News December 2012

Sauerland: Kessler's last manager made more from Calzaghe fight than Mikkel


By @livefight

Kalle Sauerland hit back at critical comments made by former Kessler manager and promoter, Mogens Palle, at the press conference for Mikkel Kessler vs Brian Magee yesterday.

"Mikkel Kessler was champion for 5 years under Mogens Palle, and in that time he had 9 championship fights. Now Sven Ottke was champion for us for five and a half years and he fought 22 times." said Sauerland of Palle.

"People say Palle did a good job of Kessler's career, but I think he did more harm than good.

"People may throw at me that he got him the Calzaghe fight, well, I'm pretty sure than Mogens made more money than Mikkel than night.

"Saturday night, for me, is a little bit about getting my own back at Palle (comments)."


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