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The World no longer waits - Mayweather wins

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Floyd Mayweather won last night by scores of 116-112 (Chuck Giampa) 115-113 (Jerry Roth) 115-113 (Tom Kaczmarek)

Mayweather 38-0 (24), was put under an immense amount of pressure by the bigger De La Hoya and was meekishly smiling his way through some of the early onslaughts and Oscar was in return managing to block many of Floyd's counter attacks this a solid defence of his own

However Oscar failed to sustain his tactics into the latter part of the fight and his lack of jab allowed Floyd to get into the fight and begin going through some of repetoire later into the fight with excellent footwork and some good bodyshots of his own.

“I felt I won,” said De La Hoya who's record is now 38-5 (30KO).

“I thought I pressed the fight and I if I didn’t press the fight there wouldn’t have been any fight.

“I landed the harder and crisper punches.”


“He threw a lot of punches and they weren’t landing,” he said. “I saw the shots coming. I stayed on the outside. It was a masterpiece of boxing.

“He was rough, he was tough, but he proved he couldn’t beat the best.”

De La Hoya:-

On his own Jab -

“For some reason, it wasn’t the night of the jab,” De La Hoya admitted.

Despite losing for the third time in his last five bouts, De La Hoya viewed his performance as still a victory on a personal level.

“Everyone counted me out,” he said. “He’s younger than me and faster, but I hurt him with a few punches and I know he felt it.”

“I am still retiring after this fight,” he said. “I am a six-time world champion in five divisions.

“I have nothing else to prove. I am going to move on to bigger and better things.”

“I got to go back to the drawing board, see how my body feels,” he said. “This is a game I love… the fight game has brought me here."

So what next? Floyd has said he has retired - wheras Oscar has said he wishes to continue... Ricky Hatton or Miguel Cotto may be on the horizon for the Golden One... Unless Pretty Boy Floyd has his own agenda.

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