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Gatti widow already spent $1m of his estate


By @livefight

-Official statement on behalf of Gatti's family-

'Judge Claudine Roy's attitude borders on criminal' -P.Ciolino

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to react to judge Claudine Roy's decision to go ahead, as scheduled, with the civil trial between the Gatti family and Amanda Rodriguez despite the new information found surrounding Arturo Gatti's death.

I have a hard time understanding how she decided to go ahead and begin the trial this Tuesday September the 6th as we are set to release our new findings the very next day during a press conference which will be held in New Jersey.

According to me, her attitude borders on criminal, especially knowing that one of the parties may be involved in a murder. How can she expect to render a fair judgement on how to separate Gatti's estate without considering this important information? It is an attitude which I think is disrespectful and unfair towards the Gatti family. They are only interested in the truth. They are not asking for a single penny in this case. They deserve a fair trial in which the judge will take into consideration all the information at her disposal. I don't know if the fact that her background is one of business and not crime makes that she can't understand the importance of these findings. It's a borderline absurd way of applying the justice system.

We have gathered the who's who of our business, 6 of the best criminal minds (DNA expert, crime scene expert, injury expert, body movement expert as well as an FBI agent and private investigator) in the world to get to the bottom of this. Their conclusions lead us to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Arturo Gatti did not commit suicide. I have been in this business for 35 years and I firmly believe their conclusions as they have nothing to gain from this story.

I would like to remind everyone that I was hired by Mr. Pat Lynch, former agent of Arturo Gatti and not by the Gatti family. All they did was answer my questions as did many others in this investigation. They had absolutely nothing to do with my work. Had it not been for the generosity of others, this investigation would never have taken place. The family could never have afforded my services as they have yet to touch a single penny from Arturo's succession to pay for their lawyer fees. On her side, Rodriguez has already touched nearly a million dollars from the succession in order to pay for her lawyers.

The judge insinuated that the family had two years to come-up with this investigation and waited until now. I'd like to remind everyone that these types of investigations take months, sometimes years. The family had to patiently wait during our long investigation and would have gladly waited an extra week, but the judge decided not to postpone the beginning of the trial. In doing so, she significantly reduced the chances of the family getting a fait trial.

We hope the results of our investigation will help the process go forward in the right direction, in fact, we are certain they will.

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