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Sergio Martinez : Different class to Dzinziruk


Sergio Martinez

MASHATUCKET,CONNECTICUT: Sergio Martinez compunded his status as the number one middleweight in boxing with a mightily impressive KO win over Sergey Dzinziruk last night at the Foxwoods resort and casino.

The opening rounds were dominated by a fast, energetic effort from Martinez, who circled the outside of the ring as his opponent followed him round like a polite puppy dog.

In the third round Dzinziruk changed tact slightly and tried to step in and land power shots, instead of simply prodding the jab which he'd done in previous rounds.

This presented the champion with the openings he was longing for, as he stopped circling and began to stand his ground more and unload the big clubbing shots he has not began to be accustomed for.

Round four began intensely and with fifteen seconds a flurry of shots thrown by Martinez, caused the challenger to dip his knee too much and catch the canvas - this was immeadiately spotted and rightfully counted by the referee.

Knowing he was likely down on every round to date, plus losing a point with the stoppage, Dzinziruk began losing his cool and walked onto perfectly placed jabs and uppercuts by the champion. Then he threw a pretty obvious low blow to Martinez, resulting in the champion having a short breather before the end of the round.

Round five commenced and Martinez immeadiately landed some big power shots, rousing the crowd. The champion's energy and balance was as fresh as the opening round, as he began to take Dzinziruk into deeper water. Then with just ten seconds left of the round, Martinez flattened the challenger with a beautiful one-two.

Dzinziruk rose to his feet, still with his senses intact - but looked forlorn and frustrated his work so far had zero impact on the champion.

Round sixth and Martinez came out firing, taking the fight to another level. The difference in effective punches being landed was now really widening. The challenger's nose was bleeding and his face red with punishment. But he still pressed forward for more.

The following round saw more of the same, with Dzinziruk refusing to realise he was losing every round and that his punches had little effect. Dzinziruk was now showing a lot of heart, he was still giving it a damn good go and at very last, towards the end of the round, he started to land some quality punches and opened up a cut across the champion's eye.

As the bell rung for the eighth round, Dzinziruk was stood in the centre of the ring - imploring Martinez to get off his stool to come out, so he could continue the small bit of good work he'd finally began.

Martinez came out and obliged him. Dzinziruk had the bit between his teeth and pressed the champion immeadiately.

It was the wrong move.

After a minute, Martinez landed a big left hand over the top of Dzinziruk's predictable jab and floored him heavily. Dziniziruk rose quickly from the canvas and was immeadiately sent crashing to the floor again by Martinez.

Making the same mistake again, he leapt up again straight away and got a standing eight count. Martinez pounced for the third time, crashing big hooks into the Ukranian, dumping him onto his backside as the ref stopped the fight.

Martinez now improves to 47-2 (26ko) and collects the WBC diamond belt. Dzinziruk drops to 37-1 (23ko).

The Argentinian certainly cements his legacy as a top pound for pound fighter, rivalling Manny Pacquiao and eclipsing Floyd Maweyather in many boxing fan's eyes.


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