News April 2019

Roach was close to pulling Khan out after 10th


Freddie was concerned for Khan

Freddie Roach has admitted that he was close to pulling Khan out of his WBA title defence on Saturday night. But the fighter's vital responces to questions after a spiteful 10th round as Maidana poured on the pressure.

"It looked like it could be over early. Maidana is a very resilient fighter." said Roach.

"The conditioning got Amir Khan through that war tonight. He is still only 24 years and still learning. I wasn't happy he was on the ropes, but he was hurt. We've been together 3 years and it took a few years to get Pacquiao off the ropes too.

"I'd like Amir to clean up the division as making 140 is not a problem right now, but I think he would be better at 147.

"After the 10th round the first thing I made sure he was alright. It did cross my mind to stop the fight after the 10th round if he didn't give me the responce i needed to hear.

"His answers were clear, he understood what I said - but if he hadn't I would have stopped the fight right there.

"I told him to get out there, use his feet and if he could stick in there for two more rounds he wins the fight." concluded Roach.

Roach now will fly over to celebrate Manny Pacquiao's birthday in the Phillipines and put his feet up until the new year.


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