News February 2011

Theophane drops Daws and takes British title


Ashley theophane wins the British title tonight

Lenny Daws lost his British title tonight against boxing's rolling stone, Ashley Theophane.

Daws took control of the action in Wembley tonight for the first half of the fight. Using his exceptional work rate and underestimated speed, Daws puzzled and outworked Theophane for large spells.

But Theophane timed his shots with increasing accuracy until a landslide ninth round which saw him floor Daws heavily and look to be on verge of winning by stoppage, but the fitness and conditioning of the former champion saw him wobble to his feet and continue.

Theophane stalked Daws before flooring him again at the end of the round, before the bell effectively saved him.

The remaining rounds saw the bloody and swollen Daws look vulnerable as the more methodical Ashely looked to finish the fight early. More tense moments came as Ashley shook Daws with body shots and looping right hands before the final bell.

Daws looked forlorn as the unanimous scorecards of 112-115,111-115 and 111-115 were called out, all in the challenger's favour.

"I'm very proud to be a champion. Lenny Daws has got great work rate, it threw me off a bit, but as soon I found my groove I started to get him." said a satisfied Theophane.

On the round 9 knockdowns:-

"When I got the knockdowns, you know I'm not known as a puncher. But I punch harder than my record suggests. But when I hit him and I dropped him, that's when I knew I had the fight.

"I've been boxing since 2003, in American and in Germany and a lot of the British boxing fans don't really know me but I'm very talented."

When asked if the rumours were true and that if he won the British title he would immediately vacate it and head back to America.

"I had a world title eliminator against Randall Bailey fall through, but you know I'm very proud to have this British title and so it's onwards and upwards." concluded the new champion.


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