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Haye: Khan can be as big as Naz


WBA heavyweight champion David Haye said "I know Amir Khan is gonna finish the year with a tremendous victory.

"Maidana is a good fighter, a strong fighter and acomplished. He's beaten some good prospects before (Ortiz). But I know Amir has trained really hard for this and is gonna win clearly on points.

"It will be in the same sort of manner as which Carl Froch beat Arthur Abraham the other night. Or he's gonna stop him late.

"Amir is a star. He's got the charisma and people take to him. Just look at the turnout here today. He can be as big as star as Naseem Hamed out here. People still talk about Hamed even now and Amir Khan can do exactly the same thing.

But Marcos Maidana's trainer believes that his fighter's power will wreck the Amir Khan road show.

Miguel Diaz said: "There is no question that Marcos Maidana is the best puncher in the division. He can punch about 2 divisions higher than junior welterweight.

"Hopefully it will be a knockout (victory). If it's not, then it will be like Khan will go down three or four times."

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