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Arum: Oscar and schaefer are garbage


Pacquiao is my friend - Bob Arum

Bob Arum has hit back at people who want to do business with him, but are defaming Manny Pacquiao in the process.

"Richard Schaefer and Oscar De La Hoya defamed Manny Pacquiao.

"Manny Pacquiao is dear to my heart. Not because he's a great fighter who is very lucrative to do fights, but because he is my friend.

"And anybody who defames my friend, I will treat as a piece of garbage." said Arum.

Meanwhile Oscar De La Hoya has vented his frustration with the Top Rank and Bob Arum stalemate by tweeting "People who don't realize bob arum is hurting the sport are so naive".

Meanwhile the proposed shortlist for the April date at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for Manny Pacquiao's return to action sees Shane Mosely and Andre Berto lead the pack for the fight to happen.

Arum disclosed that he will vet all the offers on his table and then will leave the final choice to Manny Pacquiao. He also added that he believed the offer for a Juan Manuel Marquez trilogy had been deliberately priced high, so they can swerve Pacquiao.

Arum said that the request was the same as the deal made with Floyd Mayweather, a fight which Marquez lost by a landslide - and thus cannot be bargaining those sums.

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