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Justin Beiber to be banned from entering Philippines over Pacquiao jibe


By @livefight

Justin Pacquiao

Pop star and all-round annoying brat Justin Beiber has seemingly landed himself in hot water with the mother of all Pactards, the government representative Carol Jayne B. Lopez.

Beiber, a close friend of Floyd Mayweather, mocked the stricken boxer with a number of Instagram posts depicting a prostrate Pacman, being tendered in the ring by a cartoon insertion of Simba the lion, or shown comfortably resting on a new bed, sold to him by a salesperson with an uncanny resemblance to Juan Manuel Marquez.

The government official along with several other senior officials have filed House Resolution (HR) No. 2962 demanding a public apology from Canadian, who is a heaththrob to scores of teenage girls and middle aged child molesters.

"Having obviously gained financially from the outcome of his concert in this beloved country of the Hon. Pacquiao, Mr. Justin Bieber should have been more circumspect and prudent in the expression of his views more particularly because just like the Hon. Pacquiao, he is supposedly also being idolized by the youth in addition to the fact that the Hon.

"Pacquiao is a duly-elected representative of the people of Sarangani Province, whom Mr. Bieber has indirectly hurt and insulted when he made his distasteful posts.

"Wherefore, be it resolved as it is hereby resolved that Mr. Justin Bieber issue a public apology to the Hon. Emmanuel D. Pacquiao and the Filipino people for the distasteful comments he made after the Hon. Pacquiao suffered a knock-out in the hands of Juan Manuel Maquez of Mexico, and should he refuse to do so, that Mr. Justin Bieber be declared persona non grata and thus should not be allowed to enter the country at any time in the future,” the HR 2962 stated.

We can only imagine the mass destruction that will now occur between Beiber Fans and Pactards around the world. Let's hope Justin and Manny resolve this issue before there is any further blood shed.


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