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Haye fight signed and expects to face Wladimir


Haye vs Klitschko

WBA heavyweight champion David Haye has reportedly signed to fight "a Klitschko" according to many internet sources. But that the agreement does not state exactly which one he shall line up against on the night.

Many speculate that Vitali will be the one to challenge Haye, but the Londoner disagrees.

Haye, who has reportedly now signed their fight contract had the following to say to Sky Sports News.

"I've got a feeling whatever injury Wladimir has or is carrying will be fine by the time he gets in the ring with me." said Haye.

Whether David intended any sarcasm with that comment or not is to be seen. But on Saturday Wladimir Klitschko announced his stay-busy defence against Derek Chisora was axed on account of an abdominal injury taking longer than expected to heal.

Then within 24 hours announced that a deal to fight Haye was almost completed.

"I think that's the biggest fight in the world. He's the guy who's ranked number one by a lot of experts, he's got the Ring Magazine belt. He's the guy I'm going after.

"If for some reason Wladimir isn't able to compete on that night then his brother should step up. I think that's the fair thing to do. First up is Wladimir, then his brother."

Volodymyr Klychko, if we are using his real birth name has a current record of 58 fights. With 55 wins and a phenominal 49 knockouts.

The telling detail is that whilst he has only been defeated three times, each of them were by knockout himself.

It has been six years since his last defeat to Lamont Brewster, who clocked Klit in five rounds. Back in 2003 he was dispatched in two rounds by Corrie Sanders.

His first defeat came at the hands of journeyman Ross Purity, who hammered Wlad before his coach jumped in and stopped the fight. The younger Klitschko was 24-0 when his first defeat came.

Elder brother Vitali fought both Purity and Sanders after they'd knocked out his brother. He knocked both of them out with a vengence - which has lead to many people saying that Vitali is the dangerman of the brothers.


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