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Maidana does not trust judges: I will KO Khan


WBA light welterweight champion Amir Khan makes his Las Vegas debut tomorrow against challenger Marcos Maidana.

Khan taps in Pacquiao's fan base for Saturday

Khan has been in jovial mood all week in front of the press and associated TV networks. Footage of Khan blowing candles out on his birthday cake and hanging out with the who's who of the boxing world, ooze from every website.

Meanwhile away from the glitz and glamour, with no entourage and certainly no multi-million pound sponsor, a quiet figure arrived in his tracksuit. Accompanied by his 78 trainer Miguel Diaz.

Powerful Maidana with 27ko from 29 fights

The rock hard Maidana is a man of few words. Raised on a farm without electricity and one of nine children, he hunted and ate what he caught for a living, until boxing became his life.

When Maidana does speak, he does so quietly and acknowledges the task at hand. He understands who the PR machine is backing, who the media are clamouring for. And that it is not him.

"I don't trust the judges, so I have to go for the knockout." said Maidana candidly.

"I will show him how a champion acts and fights. Khan has been running away from me for a long time."

Whilst Khan has been vociferous in stating he wanted the Maidana fight, others within Khan's team including Freddie Roach has quietly mentioned that the challenger brings too much risk for the reward.

Elsewhere Maidana's former manager was rumoured to have signed a new promotional deal with Golden Boy promotions, including a clause that Maidana could not call out or challenge Khan until 2011.

Whilst Khan fought poor and untested opposition in Dmitri Salita, who was making only his second twelve round debut, Maidana was thrown to the wolves against Victor Ortiz.

Whilst Dimitri was flattened as expected - Maidana went one step further by getting off the canvas to out-slug and out-game Ortiz inside 6 rounds.

Next up for Amir was feather-fisted Paulie Malignaggi, with two losses from his previous four fights. A fight Khan won comfortably.

Meanwhile Maidana was given tricky unbeaten 24-0 Victor Cayo. A stylist with eighteen stoppages, Maidana had his work cut out but floored his opponent in the opening round before halting him in the sixth.

It would seem little thought has gone into keeping Maidana unbeaten, when compared to Khan's spate of recent fights. A cynical person would deduce that if they could get Maidana defeated, then his charge at the title would be halted.

As it stands, all of the above is now history as the pair now meet at the Mandalay bay. With most of the bookmakers making Khan a wild favourite - could Maidana upset the odds and brutalise Khan?

Could Maidana land those heavy hands? the hands that Kevin Kelley described as "insane" and "Like a building fell on you".

All answers will be revealed by close of play on Saturday night.

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