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Reverend Judah traps Mabuza


Zab Judah snatched the IBF light welterweight title last night with an impressive, mature approach to his rival Kaiser Mabuza.

Forgiving his usual start fast, fade later attitude - the Las Vegas resident via Brooklyn kept himself defended for the first half of the that before letting bombs go later.

Using deft footwork and refusing to be drawn into a slug fest, Judah back beddled and ducked Mabuza, refusing to engage for round after round.

Then at the end of the 7th round, as Mabuza came walking in to throw, Judah detonated a short hard left hand which staggered the tough South African, who then almost fell forward through the ropes.

The ref allowed Mabuza to pull his head back through the ropes and prop himelf up in the corner for a standing count. It was pretty apparent he was in no state to continue, yet the ref allowed the fight to carry on.

Judah jumped back on him, throwing volleys of hooks until Mabuza sagged onto the ropes and was rightfully stopped.

Mabuza looked strong throughout the previous rounds, but Zab's power was still evident at 33 years old - and that power completely robbed him of his senses.

On tonight's performance, Zab is definitely a force within the 140lb weight class.

"The lord has done something special to me. All credit goes to Jesus Christ man !" said a jubilant Zab.

The interviewer then tried to ask Judah more about the action, but Judah was more intent on talking about his new found faith.

"This is not about me." Judah smiled "This is about Jesus Christ man, he delivered. You guys need to understand what did he did for my life. He is bigger than world titles - I got a whole bunch of titles man, I got 11 already and this is number 12. The titles don't make or break me.

"What changed me is the lord, I want all the young kids to know that thye should serve him, love him and he'll love us.

"I was a knuckle head, but look at me now man. All credit to heaven."


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