News January 2012

Mayweather: Yesterday Bentleys, today a jail cell


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is to be locked up today to serve 90 days in a county jail in Las Vegas following his guilty plea, for his attack on his ex-girlfriend.

The incident involved Mayweather punching and grappling the mother of his three children, Josie Harris, late one evening in September 2010.

The argument is believed to have stemmed from his disapproval of her then current boyfriend.

With good behaviour and hard work, Floyd is expected out in just 60 days - given he can keep his nose clean.

Mayweather helping the less fortunate

Mayweather sent out some timely pictures of himself helping out in a homeless person's soup-kitchen, amidst talk that his attorney is going to ask for leniency one more time before Mayweather is sent down today.

However tweets earlier in the day showed the braggadocious boxer showing off his latest Bentley.


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