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Froch: Me and Haye went clubbing in Finland

04.11.10 caught up with a relaxed Carl Froch in his Sheffield hotel to find out how the Nottingham Super Middleweight’s preparation for his impending trip to Finland was panning out. 'The Cobra' reveals his thoughts on the Super Six's impending fights, Arthur Abraham and clubbing in Finland with David Haye

LF: So Carl, how are you and how is the training going ?

“Training has been spot on it must be said. Had a lad called Kenny Anderson in recently and he’s been pretty useful. I didn’t know much about him and at first we just went through the motions really, but as we found our rhythm he turned out to be pretty elusive and it’s been good. We’ve also got a Canadian lad in to who has been very good for training with too.

“The runs, the fitness and sharpness – it’s all where it needs to be right now for the trip to Finland. I’m looking forward going back out there.

LF:I read somewhere you’d fought in Finland as an amateur already ?

Carl with partner Rachel

“Yes I have boxed in Finland twice now and both trips I really enjoyed. I said to Rachel that Finland would be a nice break for us when the baby is a bit older. I was thinking of a weekend break over there months ago and then ironically it got tabled as the replacement country for Monaco and having been a few times already I had no issue with it.

“I boxed in the European championships and their Finnish ‘Tamere’ boxing tournament which was good experience. I remember we stayed out in the forest area and we were near some lakes which were beautiful. The air was really fresh and I like that kind of thing, having grown up around Sherwood Forest.

“It was getting on for about 10 years ago now but I remember the place vividly, it was called Tampere and the people were lovely. The streets were clean and basically, you know, it was just a nice place. One day we took a little boat out on the lakes and got to a little island and did a bit of sunbathing !

“Me and David Haye were out in Tampere on a night time and we had a few orange juices in the bars and hit a club actually and busted a few moves on the dance floor with the rest of the boys.

Tampere, Finland

“I was telling the driver about my previous trips and he told us to wrap up extra warm when we come back in November. That it’s really dark and nothing like the mild summers. He then rattled off a few facts about how everyone gets depressed with the long dark winter nights and as a result, a few of them leap off buildings which I didn’t believe to be honest, but then later someone else said the same damn thing to me.

“I thought it was really nice when I came for a fight last time and I think the travelling fans will have a good time there I really do despite it being winter here now. I will certainly put a smile on the Finnish fight fan’s faces. They’re in for a treat.

“Plus Finnish promoters P3 have got their local lads out on the undercard and Robert Helenious who is making good strides at heavyweight. I think he’s got a Swedish rival coming in for a bit of a scrap which sounds like it has got a bit of needle. So that will be a good one for the visiting fans to watch on the undercard.”

LF: You mentioned David Haye was with you. Did you get up to much mischief out there then or can’t you tell me?

“Well the story about the 2 midgets and a banana is one that you’ll not be able to publish (laughs)

“No I’m joking. To be honest we were pretty dedicated and bang into performing well. So no, we didn’t go bonkers on the amateur trips. But there was a load of us that used to feature pretty prominently from the UK in these tournaments for a while and we all got to know one another as pals.

LF: Do you still keep in touch with any of them ?

“Well it’s like old workmates or school mates. Some of them you still see from time to time but you kind of all go your own ways in life. There were some damn good lads that I met along the journey that are probably married with kids now and doing something other than boxing.

Best of enemies: Kalle Saulerland (left)

So Carl, the latest Fight Camp from Showtime was aired and it made for some entertaining viewing with you having words with Kalle Saulerland and Abraham during the press conference. Can you expand a bit on that ?

“Yeah, I gave them a piece of my mind actually. I think floating around on the web is the full video of the press conference and you can see the kind of things I made a point about.

“ Showtime have cut a lot of the conference footage to make it fit the allocated time slot – but there were things being said I wasn’t impressed with from The Weasel and Abraham.

“At one point I asked Abraham and his team if they thought it was big and clever when they cheap-shotted Dirrell whilst he was on the canvas .... and they thought it was big and clever what they did - and actually happy they’d knocked him out.... saying something like if he’d have hit him as hard as he could it would have been a week in hospital rather than just a night. And I just thought ‘classy’.

“Then at another point in the conference, The Weasel alluded to ‘looking after the judges for his shows’ and also slipped up when he actually agreed that his judge’s score for the Kessler fight was ridiculous and I told the audience that ‘There you go folks, even Saulerland say their judges were ridiculous’

“But like I said, the full conference is on the web somewhere so you can see the weasel in full flow if you want to.

“I’m seriously revved up for this fight and they can all sit their flashing their bleached teeth in their tailored suits all they like, but trust me when I tell you that I’m going out there to batter Abraham. Whatever tune I decide to hum, the smurf will dance to it.

LF: Going back to your sparring again for a moment, you sparred George Groves during your Monaco preparations and are now sparring his next opponent Kenny Anderson – can you guess what my question is gonna be ?

“(laughs) Who hits harder? Who has the best defence? Who knows – I think you’ll have to tune in to see that one, but they’re both decent in their own way. It will be a match of styles and a very good fight for the fans and both have good tools in their locker. I really rate Groves as I’ve said many a time, but to be fair to Anderson he’s a solid operator to who I’ve enjoyed sparring with.”

LF: Is that fence comfortable Carl?

“(laughs) no it isn’t”.

LF: OK, so final question or should I say two questions – Bika vs Ward and Green vs Johnson?

“Well starting with Johnson against Green, I think that could be very interesting because you’ve got Green coming off the back of a stinker against Ward and he’ll be looking to make a big statement. Then on the other hand you’ve got Johnson who has been fighting at world class for a long while now and has bags of determination and work rate.

“ Even in defeat, Johnson has certainly given his victors plenty to think about up at Light Heavyweight. But it’s been a decade since he last did the 168lb limit and that could take away his legs later in the fight. Likewise it’s been written that Green has battled the scales himself so who knows what will pan out in the later rounds. It’s difficult to pick out a winner and like I said, it’s all about making the weight for both men and the impact on them both.

“With regards the Ward fight, it will be interesting if they start going in with the heads. Bika and Ward both need a boxing glove on their nut at times. (nut = head).

“Ward has the quality and class, but Bika has the brute strength and toughness. With it being another fight in Oakland I can only really forecast a shut out by Ward on the scorecards as I don’t think Ward carries the power to put away Bika. So I’ll be picking Ward on points for that one.”

LF: Thanks Carl and good luck in the Abraham fight.

“My pleasure.”


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