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Ricky Burns and Joseph Laryea weights and video


Ricky Burns

Scotland's WBO champion Ricky Burns weighed in at nine stone and three pounds for his defence against Joseph Laryea on Saturday night in Glasgow. Laryea weighed a few ounces less than Burns.

Laryea was full of threats and throat-slitting gestures, before declaring that he would knock the reigning champion out in front of his home crowd.

"I don't know when but when get the chance to land the left hook it will finish this fight. I think Burns has underestimated how hard my jab is and how fast it is. I can promise him he is not that much faster than me.

"I will not be fighting the same fight I fought against Appleby and if Burns thinks so then he is in for a surprise."

But the champion ignored his opponent's threats and declared "It will be awkward for a couple of rounds because his style is so unorthodox but once he knows I am not taking a backward step the fight will be over.

"Once we're in that ring it comes down to me and him and no one else. All this nonsense, trying to wind me up, is not working."


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