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Odlanier Solis: Cruciate ligament torn


Solis (right)

In news that is sure to ruin conspiracy theorist's across boxing land, it has been revealed that Odlanier Solis has indeed torn his cruciate ligament in his knee.

The Cuban's right knee was examined by the Cologne University Hospital immediately after the fight and it could transpire he will require surgery performing on it.

"I hurt my knee when I went down. It was unlucky but unfortunately these things happen. It will take a lot of time for me to get over this because I am not used to losing." said Solis afterwards.

In addition to the cruciate injury, ligaments were also reported to have been damaged in the awkward fall towards the end of the opening round.

"I do not think there will be any other outcome than Solis will have to take a long break to recover," said his disappointed promoter Ahmet Oener of Arenabox promotions.

But apparently it has emerged that the fighter has suffered in the past with his knee. According to other sources, the knee has always been damaged, but Solis worked on strengthening the anterior muscles to support it. This is often done by football players who cannot take time out to repair a minuscule tear.

"We knew it, but we didn't want to let it jeopardise the fight against Vitali - His manager Jose Perez knew about the previous problem, but it was thought it would go away if there was enough training and the muscle stabilised the knee." said a spokesman.

Notable fighters such as Carl Froch and Junior Witter have both taken significant periods away from boxing upon damaging their cruciate ligament.

Once a career-ending injury, modern surgery and rehabilitation can restore an athlete back 100% fitness, but the process takes between six and nine months to implement.


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