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Mayweather bluffing - IBF state Devon under contract for Brook


By @livefight

The rumour mill went into meltdown earlier after Floyd Mayweather declared that Devon Alexander was front runner to face him next, in a 'unification' welterweight battle.

But the problem for Floyd, is that after the dust settled around his tweet, people realised that this is likely a ruse to negotiate terms with the #1 challenger and WBC 'interim' title holder, Robert Guerrero.

At the end of last year, WBC chief Jose Sulaiman personally invited 'The Ghost' to collect his title from him personally.

"It’s a great honor to be present in Mexico City with the Sulaiman family and receive my hard earned WBC Championship belt. I’ve always envisioned myself becoming the WBC champion and I plan to represent the WBC and Golden Boy Promotions with pride." he stated before he set off to collect it.

I'd say that the above puts Robert in as strong a position as any. But we can only surmise that Floyd is using Devon's last minute withdrawal, as a means to screw better terms with Guerrero, by falsely claiming that he will look elsewhere if he doesn't sign up for the terms currently on the table.

Given that Al Haymon manages both Devon and Floyd, it's a move that obviously has all interested parties consent.

The benefit for Devon, is that now his #1 challenger Kell Brook, is also put on a knife edge as to whether or not his shot will ever materialise. It's hard to stay focused and give your all in training,if at the back of your mind the fight may never actually happen.

In light of all of the above, reached out to the IBF for their take on the comments by Mayweather that it shall be a 'unification'.

The IBF (courtesy of Jeannette Salazar, head of public relations) had this to say on record to

"At this point in time we have not received a request from either camp. However, if Devon Alexander were to pursue a fight with Floyd Mayweather, his IBF title would be vacated because he is under contract to fight Kell Brook."

So now we have basically established the actual facts - and possible reasons for the tweets, all that leaves us is why Devon suddenly withdrew?

Well, it could possibly be a definite bicep injury - that's plausible.

But it's no secret now that Kell Brook carried out some intensive sparring over the weekend - and Demarcus 'Chop Chop' Corley came in to offer his southpaw skills to the Sheffield man.

All we can state is, the sparring didn't last very long. And within two hours of his departure and email flew in from America stating Devon had withdrew for a few weeks.

Whilst we might be starting rumours of our own here, Chop Chop has been in camp with Floyd for many many occasions and is well connected with Al Haymon. Combine these small details with rumours that Devon has simply beeen 'going through the motions' in camp and possibly looking past Brook, you would be forgiven if this was stalling for extra training time.

Or of course, it's simply a bicep injury.

To be continued.....

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