News September 2011

John Murray splits with Gallagher, Trainer says he's not been paid


By @livefight

John Murray has sacked his trainer Joe Gallagher today, in the aftermath of his first professional defeat to Kevin Mitchell.

Murray, who put out a diplomatic statement through boxingscene, will be looking to head to Leeds as he recruits respected trainer Mike Marsden. He will also revive his relationship with long term sponsor Kerry Kayes, the owner of Betta Bodies Gym and the internationally recognised CNP nutritional product range.

Kayes and Gallagher recently had a dispute which resulted in Kayes asking Gallagher to leave the Betta Bodies gym he enjoyed the use of without paying rent.

Meanwhile Gallagher has hinted that the separation is far from amicable, after tweeting "Despite reports regards John Murray I have had no calls , conversations with him just one text and am still waiting to be paid by him".

Murray isn't the first to leave his original trainer following a defeat and won't be the last. The relationship between John's younger sibling Joe Murray and Gallagher remains uncertain, but the duo have enjoyed good results and will likely remain together.


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