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Naz Richardson: Pacquiao IS a complete fighter


Pacquiao and Mosley : Tale of the tape

Trainer Naz Richardson believes his charge (46-6, 39ko) 'Sugar' Shane Mosely has it all to do when he faces Manny Pacquiao (52-3, 38ko) on the 7th May at the MGM Grand.

"Pacquiao is the complete fighter. The guy gets hurt, but he always fights back. I told Shane it wouldn't surprise me if Pacquiao got off the canvas four times to fight you. And we have got to prepare for that." said Richardson.

"People have said I need to talk trash about the guy (Pacquiao) and that I give him too much credit. But these people don't know boxing in my opinion. If I belittle the guy, then why would we even want to fight him?

"But on May 7th Shane Mosely is going win this fight. But I won't be shocked or surprised. I will be proud.

"The thing about Shane's last fight, is that he'd been inactive for eighteen months. So finally getting the rounds in and finally getting used to being in front of lights and cameras, is going to leave him more comfortable and suitable to getting him thinking more about what he is going to do.

Shane Mosely fought twice in 2010, with a landslide loss across the cards to Floyd Mayweather, following by an ugly split decision draw against the elusive and awkward Sergio Mora.

Whilst it would be easy to write-off the 39 year old veteran of 54 fights, he did land a missile on Floyd Mayweather during the second round which had Mayweather more hurt than at any point his career.

Mayweather has unrivaled boxing skills, but proved that he also has a granite chin and great powers of recovery, which enabled him to deal with the difficult spell that Mosley gave him.

Against a smaller man in Pacquiao, his power may be telling. With around two thirds of all his fights ending by KO, Sugar Shane's always got that equalizer, despite his older legs.

In 2009 he destroyed Antonio Margarito in more impressive style than Pacquiao. A case could be made that Margarito found making the weight difficult. But it does not alter the outcome of their battle.

"Shane has that luxury of going in there like a gladiator, he is going in there to kill everybody." said Richardson "But I've got to be there thinking about the full twelve rounds. Especially when we're dealing with athlete who is tough and also well prepared.

When discussing the surprising draw to Sergio Mora, Richardson disclosed that Mosely had been dealing with a lot of personal distractions and problems.

Naz Richardson also disagreed with the people claiming Pacquiao 'might be too small' to deal with a big welterweight like Shane Mosley.

"Calling Manny Pacquiao a little guy, is like calling Mike Tyson a little heavyweight. Pacquiao is a solid welterweight.

"You see Shane could have been a champion at 106lb and whatever, except Shane was in the amateurs back then. Shane is another guy who started out small and made it through the weight classes.


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