News May 2019

Wlad pulls out of Chisora fight for second time


The rumours have been floating around for two weeks that Wladimir has been in communications with David Haye about a reported 2nd July fight date - and also that younger Klitschko brother will give 'voluntary challenger' Derek Chisora the elbow rather than jeopardise their lucrative unification fight.

Despite Klitschko's manager only denying any truth in the withdrawal rumour yesterday - it has been officially announced today that Wlad wont actually be fighting Derek Chisora afterall.

Their 'excuse' is that the abdominal injury which cancelled their first fight has apparently not recovered sufficiently to resume training camp for April.

Whilst that may be exciting news for all the Haye fans out there, it's certainly Chisora who ends up with the poor end of the deal.

You can only feel sorry for the British champion as he gets the shaft two times on the trot as it would seem Team Klitschko have swallowed the "I'm retiring in October" bait.

Maybe Tyson Fury and Derek Chisora get it on afterall.


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