News September 2011

VIDEO: 24/7 episode two of Mayweather vs Ortiz


Floyd and 50 on their cash phones

Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz took their adopted 'Flashy Champion' and 'Hungry underdog' roles on the latest 24/7 episode with aplomb.

To see the very latest episode please click * HERE *

Their fight on the 17th of September started out as many believing Floyd would be far too skilled for the unknown quantity in Ortiz, but the show has convinced many that Victor is hungry for the challenge and his strong, southpaw style could surprise a few onlookers - including Floyd, who has never really impressed against left-handed fighters.

Whilst Ortiz is not in the same bracket as Mayweather for skills, he is at least as strong if not stronger - and arguably a bigger puncher.

The fight will be aired on HBO stateside and on Primetime channel 480 in the UK.

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