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Carl Froch exclusive : Talks Johnson, Ward and Abraham

04.03.11 caught up with Nottingham's Carl 'the cobra' Froch as he prepares for his impending semi-final battle with Glen Johnson.

The current WBC champion is looking forward to getting back behind the ropes to defend his title against another respectable contender.

In an era of mismatches, Froch has cleaned out the domestic and is now doing battle with world class opposition in every fight. It's been quiet on the Froch side of things lately, so thanks for doing an interview. So how is the training coming along ?

"Training is going really really well. I had a nice relaxing Christmas and have eased back into it in the last couple of weeks and will start turning up the heat until I'm at full power for Johnson.

"Rocco is sleeping better now. We have his christening soon and apart from that, all my focus is on the Johnson fight. We are still awaiting details from America about the location and so forth, but I'm working towards the May date. Me and Rob (McCracken) have got the plan together for Johnson. We know what he brings and we'll meet him head on for that.

"I respect Johnson and whilst he has done business at light heavyweight for a while, my strength will really surprise him I think. If I were Glen's team I certainly wouldn't bank on that experience helping him much. But he'll find that out anyway." What do you think of the Andre Ward vs Arthur Abraham fight ?

"I took away Abraham's soul in Helsinki.I reached in with the jab and snatched it away and ever since he's had a blank look on his face.

"He had a joke fight with Bozic, who complained of a broken arm in round two - and then was found to be 100% healthy afterwards and Abraham was banking on that win to rebuild some of his confidence and it never happened, so I'm not sure we that leaves him.

"But he could still punch Ward's lights out. Physically and stylistically I was all wrong for Abraham, but believe it or not he could be in his element in this fight against Ward. Literally, if he lands flush he has the power to end any fight. So I assume you have Ward as the favourite now in their match-up ?

"Ward's got that Olympic gold chocolate coin pedigree. I reckon he can fiddle and maul his way to a points win over Abraham. But I can also forecast him squeezing his head through Abraham's tight guard and up into Abraham's face along the way - just like I can see Kalle Saulerland up on his feet screaming at the referee about it too.

"I don't think Ward will box him long and I don't think Abraham will allow it now after Helsinki.

"I'm not going to sugar coat it - I think it will possibly be a brawl 'n maul win for Ward or it will maybe end in controversy.

"Ward is dedicated and he knows how to be victorious and Abraham seems to complain a bit. Not nearly as much as his team though. They publicly tore Arthur to bits in the Helsinki aftermath. There were some serious cold shoulders going on in the ring after I whooped his ass that night, all amongst Team Abraham."

PART 2 of the interview shall follow tomorrow.

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