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Cotto vs Mayorga recap video


Showtime have released a re-cap of the great action on show between WBA light middleweight champion Miguel Cotto and challenger Ricardo Mayorga at the weekend.

In a fight many predicted would be a blow out for the popular Puerto Rican, it sizzled along with plenty of leather being exchanged, as both fighters tried to out-macho one another.

Mayorga, who was his usual pleasant and courteous self beforehand, was equally as polite inside the ropes - even at one point stepping into the corner and pleading with Cotto to come and join him for a shoot-out.

But Cotto was having none of that and stuck firmly with the game plan, to out-jab and hustle the hustler with his superior skills.

Despite Mayorga landing his fair shair of power punches across Cotto's swollen face, he was desperately behind on the scorecards and going into the final round needed a KO to win.

"Just before the 12th, Manny told me to stay in control ... to go out and back him up, and I said to myself ‘Remember who you are. Stay cool stay Miguel Cotto.’"

The white hot exhange's began straight from the opening bell for the final round, with Cotto landing a clubbing signature left hook which felled Mayorga.

Mayorga began holding out his left hand, as if it was broken. Then raised to his feet before resuming the fight. Then within moments Mayorga lurched into a corner and beckoned the referee to stop the fight, whilst holding out his left hand again and blaming it.

Afterwards it was confirmed that he had a dislocated thumb and required treatment. He also declared that his ring career was now at an end. Ricardo Mayorga's leaves a spotted record of 29-8 (23ko) - but will forever be the pound for pound trash talker in the sport.

Cotto improves to 36-2 (29ko) and from ringside declared that he would now entertain a rematch with Antonio Margarito, who handed him his first defeat back at the MGM in July 2008.

Since then they have both been defeated by Manny Pacquiao and are arguably past their professional primes. But it should still be a cracking fight and one that will put the 'Loaded Gloves' debate to bed once and for all.

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