News May 2019

Ward vs Abraham confirmed: Froch says dont write Arthur off


Froch lands on Pascal

Andre Ward vs Arthur Abraham looks finalised at last for the Home Depot Centre in Carson, California. The date for the semi-final of the Showtime Super Six looks to be May 14th as previously reported by

Carl Froch is still unsure whether the venue for his showdown with Glen Johnson has been finalised yet, but conceded that the Ward v Abraham match-up is "Interesting".

"Style's make fights. I'm sure plenty have written Abraham off following his two defeats in his last three fights." said Froch from his Sheffield training facility, alongside Robert McCracken and the British Olympic team.

"But Arthur has bricks in his gloves, he only has to land that money shot once and it could turn the fight around.

"It will be interesting to see Ward against a common opponent. We both fought Kessler under significantly different circumstances, but this one will hopefully reveal more about our standings in the tournament." concluded Froch.


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