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Froch disappointed: Awaiting Official Confirmation


By @livefight

Froch sparring caught up with WBC Super Middleweight champion Carl Froch, on his way home from sparring Tony Bellew in Sheffield to discuss the news that Andre Ward had suffered a cut in sparring yesterday and thus their impending Super Six final would be postponed.

"I'm just waiting for official news now one way or the other. Obviously America is behind us on the clocks, so it will be this afternoon before we find out if the fight is 100% off." said a dejected Froch.

"Obviously this is boxing, but it's a spanner for me and the travelling Cobra fans. If it is confirmed, hopefully a replacement in Atlantic City or a fight back here in the UK in the meantime would be something we'd try to look at. But we're just awaiting official news ourselves right now."

Apparently Andre Ward suffered a freak accident in sparring yesterday, when his sparring partner noticed he had blood on his face, despite wearing a full-frontal head guard, to protect against that very injury occurring.

The Showtime Fight Camp 360 camera crew caught the whole thing unfold and Ward's promoter Dan Goosen flew Ward immediately to L.A to have a plastic surgeon put 6 or 7 stitches into the wound around Ward's right eye area.

Ward then tweeted what had happened and that the fight would have to be rescheduled, throwing the travelling Froch fans into panic, having spent thousands on hotels and flights to cheer on their man against the American.

More news as we hear it.


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