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Mogens Palle: Mikkel Kessler would not be sh*t without my investment


By @livefight

Palle with Kessler during happier times

Former promoter of Mikkel Kessler has hit back at comments by Kalle Sauerland that as Kessler's former promoter he 'Earned more than Mikkel' during the Joe Calzaghe bout.

"How can such a Kalle Sauerland comment on what I earn? The agreements I have are confidential. He blows himself up and just sit there with a gilded television contract, worth more than 100 million (£10m)" said Palle in retaliation.

"I think journalists should take to control some of the things Kalle Sauerland says. But it never happens. The media is completely uncritical of him."

When Herning newspaper Ekstra asked Palle directly if he had made more money for the ill-fated trip to Cardiff back in November 2007, to take on unebeaten Calzaghe in a 55,000 capacity stadium, Palle had the following to say:

"It (the Calzaghe bout) the only fight I have earned money." said the former promoter.

"And can I just say that either Mikkel Kessler or Brian Nielsen, for that matter had become shit if I had not invested in them for my own personal money.

"I had created Mikkel Kessler, built him up and spent a lot of money to bring him into the world elite. The sausage Germans do not know shit. He has had just six fights in a little over three years with them.

"But the fact is that as soon as the boxers come to anything, the sausage Germans just take it all" said an angry Palle.

Mogens Palle's cut from the Calzaghe fight allegedly came in the form of pay-per-view sales of the bout, with rights across Scandinavia making double from the fight than Kessler, who apparently earned $5m dollars for the fight.

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