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How do you spell Jurgen Brahmer ?


By @livefight

If there is one thing about covering fights that happen towards the east of Europe, you soon start having to learn their names properly.

Now the likes of Kostya Tszyu, I have never had problems spelling, because the man is one of my idols who epitomises a gentleman's approach, combined with fists of steel.

I've also never had any problem remembering the spelling of Gennady Golovkin since his exploits in the 2003 World Amateurs in Bangkok, and now, his rapid ascension through the professional ranks.

But who can remember mger mkrtchyan, who took on Joe Calzaghe a few years ago? the man with no vowels in his name.

Jürgen Brähmer or Juergen Braehmer (as he is known on Boxrec) are two ways of spelling his name, but until last night's performance - I had no need to learn it properly. This was because he was either facing trial, sitting in a prison cell, or simply withdrawing from fights at the 11th hour - instead of fulfilling his once lorded East German talent.

Brahmer, which is how I shall spell him for now, was the unpopular underdog heading into the bout for the European title against another mouthful, Eduard Gutknecht.

But his extensive amateur experience saw him find the shots that put the reigning champion Gutknect, under pressure. Not the kind of 'backed into a corner' physical pressure, but crowd pressure. He was being tagged and rocked - before swinging and missing with his own shots.

That's not to say he didn't take his share of the fight, he did, just that he was always a close, but clear loser in the lion's share of the action against the older and slightly wiser Brahmer.

Using good footwork and a variety of punches from the southpaw stance, Brahmer picked off the younger, fitter and less experienced European champion, to take his belt and also his ranking on the world stage, where Brahmer was once a touted operator.

Gutknecht was no mug; He was strong and busy for the duration of the bout, which sent the usually mild German audience, well, pretty wild.

The only drawback of the fight, was after 11 fantastic rounds of action, Brahmer began to sully his good work by ducking low under Gutknecht's arms, then dropping to the canvas to tempt British referee Terry O'Connor into deducting a second point from the defending champion for pushing - after already taking one off in the earlier rounds for leaning on Jurgen deliberately.

Thankfully, the ref was wise to his kid-ology and the final round featured more warnings than punches.

That aside, it was a terrific fight and we will now look to see if Brahmer can take aim at his old WBO Light heavyweight title.

A belt he relinquished after withdrawing from defending it against the current holder, Nathan Cleverly.

Rumours surrounding that event, indicate that it was a deliberate ploy by Brahmer, whom was deeply unhappy with his relationship with his promoter at the time, Universum.

With the savvy Sauerland's behind him, we might just see Cleverly vs Brahmer in 2013.

Official scores were 116-111, 114-113 and a rather wide 117-110.

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