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Burns retains after Laryea retires with hand injury


By Lee Skavydis

Ricky Burns

Ricky Burns retained his WBO super-featherweight title tonight at the Braehead arena in Scotland, with a TKO of Ghanaian Joseph Laryea after seven rounds, when the challenger failed to come out of his corner at the break after citing a hand injury.

Laryea took two and a half minutes to climb through the ropes as he took his time to dance his way to the ring, sporting a blond frohawk.

Burns looked relaxed to complete another day at the office as he walked to the ring, chewing gum and acknowledging the crowd when he climbed through the ropes.

The fight started rapid with Laryea trying to force the action, attempting to tag Burns with a power shot but missing wildly. The bout quickly settled into a rhythm with Burns scoring with body shots, and jabbed Laryea to keep him on the outside. Laryea tried to get his own jab going with little success.

A swelling appears under Laryea's eye as he chased down Burns in the second round but is tagged by flurries of punches from the Scottish champion. Burns used his footwork well to keep out of the way of danger.

In round 3, both boxers fought at close quarters. Uppercuts hammered home from the champion and challenger. Ricky scores with an eye catching body shot toward the end of the round.

Ricky Burns had a tough time in the 4th as the Ghanian stepped up the pressure, uppsetting the rhythm that Burns set in the first 3 rounds. Laryea complained of a kidney shot but referee, Eddie Claudio did not acknowledge it.

Laryea got closer to Burns in the 5th as the WBO champion slowed down, not using his footwork as effectively as before. However, toward the end of the round, Burns landed a left hook to the body and head.

Burns had good success once again in the 6th, even though he wasn't moving as much as he was before. Claudio warned Laryea for use of the elbow, and Burns continued to pop shots off from the outside.

The 7th was to be the final round of the bout as Laryea was caught with a left hook that stumbled him. Burns found continual success with the left hook, and mixed it up with body shots. Laryea's punch output noticeably dropped.

Before the fighters were due out of their corners for the 8th round, Laryea's corner signalled to the referee that they did not want to continue, citing an injured right hand, giving Burns the victory.

"I noticed he was getting uncomfortable at the end there and I'm pleased with my performance. Things just keep better for me and I'm starting to get used to all the attention." said Burns who's record improves to 31-2 (8ko).

"I was enjoying the fight although I knew he was going to be difficult and awkward. His arms were longer than you think and I kept getting caught with the jab.

"Before they pulled him out, I felt as if I was getting on top of him. I like to go back to my boxing skills but sometimes I try to mix it up a little bit and I tried to enjoy myself in there tonight.

"I'm starting to get used to the status of being a world champion. So hopefully we can carry on and get the big fights now."

Laryea, from Ghana now slips to 14-5 (11ko).


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