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Degale learns little from French opponent


James Degale

Olympian James Degale improved his unblemished record to 10-0 (8ko) tonight in Glasgow against a part-time waiter from France called Alpay Kobal (7-13, 5 ko).

Degale served up feast of angles and footwork for Kobal from the opening second. Peppering the waiter's face with clusters of unanswered blows.

Touted as a 'stay busy' affair for the Londoner, it was all one way traffic until the ref had seen enough by the fifth round over a scheduled eight.

Kobal was so poor infact, that he made Degale's fierce rival George Grove's 'stay busy' opponent the other week look like a prime Hitman Hearns.

"The fight was all about keeping off the rust as I can't afford to be out of the ring for months, but yeah he was a tough boy." Said Degale, but there was no mistaking the viewers.

When asked about the George Groves saga, Degale let the cat out of the bag by saying cryptically "Im just waiting for them to sign to contract" which indicates that despite Team Groves winning the purse bid it looks more like it will head over to Frank Warren to promote.

"I'm ready for it, I'm just waiting for the call from Frank (Warren). I'm ready to knock out the ugly kid. I just want ugly kid to sign the contract so we can do this."

When asked if George Groves would have been impressed with Degale's performance tonight, Degale roared that "It doesn't matter what he thinks. Because I'm gotta knock him out inside four rounds."

However within a few moments, Groves had posted on his facebook page "Someone from James Degale's team should tell him that the contracts are SIGNED and LODGED with the BBBoC from the Purse Bids..."


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