quinn’s opponent on Friday is another formidable fighter in Sunderland’s Glen Foot. Twenty-five-year-old Foot has done little wrong so far in forging a 7-0 (4) record and has scored some explosive knockouts already in his short career. The undefeated banger was also a stellar amateur who made three Junior ABA finals and one Senior one too.

Quinn, nicknamed “Balls of steel” by one website for his level of opposition, is remaining confident against arguably his toughest foe to date. Lee recently sparred Ricky Hatton before the “Hitman’s” disastrous ring return along with stable-mate Paul “Discoball” Davies. Both train in Shotton boxing club under Thomas, who also trains pro’s Joe Lovell and Cameron Halfpenny.

Always good for a quote with his matter-of-fact confidence, here’s what Lee had to say a few days before his first 6 x 3’s-

MJ) So Lee, you take on Glen Foot in a couple of days; what do you know about him?

LQ) Nothing really. He just looks like he comes straight at you for the knockout. He won’t knock me out. If he tried to do that he’s in for a shock with me. If he walks straight into me he’ll be the one getting knocked out.

MJ) He seems to hit pretty hard in his fights so far?

LQ) Yeah but I’ve noticed that most of his early KO’s have been when he’s weighed 151-152lbs. I’m making him weigh 147 for our fight. I’m already up against it I’m not giving him weight on top of that. It’s a risky fight and all the odds are against me, it’s also my first six-rounder (the Prince fight was a 6x2’s), I’m not fighting someone with a losing record or a sh*t boxer this guy is dangerous.

MJ) How’s your shape for this fight have you had much notice?

LQ) I’m in good shape, I’ve picked up a cold and haven’t had much sparring though. I’ve been in training for three or four weeks but I’ve only done five rounds sparring on Monday but I’ve had problems getting anyone in for sparring otherwise.
The cold just came suddenly, I felt it coming last night and felt like sh*t this morning (laughs). I’m off for a sauna soon though so it’ll hopefully be ok. I’m fit but doing the six rounds is a big step up for me.

MJ) Tell me about your last fight with Sammy Hill in Glasgow?

LQ) I was a bit nervous being away from home and obviously he was unbeaten but I got the win in a good fight. I didn’t really box my best but got the job done.

MJ) You hurt your back again in that fight yes?

LQ) Yes it’s because of my day job as a plasterer with standing all day it’s been a problem for a while now. I need to take time out to sort it really but I’m still working and boxing (laughs). I need Golden Boy to promote me don’t I?!

MJ) You sparred Ricky Hatton ahead of his contest with Senchenko. Did you feel he looked ok before that fight when you worked with him?

LQ) I did a few rounds with him but I always got the impression that he was telling Bob Shannon what he wanted to do not BEING told what to do. Me and Paul (Davies) were meant to do eight rounds in all, four rounds each. He was knackered after the fifth and he was getting caught quite a bit by the both of us too. It was the same in his fight, after the sixth he really struggled.

MJ) You’ve had a heck of a first year in the pro boxing game; do you think the next year will be easier?

LQ) No, no way, next year will be a hell of a year (laughs), just you wait!

MJ) Good luck for Friday Lee hope that cold clears.

LQ) Ok cheers mate.

NOTE: Just as we were ready to post this article it was announced that Lee has pulled out of the Foot bout as his health diminished since the interview.

Tyson Fury: I want Manchester fans to get behind me


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Tyson Fury fights Kingpin Johnson next

Unbeaten 6'9 Heavyweight Tyson Fury has called for boxing fans from his home town to start backing his attempted raid on world titles at Heavyweight.

"I’m a Manchester person but Manchester fans have not got behind me. Why not? I’m boxing in Belfast and they come out to watch me." said Fury 19-0 (14ko) said speaking to James Robson at Manchester Evening News.

"I can’t fight in Manchester. I sell about 1,200 tickets there, whereas I can sell 5,000 in Belfast.

"My brother said to me the other day, ‘Why do you keep fighting abroad?’ and I explained that when I fought at Event City we had a big press conference, a public workout and it didn’t work.

"There is no one else in Manchester at my level. I’m number three in the world, unbeaten. I can talk the talk and I can fight but they are not interested.

"Maybe they want someone who is a good loser, who puts up a decent show. But if they want a good fighter, then I’m that person.

"I’d love to sell out 20,000 at the Manchester Arena but I don’t see it happening. People don’t seem to be showing an interest. I’ve got to fight in other locations – places like Somerset, where the place was buzzing.

"My fights are always exciting and I’ve stopped 14 out of 19 opponents."


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