News April 2019

Manny Steward: Just make the fight Wlad


Manny loses his mind

Wladimir Klitschko's trainer Manny Steward has urged his man to forget the tedious and annoying public spats with regards the wrestling for "every last nickel and dime" and to just go ahead and make the fight with David Haye for "the good of boxing".

It's refreshing that someone in camp has acknowledged that the public is extremely bored with the negotiations and contrary to belief, the long winded discussions do not bring in more customers - they only serve to bore the existing customers to the point of not really caring if they fight or not.

Whether Manny's intervention will consolidate the capitalist nature of the Klitschko brothers is remained to be seen. Hopefully this fight can be made for the first half of 2011.


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