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Saunders looking forward to a content xmas with family


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iFLTV were on hand to film the post-fight press conference with Billy Joe Saunders:

Peter Fury talks Tyson win; Klitschko now in sights


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iFLTV talk to trainer Peter Fury, about Tyson's win last night:-

Saunders "Eubank Jr is still a W*nker"


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Billy Joe Saunders has new found respect for Chris Eubank Jr's skills , but still says he's a wanker.

The Heat Is On - Ringside Report. Joe Murray and Robbie Davies win


By @John_Evans79

Joe Murray’s return to winning ways was the main talking point following Dave Coldwell’s ‘The Heat is On’ card at Bowlers Exhibition Centre last night.

The heat WAS on for a change at the traditionally freezing Manchester venue and although the bill was hit by a series of unfortunate withdrawals it still gave a number of promising fighters the opportunity to end 2014 on a high note.

Manchester’s Joe Murray bounded into the ring and proceeded to take out 14 months worth of frustration on Gyula Tallosi. Murray hadn’t been seen since coming out on the wrong end of a razor thin majority decision after twelve hard rounds with Liam Walsh last September and was in no mood to let this particular fight go to the cards. The Hungarian tried to make a fight of things and grimly wailed away with both hands but his aggression only left more gaps for Murray’s spiteful punches to pour through. A left to the body dropped Tallosi and although he dragged himself back up, a follow up barrage forced the referee to jump in.

Murray seems acutely aware that he needs to begin making some noise and get his career back on track. He still possesses the skills that made him one of the countries most exciting young fighters, he just needs the fights that will allow him to display them. Walsh and Gary Sykes meet tonight for the British and Commonwealth super featherweight titles. Murray could do far worse than gatecrash the post fight pleasantries and make sure people realise he’s back on the scene.

I may be showing my age here but I remember an old game for the Commodore 64 called ‘Bruce Lee’. At the end of each level the lithe, quick Lee would have to defeat the boss. In ‘Bruce Lee’ that boss was a pixelated, squat, heavily tanned sumo wrestler type figure. Transport that mental image into a boxing ring at Bowlers Exhibition Centre and you will have a pretty accurate picture of Robbie Davies Jnr’s fight with Gheorghe Ghiompirica. Davies towered over the 5ft 2in tall Romanian, who - to give him credit - did let his hands go for the first 60 seconds, and was obviously in an completely different league to his dumpy opponent. Ghiompirica decided to stay on his stool after the opening round citing a damaged shoulder.

With an English title eliminator in the offing for early 2015, the talented Davies was never going to lose last night but this was scant preparation.

Cruiserweight Sam Hyde got up off the floor to record a hard fought – and maybe slightly fortunate - four round decision over decent Pole, Jakub Wojcik. The tall, well built Wojcik dropped Hyde with a right hand in the opening round but allowed himself to be outworked from that point on. Hyde was exhausted and under fire as the final bell tolled but still earned a 39-38 verdict on Steve Gray’s card. It is easy to automatically score a round containing a knockdown 10-8 but on reflection, Hyde was probably winning the first round quite comfortably until he found himself on the canvas.

Polish light welterweight Marcin Ficner became the latest man to be knocked out by Wrexham wrecking machine Kerry Evans. Ficner showed plenty of ambition and took advantage of a lack of head movement to nail Evans with a couple of right hands during a give and take opening round but was hurt by a left hook and dropped by a right hand early in the second round. His reward for beating the count and clambering to his feet was another solid right hand and a headache this morning.

Evans has stopped all three professional opponents and at 32 years old is in no position to hang around. He would have made an interesting wildcard addition to the upcoming lightweight version of Prizefighter but a classic boxer versus puncher clash with Leeds’ unbeaten light welterweight Masters International champion Justin Newell would make for extremely entertaining viewing.

Paul Riley made hard work of outpointing Lativan debutant Viktors Drizlionoks at light middleweight. Riley hurt Drizlionoks with a big left hand early in the first round but loaded up after that. The fight descended into a messy affair with Riley crowding his work and the powerfully built Latvian not quite knowing enough to impose himself effectively. Riley touched down in the third after what looked like a hook caught him on top of the head but the only official knockdown of the fight came in the dying seconds as Riley floored Drizlionoks with a right uppercut which secured him a 39-37 decision.

Tyrone Nurse is responsible for one of the most baffling performances I’ve seen all year when he allowed himself to be outhustled by the tough Dave Ryan in October. The extremely talented Yorkshireman returned to the ring last night and did as he pleased against Bulgarian Radoslav Mitev. Nurse was caught with a couple of the same orthodox jabs which Ryan dropped him with but brushed them off and ended the fight with a heavy left to the body midway through the fourth round. Nurse will need to win meaningful fights if he is to force another shot at one of the country’s top ten light welterweights. 2015 promises to be an important year for him.

John Murray may have retired from fighting himself but has a couple of interesting projects to keep him busy in his new role as trainer and his light welterweight, Andy Kremner, and super featherweight, Chris Connell, both recorded comfortable four round victories. Kremner knocked Danny Donchev down with a short right hand in the second round and eased to a 40-35 decision and slick Connell used his skills nicely in places to get routine a 40-36 verdict over Harvey Hemsley. A quick note, Kremner walked to the ring to the strains of ‘Sexy Boy’, Shawn Michaels entry music from the old days of the WWF.

Mohammed Fahim and Dean Evans got the night under way with a hard fought four round fight at lightweight. When two ambitious debutants meet, you’re never entirely sure what to expect and we got a clash of styles between the slick Fahim and hard charging Evans. Fahim had the better of the opening rounds but faded which gave Evans a foothold. He made Fahim work but was unable to make any significant impact and came out on the wrong end of Mark Lyson’s card, Fahim getting a 39-37 verdict.

Can “The Doctor” make it third time lucky six long years after debut fiasco?


Livefight Interview: Karl “The Doctor” Ozimkowski

By Michael J Jones

I was recently asked to talk to a fighter with a 0-2 record for an interview. I’m all for giving boxers at any level a chance to share their story but never a guy who has failed to win a single pro bout. As it transpires, the bare numbers do a gross disservice to the talented fighter known as “The Doctor”.

Polish fighter Karl Ozimkowski returns tonight at York Hall for his first professional fight in six years when he faces Gillingham southpaw Mark Mills. The opponent is irrelevant in some ways in the story of the 28 year old Ozimkowski; it’s about showing what he can do regardless of who his comeback foe is. He has a point to prove and a burning desire to put the nightmare of six years ago behind him.

The come-backing welterweight relives the night he made his pro debut back in September 2008…

“I was just young and stupid and wasn’t being smart” Ozimkowski tells Livefight. “I didn’t know who I’d be fighting and my then manager just kept telling me I’d be facing someone ordinary…no-one special.”

As the 22 year old calmly waited for the contest to start, he would receive a massive shock when hearing his opponent’s credentials from the MC…

“I didn’t know who he was and they call out his record and he’s won 16 and stopped 15. I couldn’t do anything about it at that point. I had the attitude that I’d fight anyone in the amateurs so I said f**k it and fought him.”

The young Pole’s opponent on the night was African champion Badru Lusambya. At 16-0-1 (15), the big punching southpaw would have made many debutants run in fear but Ozimkowski stood his ground and gave the far more experienced man a decent contest.

“I felt I did well, some people even said afterwards they thought I won” reveals Karl. “It was a pretty good fight and I got through it without getting knocked out or really beaten up so I didn’t feel too bad about it.”

Three months later he would get the chance to get into winning ways against the 1-0 Johnny Creamer but it would result in another four-round decision loss though Karl strongly questions the decision that night.

“I was 100% confident after the four rounds I had won” says the 28 year old. “I even moved around in the last knowing I’d done enough and that I’d won but the second the final bell went the ref’ raised (Creamer’s) hand without even hearing the verdict. I thought ‘here we go another stitch up’ so I returned to the amateurs soon after.”

“It just felt like my manager was trying to turn me into a journeyman or something and I was never turning pro for that.”

Many years ago, the confident Polish fighter would first gain success in kick-boxing before later turning his sights to boxing. After moving over to the UK he would prove his worth as an amateur representing both London and England against international opposition in various tournaments.

“I wasn’t scared of anybody in the amateurs and I will be now the same in the pro ranks” warns Karl. “I was in a tournament in Hungary and they asked who I was boxing. I didn’t know but they told me he was the number two in the country but I didn’t care; I beat him and won the best boxer of the tournament award.”

After the frustration of his first attempts in the pro ranks how does he now feel about his latest try at the age of 28?

“You know every few years the age of boxers goes up a little bit” explains Karl. “A few years ago fighters were usually done by the age of 30 but now many consider a fighter’s prime as between 28 and 35. Right now my strength, technique and fitness is the best it’s ever been. I’m like Bernard Hopkins; I stay healthy and fit even without a fight (scheduled).”

“I’m being looked after now getting trained and managed by Alec Wilkey and I’m blessed as I couldn’t have a better team behind me. I’m in camp with, and sparring guys, like Johnny Coyle, Danny Connor, Lenny Daws and Alec spends a lot of time with all of his fighters so I’m always learning and improving.”

What does he know about tonight’s opponent Mick Mills?

“To be honest not a lot” Karl admits to Livefight. “I’ve been to one of his fights and he seems pretty average but I am also without a pro win so I can’t say anything. He’s a southpaw but I regularly spar one of the best southpaws around in Johnny Coyle so I know I can handle (Mills). I’ve been in full training since May and I’ve been killing myself to get in the best possible physical shape and I've no doubt I'll beat him.”

“Once I get Mills out of the way I want to stay as busy as possible” continues “The Doctor”. “I don’t want to be one of these guys who fights and then has three or four months off, I want to be kept as active as possible and hopefully be in a position to be chasing titles next year.”

How would he describe himself to those who are unfamiliar with his background?
“I’m a quiet Polish kid who came to the UK to follow his dreams…and I’m a hard worker and a big dreamer” replies the six foot prospect after a short pause.

Finally, where did that nickname come from?

“It was a few years ago I was working with an American trainer named Barry Robinson” says Karl. “I trained with him all through the summer and he gave me the name “The Doctor”. He said everything I did was so precise and accurate I was like a surgeon. After a few months I liked the name and it just stuck.”

“I’d just like to thank everyone who supports me both in Poland and here in the UK. When I came over here I didn’t know anyone but the support I get is fantastic. I’d also like to thank my trainers and everyone who is a part of team Wilkey.”

The Steve Goodwin-promoted York Hall show tonight also features undefeated super-middleweight Lee Markham, former Commonwealth cruiserweight champion Tony Conquest and come-backing heavyweight Richard Towers. There’s also an intriguing heavyweight match between the returning Ali Adams and Larry Olubamiwo.

Karl would like to thank his sponsors ID Block, No1 Fitness, Body by Nature Supplements, Aggressive Art and PR manager Tim Rickson.

Provodnikov stops Castillo but it’s all about the 62 year old “Homeboy” Rourke


By Michael J Jones

This evening at the Moscow Concert Hall in Luzhniki, former world champion Ruslan Provodnikov, predictably beat down aging Mexican Jose Luis Castillo in five one-sided rounds. While the former WBO titlist now looks set for another world tilt in the near future, most of the talk tonight is regarding the undercard bout between 62-year-old American actor Mickey Rourke and Elliot Seymour.

The unexpected return of Rourke to boxing some twenty years after his short-lived pro career was met with both intrigue and shock when announced. The Sin City star looked in great shape for yesterday’s weigh in and boxed fairly well under the circumstances.

Seymour, a 29 year old from California was reportedly a former Golden Gloves champion but at 1-9 was clearly not the same fighter out of his vest. The exhibition bout, scheduled for five rounds, started at a slow pace which suited the grey-haired actor.

In the second round Rourke, who has a strange, almost disjointed, cross-armed style, missed a few punches before backing to the ropes to beckon his younger opponent in. Seymour seemed extremely hesitant to engage though.

Around a minute in, Rourke, formerly a long-time sparring partner to James “Lights Out” Toney, landed a couple of harmless-looking rights downstairs. A third dropped Seymour who arose at ‘seven’ to resume the action. Rourke didn’t prolong the show and another little right to the body dropped his foe again where the ref would count him out.

The two men immediately embraced with the winner appearing to thoroughly enjoy the whole experience from start to finish. He certainly acts better than he fights but one must give credit for Mickey for even attempting to box at his advanced stage in life.

If you’re looking for positives; this was the only the second time in six years Seymour had been stopped. However it was also the fifth straight defeat this year for the Californian who barely landed even half a punch in the five or so minutes the fight lasted.

Rourke is said to have dropped 35lbs to make his belated ring return and plans to continue boxing in Russia next year also. The movie star went 20-6 (17) as an amateur in the late 60’s before making his pro debut in 1991 as his movie career hit the skids.

Although he would only box for three years, Mickey would stay undefeated at 6-0-2 (4) and has always maintained he was close to a WBO world title shot at the time he retired following injuries he sustained in his eight pro bouts.

In the real main event of the night, Jose Luis Castillo did his best against Provodnikov but found the ten-years-younger Russian far too tenacious and hard hitting. The 40 year old former champion shipped a lot of punishment, had some success with single counter punches and did a little better than many had predicted though it was far below what was required to beat the dangerous Russian.

Castillo was rocked in the fifth and, after his second trip to the canvas, the ref wisely called a halt to the proceedings. Provodnikov was having his first fight since losing in an upset to Chris Algieri last June. He is now 24-3 (17) and surely will get another shot in the first half of next year.

VIDEO Saunders vs Eubank Jr weigh in


By @KuganCassius

iFLTV present the Saunders vs Eubank Jr weigh in video:

VIDEO Warren : No talking left to do - time for fighting !


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iFLTV talk to promoter Frank Warren ahead of #BadBlood this weekend:

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