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Joe Murray: Happy with first year as pro


By Lee Collier

Joe Murray faces unbeaten Georgian on 15th January/ Is happy with first year as a pro

Boxer Joe Murray

Former Olympian and World Amateur Bronze Medallist Joe Murray had a successful first year in the professional ranks. Murray boxed five times under the Hatton Promotions banner and scored five win with two early stoppages.

Murray also featured in two fights on Sky’s Friday Night Fights and in only his second fight featured on the Ricky Hatton/Manny Pacquiao undercard in Las Vegas.

The 22 year old fighter who returns to the ring on the 15th January is happy with the progress he has made during his first year in the pro ranks.

“I am really happy with my first year. I am getting the fights in pretty regularly and feeling pretty good. The last two fights have been stoppages so it looks like I’m adapting to the pro’s more with each fight and I can’t wait for the 15th January.

Murray’s last performance came on the Wigan Warriors undercard where he scored his most impressive performance in stopping Barrington Brown in the second round, a feat which impressed the youngster.

“It was a good win for me. Joe [Gallagher] kept Barrington Browns record away from me and just told me he could punch a bit so after the fight I wasn’t really impressed as I just thought he was another person,” stated Murray. “After I heard what he had done in the past it made the win a much better achievement. He had never been stopped before so stopping him shows people I have power. Brown is also a super-featherweight and I proved I can punch at super-featherweight so when I get down to super-bantamweight I am sure I can stop opponents too.”

Murray has boxed between super-bantamweight and super-featherweight, but 2010 should see Murray tackle the super-bantamweight division.

“I boxed Delroy Spencer at super-bantamweight and I looked strong in that and I can make the weight quite comfortably,” claimed Murray. “I have Kerry Kayes on board and he helps to make sure I make weight and I have Joe Gallagher who knows everything about the boxing game so I am sure I have the best team around me and we can go all the way.”

After the Barrington Brown win trainer Joe Gallagher made the bold claim that his young protégé could be looking at a British title within 12 months which is a situation Murray would be happy with.

“I’d take a title chance with both hands if Joe thinks I am ready for it. I have been with Joe since I the age of 13 and I keep saying he’s like a father figure to me, so if he thinks I can win then I’m sure I’ll grab it with both hands and take my opportunity and hopefully grab the title.”

If Murray does get a title chance then sparring a European champion like Rendall Munroe can only help. “Rendall is a strong European champion and he has shown his strength and when I hold my own against Rendall it gives me confidence.”
Murray continued, “Rendall also praises me a lot and when someone like that gives you compliments it will give you confidence going into a British title fight. He’s done it all and when he says I can do the same it gives you the boost and makes me believe I can do it.”

As well as having the talent, Murray has Hatton Promotions backing him and Murray believes he made the right choice going with the new promotion company.
“My first three fights weren’t on TV but I boxed in Las Vegas and I’m sure every boxer wants to box in Vegas on a big event,” enthused Murray. “I also got to learn my trade whereas the other Olympians were on TV getting critiqued straight away from the first minute.

“I did a six rounder on my debut and got more mature by doing the rounds and you saw in my last two fights that I stopped my last two opponents. It shows I got to learn my trade and it’s starting to pay off more even though I am still learning. Even though I am on TV now and there’s more pressure there is still not as much pressure as on the other Olympians.”

Murray returns on the 15th January facing unbeaten Georgian George Mchedlishvili (5-0-1) who will be an unknown quantity to the young fighter.
“I know he is Georgian and he is unbeaten so someone’s ‘0’ has to go. I am in great shape and have been in the gym over Christmas and my birthday so someone’s got to take the pain.”

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Mayweather Sparring footage


Footage of Floyd Mayweather sparring a seemingly heavier opponent have surfaced. Mayweather riles the eastern-European opponent calling him a 'bitch'.

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Ian Napa set to defend against Jamie McDonnell

British bantamweight champion Ian Napa will make his first title defence against Doncaster man Jamie McDonnell in January on Sky Sports.

The Londoner regained his title for a second reighn with a points win over the rugged Gary Davies.

Previously Napa was the European champion, but came unstuck against Malik Bouziane. His promoter Frank Maolney believes Napa is good enough for World title level, but needs to put more into it.

"Ian always seems to comeback when he has suffered a defeat," said promoter Frank Maloney. But he cannot afford any more if he wants to reach world level."

"His European title loss against Malik Bouziane was a shock to him. After that fight myself and Ian's trainer Brian Lawrence told him he had to put more in to succeed.

"I cannot fault his application since and he proved himself once more by defeating Davies."

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Edison Miranda pulls out of Stieglitz fight


Columbian Edison 'Pantera' Miranda (33-4, 29ko) has pulled out of his WBO world title challenge with Germany's Robert Steiglitz following a bad dose of the flu.

Miranda still hopes that a revised date can be agreed with Stieglitz camp, but should that not come to fruition then he will look to set up a title challenge against Romanian Lucian Bute for his IBF title.

Bute, who knocked out Andrade in a rematch has recently disclosed he would like a 'name' fight to increase his profile in America.

Miranda, whilst always a handful for any opponent has always fell short at the top. He has challenged Arthur Abraham and Kelly Pavlik for their world titles and got knocked out.

Despite that, the former street urchin has a large fan base, thanks to his heavy handed style and willingness to engage his opponent. Whilst a fight with Stieglitz is winnable, a fight with Bute would earn more money and be of a much higher profile.

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Press Release: GBP and Mayweather put record straight


LOS ANGELES (December 28, 2009) . . . After a Christmas weekend filled with comments and reports related to the potential mega-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions are issuing the following statement in order to set the record straight.

Let the record be clear: Manny Pacquiao and his promoter Bob Arum are threatening to walk away from the largest fight in history.

The fact is that random blood and urine testing was one of the many deal points and was listed along with the others, such as the financial split, the weight, financial penalty for being overweight, the appointment of the foreign sales agent, the production of the marketing assets, the gloves and many more. Team Mayweather made major concessions in many of these areas and we were optimistic that Team Pacquiao would do the same as it related to the request for random blood and urine testing, which Floyd Mayweather agreed to immediately.

It is disappointing for us to see that the benefits of blood testing and the fact that many different substances and procedures can only be detected by blood testing, are still not fully understood by all.

Their "take it or leave it" approach where blood testing would stop 30 days prior to the fight unless the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) approved differently is another indication that they may not want this fight. Pacquiao's position (and as stated on his website) is. "The truth is taking blood out of my body does not seem natural to me and mentally I feel it will weaken me if blood is taken from me just days before the fight" or he is "afraid of needles" and does not feel comfortable with blood being taken closer than 30 days before the fight is another interesting point. The fact is that he did have blood taken just 14 days prior to his fight with Ricky Hatton, an event which was documented on HBO's 24/7 reality show.

Also when told that Pacquiao feels that the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is an agent of Golden Boy Promotions-which is in and of itself a ridiculous accusation-we moved swiftly and made yet another concession by stating that we would be perfectly fine to retain another agency which would do the random urine and blood tests and jointly agree on a reasonable cutoff prior to the fight but which would still maintain the integrity of the results. Let it be clear that this procedure was declined by Pacquiao as was the proposal to bring in an independent mediator such as Sen. John McCain, a suggestion that was in fact embraced by Bob Arum, but also declined by Manny Pacquiao.

Let it be very clear that nobody from Team Mayweather or Golden Boy Promotions is accusing Pacquiao of anything. But the reality seems to be that for whatever reason Pacquiao does not want to participate in random blood testing, which has already been deemed a harmless procedure that many current athletes are subjected to prior to and during competition.

Team Mayweather and Golden Boy Promotions is still open to the earlier discussions of having both parties work out a mutually agreeable understanding of the testing, which would be conducted by a mutually agreed upon agency.

In closing Floyd Mayweather is one of the most decorated athletes boxing has ever seen and he is anxious to make this fight happen for all of the fans and sports enthusiasts that are asking for this fight to happen too. As you might have noticed Floyd has been silently watching and patiently waiting for the final details of the fight to get worked out. As Floyd has already stated he does not have a problem with the random procedure and will be under the same requirements as Pacquiao, it is simply hard for him to understand why there is reluctance on Pacquiao's part to agree to do the same.

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Holyfield: I saw Floyd lose to southpaw


Evander Holyfield on Pacquiao-Mayweather

By Brent Matteo Alderson

In an interview with Julian Esquivel, Evander Holyfield analyzed the Mayweather-Pacquiao match up and thinks it’s a very dangerous fight for Floyd, who he considers to be a great technical boxer and commented, “Mayweather may be one of the most skillful fighters ever. Skillful wise he would have been able to compete in any era while some of the fighters today would only be able to compete in this era.”

Holyfield thinks that Pacquiao’s unorthodox style may give Mayweather problems and noted, “When I look at Pacquiao and the only problem where I think he’s going to give Mayweather trouble is he’s elusive. And even though he looks like he isn’t moving, he’s going to hit and wave and he’s going to punch from so many different angles, that he may be the only person that will be able to hurt Mayweather if he catches him with shots because he doesn’t throw his punches straight. From every angle you can get hit, he throws it, and you can’t block all the angles. By him being left handed and he has enough speed, and he is more active than Floyd so he will throw more punches.

He may not be quicker one punch per se but he throws so many punches and Floyd loves to go on defense and he only likes to throw two shots when he’s on defense and this guy likes to throw five shots so he’s going to get hit with something so I think this is the fight that’s going to make or break Floyd. This fight here will be one of the pinnacle things that will make Floyd great. This fight here for Floyd can break him. He beats this guy; he beat someone who is sensational. And he may not get the credit because everything on Pacquiao’s side is up because if he doesn’t win it was just a challenge for him to go up.”

Evander Holyfield was in Atlanta during the Olympics when Floyd won a Bronze medal as a nineteen year old and Evander compared that fight to Mayweather’s upcoming bout with Pacquiao and noted, “The only fight that I saw Floyd lose was in the Olympics in Atlanta, it was the last fight that he lost and it was a left handed guy. And the only way he beat Floyd is Floyd is a spot fighter, he fights in spots so what he did was he made Floyd fight more than Floyd wanted to fight. I think with Pacquiao, he’s going to put on a lot of pressure. If he puts a lot of pressure on Floyd, either Floyd is going to catch him or he’s going to be hitting Floyd. Floyd is a disciplined fighter he could care less if the fight is boring as long as he’s not getting hit.

I’ve never seen anybody make Floyd go off [his game-plan] because nobody ever hits him. That’s how good he is, you don’t ever see anybody hit him. He kind of reminds me of Pernell Whitaker. Nobody could hit Pernell. The only time Pernell got hit is when he fought Trinidad and he lost because he wasn’t quick enough to get out of the way, there was nothing he could do. The same thing with this because Pacquiao is going to throw a hundred punches. And you know how Floyd goes into the corner, and Pacquiao can hit him because he’s got that much energy to do that and it seems like he likes doing that. He never runs out, he’s just one of those guys that goes ratatatat. So if Floyd lets him build up and throw all those punches it could be a one sided fight [for Pacquiao].”


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Brent Matteo Alderson, a graduate of UCLA, worked as a staff writer for for five years and now works as’s American correspondent. His published work has appeared in publications such as Ring Magazine, KO, World Boxing, Boxing 2008, and Latin Boxing Magazine.

Alderson has also been featured on the ESPN Classic television program “Who’s Number One?” 

Alex Arthur undecided over Warren future


31-year-old Edinburgh man 'Amazing' Alex Arthur has admitted that his fight at light welterweight with Nigel Wright 'was a mistake'

Arthur poured his heart out to Jim Black at the Sunday Mail declaring that the fight with Wright damaged his lightweight WBO ranking and that he is tired of being so far down on the undercard, despite being a former world champion.

"I need to know in what direction my career is going. That's why I want to sit down with Frank as soon as possible to discuss the way ahead because I undercard fighter for the likes of Amir Khan and Mitchell." said Arthur.

"Being on the bill at six o'clock in the evening, as happened on the Khan show at Newcastle this month when I fought Nigel Wright, is not going to happen again.I'm a former world champion who has had more title bouts than most and think I deserve some respect."

Arthur conceded that if he cannot secure the fights that he craves he will look to another promoter.

"If Frank (Warren) says it will be hard for him to work me back into the title mix and is unable to get me meaningful fights I would like to think he will be good enough to release me and let me find another promoter.

"When you've been a world champion used to topping the bill or at least featuring as the main support it is impossible to become motivated in these circumstances. My performance definitely suffered because of the timing of the bout but that wasn't the only reason I lost. I also went into the ring far too heavy and looked quite fleshy, something I have never been in the past.

"That night I felt as if I was wearing one of the weighted vests we use at training and don't want to experience that again."

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VIDEO: Froch wins BBC East Midlands Sports Personality


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