News April 2019

Ledebev robbed in Germany


In yet another extremely questionable decision in Germany, Russian challenger Denis Ledebev was denied the win via a split decision on the judges scorecards.

Marco Huck back pedalled and spent the lion's share of his time backed up onto the ropes by the busy visitor. Showing little head movement and no left-hand at all, he was eating hooks and body shots through the majority of the rounds.

The only shot he could land periodically was the right cross with grazed the face of Ledebev, but for the most part was in defence mode, with little output or technique.

The championship rounds bizarrely saw Huck on his bike - and almost show boating to the crowd despite landing nothing of real note the whole fight.

The champion was out-hustled and out-gunned by the challenger, who's constant attacking pressure combined with higher punch output and success rate, gave him the nod on our card.

William Lerch correctly called the fight 116-112 in Ledebev's favour, whilst Lahcen Oumghar 113-115 and Manuel Oliver Palomo 113-115 saw it for Huck.

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