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Pascal vs Hopkins: weigh in photos


Pascal weighs in

The two best light heavyweights in the world stepped on the scales a moment ago in Canada ahead of their WBC title fight which will be aired live at 10pm ET on Showtime and also in the early morning on Primetime in the UK.

Hopkins weighs in

Bernard Hopkins weighed in at 174.6 pounds and the champion, Jean Pascal weighs 174.10

The verbal sparring continued as Pascal declared "Bernard is just a man. He has two arms, two legs. He is not a martian. And even if he was, I could beat a martian because I am the best in the Universe."

Pascal v Hopkins face to face

"Bernard's last knockout was in 2004... to his boss (Oscar De La Hoya)."

But Hopkins remains confident that he can do the job tomorrow night and take Pascal's WBC title and also the Ring no1 status in the process "I'm in the Showtime business today and will be in the Showtime business after Saturday night."

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