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IBF make Carl Froch the number one mandatory to Bute


By @livefight

Lucian Bute and his title

The IBF have now officially enforced Carl Froch as Lucian Bute's mandatory we can reveal.

"Yes it's true, the IBF contacted us last night about it." confirmed Froch to

The move comes after Showtime suddenly started playing 'match maker' with Bute's opponents, rejecting the warrior from Nottingham , insisting on the runner from Michigan in Andre Dirrell.

Showtime's strange move killed Froch vs Bute negotiations stone dead, but it's now apparent that the IBF have now asserted command of the situation again.

However their sensible intervention may be mistimed, because obstacles are now in the way of making the fight - Matchroom and Froch have booked the Nottingham Arena and made commitments to SKY television. Froch's homecoming will open up a great night of boxing on May 5th.

It's easy to forecast that SKY will want to kick off their huge evening of boxing in England at the Froch homecoming, before likely taking the show stateside to cover Mayweather vs Cotto.

Negotiations are already at an advanced stage with opponents and whilst Matchroom will look forward to making a new relationship with the IBF, it won't be at Sky or the legion's of Froch fans expense.

Bute's April date will come too soon for Froch to complete camp and then head to Canada to acclimatise. It will also be unlikely that many Froch supporters can conjure up that kind of expense to travel on such short notice.

Froch who has recently signed with sponsor North Fire

There will be two options for Bute, the first and most likely is he will fight another club fighter in Canada in April - or he can come to Nottingham to defend Froch. The latter scenario is extremely unlikely to happen, as unlike Froch who defended his WBC title against Jermain Taylor in America and Mikkel Kessler in Denmark, Lucian has yet to travel once against a true opponent in his long reign as the IBF champion. Some of Bute's harshest critics would roar that Bute is yet to fight anyone of note in the 168lb division full stop.

The Nottingham arena holds 10,000 and is booked and waiting for May 5th, but I forecast Team Bute ( Interbox) will likely pay an IBF fine and then cash in on their April date with a yet another tedious fight at home.

Andre Dirrel has already flat-out refused to go to Bute's hometown, and the champion will not want to fight a slippery and risky opponent in an empty hall in Detroit like Abraham did.

Therefore I see a more realistic version of events; The fight will happen in September after Froch packs his gloves and passport yet again on account of Bute absolutely refusing to fight outside of his hometown again.


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