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Andy Lee stops Craig McKewan in tenth


Andy Lee

MASHANTUCKET, CONNECTICUT :- Middlweight fringe contenders Andy Lee and Craig McKewan locked horns last night from the opening bell, in an Ireland versus Scotland shoot-out on the undercard of Sergio Martinez's middlweight world title defence against Sergey Dzinziurk.

Both men rammed the jab home and slung in vicious left hooks from the outset, with the opening four rounds about level, with both landing big, hurtful punches on one another.

By the fifth round, Kronk gym trained Andy Lee's mouth was hanging open and he was visibly marked up around the face, whilst McKewan looked significantly fresher.

Lee's corner implored him to stop thowing single shots and to relax, to breath deeply and not to waste so much energy. After better rounds in the sixth and seventh, Lee opened up a cut across Mckewan's left eye, it was now the Scotsman who seemed to slow-up considerably.

The pace dropped considerably by the eighth round, with the coasting suiting Andy Lee's style better. McKewan's corner begged their man to up his game, to pour on the pressure for the last two rounds as they sensed Andy Lee was now leading.

Both men kept up with each other as the ninth unfolded, towards the end you could sense the tempo lifting again as both fighters started to trade again, when with 25 seconds to go, Lee threw the jab and dropped a big left cross to floor McKewan, who was hurt, but not quite ready to go just yet.

McKewan looked utterly exhausted in the corner as his team poured ice water onto his head and tended his cuts, imploring him to get his head together.

Starting the tenth behind his jab, Lee sensed his opponent was ready for the taking and the wheels soon came flying off McKewan, as Lee slammed home a left hook. The Scotsman's legs stuttered and a semi-grin appeared, before Lee followed up with one-two's and left hooks. The ref sensed the end was imminent and moved in closely to observe McKewan when Lee's left hook slammed home again, flooring McKewan who was then waved off by the referee - handing a stoppage win to Lee.

Andy Lee now moves to 25-1 (19ko) and the previously unbeaten Craig McKewan slips to 19-1 (10ko).


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